“Recap” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 7, 2017

“Recap” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Monday – August 7, 2017


Just wanted to follow up after all the weekend posts with a general recap of events.

We had a busy rush of information with the cabal flailing desperately in the wind of change this past week as rubber hit the road.

Keep in mind a lot of my Intel arrives first as “suggestions for study.” I then ask follow up questions, and my sources point me in new directions–rarely do they ever give me spot on intel.

I then put the puzzle pieces together best I can. Sometimes I figure events quickly, sometimes it takes awhile, sometimes I’m just dead wrong.

For instance North Korea was about the Palestine/Israel conflicts ending and Netanyahu trying to put global leverage on his Middle East situation.

It’s not about North Korea firing a nuclear warhead on the USA, but it is about upsetting China and the Elders to hold back releasing the RV.

The media has no clue as to the true game theory really at play. What RV, right?

Without equal leverage, negotiations are one sided. And when the cabal has ever decreasing leverage, by the hour, they need to create chaos and/or appear to have a threat of starting WW3 just to be taken seriously anymore.

The Elders are literally ignoring the cabal now. They are to get no real substance on the new financial system.

Think about that!

The Republic is in 100% control of the US government already, and more importantly the US military is now the people’s military again–defending and serving the true constitution.

General Dunford, General Mattis, General Kelly, General McMaster… are in place and controlling all the Trump insanity within both the Pentagon and the White House. Even Robert Mueller is an ex-Marine is lending his legal talents as special prosecutor during the scripted transition.

Making the Trump Administration just a show to keep up public appearances and keep the public calm while also teaching Americans all a hard lesson per Russia’s and China’s insistence.

The North Korean media drama is all the cabal has left in terms of media weaponry– because they no longer have any deadly weapons left in their arsenal. As we know even ISIS is soon to be gone forever in the Middle East.

So where is the cabal’s chaotic leverage now? Truth is, they have no more cards left to play in this poker hand, and when they are made to fold that’s exactly when we’ll get our RV. At the safest possible time for all redeemers and general populations worldwide.

The NOtB know the exact day and time Trump will be removed from office and the Generals are preparing tilling the soil for the Republic seeds of grace to be known as long planted.

Inevitable isn’t the best word now. Rather, completion of an intricate implementation strategy is a far more accurate term to describe the present moment m, and has been for several moths now.

Problem for the cabal is there is no more chaos to be had. All nations of the world have voted for peace and prosperity with the GESARA treaty in 2015.

The cabal’s snake head has been permanently severed from its body and now lies limp in the sand. Flailing headed fast towards lifelessness.

Not only does the USN exist, but it’s recognized worldwide on a new financial system all nations have already transitioned to.

The Republic government has also long been seated and has been performing as operational for many years now.

All military decision making is under Republic control as well–the righteous coup long since started and completed out of public sight.

So the fake media is all the cabal has left. Illusions. Ginned up stories that quickly go nowhere because the world isn’t buying their nonsense anymore. That’s what Trump represents, the irrelevance and soon to be public death of the naked emperor.

By design.

The Chinese and Russians have played the long game well and will continue playing it until all remaining cabal minions quit.

And they will. There’s no other pathway for them. Eventually reality kicks in to every psyche no matter how warped.

The RV is just an openly public death blow. And everybody on both sides knows it.

Overnight the cabal will be not only be made irrelevant in the flick of a switch but literally forgotten forever. Needless history not worth the time to review.

That all said, the RV… what’s the thumbnail Intel summary.

On the surface nothing will appear to change, anywhere. New rates will be in bank terminals for private redemptions but not on the Forex. There will be an RV release but it will be silent and passed on only to those due hards that stuck it out. It’s their job to pass the news around to call your banks and set up exchange appointments.

If you hold ZIM, all banks will funnel you to HSBC which has a completely separate redemption strategy (locations) from other banks redeeming currency, which only they know about.

The military is providing unique protection for those redeemer’s (less than 250k worldwide).

Basically, historic economic changes are well hidden in plain sight, as everyday banking life goes on with a little quiet caveat exception made for ZIM redeemers because of the wildly elevated face values.

Less is more. And a lot less is a lot more when it comes the the RV. What RV?

Hope this recap helps in your continued understanding of the uniquely benevolent times in which we live.

God is with us.

Source: The Clarion Calls SITREPS