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“Relentless” – Intel SITREP – 14:00 EST – Tuesday – February 14, 2017


Received via email at 2:48 PM for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

New US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin signed all necessary documents releasing the new gold backed currency which allows the RV to go forward.

Secretary Mnuchin and Chinese Elders representative worked well into the night. They’re not stopping until finished.

Major retail banks are right now actively getting everything in place to begin private and public exchanges estimated at 30 million currency holders worldwide.

Banks have told their redemption staffs to check back with superiors every day after a certain time regarding release status.

Humanitarian Groups were notified today they would be funded within hours.

Corporate transactions that have been sitting on the sidelines for months went through last night when Mnuchin sworn in.

Military exchange center employees were called in this morning–which is not common practice.

Russian influence is very real in our politics, and not just for Trump. Their influence will extend far into American politics for over a decade post RV. China too. This is the direct result of the US bankruptcy circa 2012.

Clinton was first to be dismantled. Trump was next. Republican and Democrats will be stained equally so all Americans feel the shame of letting these heathens into political positions of power.

Expect a new Republican leader to “suddenly” step and “rescue” the country with a stable, conservative government agenda–which is exactly the way Russia and China planned it all along.

Everything in terms of our monetary release hinges on what Israel Prime Minister BiBi Netanyahu says about Palestinian legitimacy and future sovereign statehood after his meeting tomorrow with President Trump.


Israel has had a far greater influence in American politics than anyone dare speak. And anyone who did was instantly labeled an anti-Semite and ridiculed in the Zionist agenda press.

Netanyahu’s public surrender against the will of his Israeli Knesset consortium is required by the Elders to allow Israel into the good graces of the other 208 sovereign nations.

All go or none go.

Investigations into Trump’s many intentional and obvious ethic violations will lead to more serious and meaningful impeachment proceedings sometime in early March.

Trump will ultimately resign before this process goes to a formal hearing–in the best interests of the country of course.

And yes, our sources insist that Speaker Paul Ryan, not Mike Pence, will become the 46th President of the United States…. because that’s what Russia and China want… and the American people are being forced to live with his political agenda.

If you can’t see this reality coming, or something very similar, you’re in complete denial of current and/or historic events and need to readjust your gaze or get steam rolled emotionally.

Currency screen rates have risen so high now that they will move private redeemers off sovereign rate negotiations at the time of redemption. This was done by design to quicken he average redemption pace and will to make the need for NDAs far less prevalent.

The NPTB in fact do read these silly little SITREPs, and thus we as a community we have moved the needle in terms of driving up screen rates and easing transaction procedures with our continued and relentless attention to the RV.

So way to go, Dinarland!!! We moved the needle for everyone!!!

God is with us.