Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of November 14, 2016


Restored Republic via a Global Currency Reset Update as of Nov. 14 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 14 Nov. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery

Note: Without warning or explanation and after I published links to my articles on the Clinton Foundation that showed ties to an International Child Exploitation Ring funded by global elites, my Child Abuse Recovery website ( was suddenly and illegally taken off the Internet. For now you can find my articles on:

A. GCR/Restored Republic Update 6:39 pm EST Nov. 13 2016: “Front Door” – Republic Update – Sunday – November 13, 2016

1. A full and complete release of funds came at 12:05am EST Sunday morning Nov. 13 2016 out of Shenzhen, after consultation and final release approval from Grandfather somewhere in the mountains of China.

2. The Bank of China / HSBC gave Wells Fargo here in North America the final release or access codes they had been missing all this time. Several times false codes were given and entered to draw out thieves and scallywags. Hence the many “pump fakes” of Intel you experienced. All by design for a benevolent purpose.

3. Why is this time different? Holiday season 2016 and the US Election popular vote being complete. Now they can go because those two realities are pressing the new Powers That Be to implement that GCR/RV for the greater good of humanity.

4. Everything, and we mean everything, is ramping up since this morning’s green light from Grandfather down to Wells Fargo. Couriers are driving around getting into position to drop off prosperity packages, farmers claims, humanitarian packages, and Internet guru and currency seller NDAs. They want to be as stealth as possible, which includes silencing those with voices on the net and currency left in stock.

5. The 800#s will be forthcoming anytime after 8pm EST this evening Nov. 13 2016 into the wee hours of the night to Mon. evening late Nov. 14 2016.

6. Public redemption start on Tues. Nov. 15 2016.

7. The United Nations and IMF both made their announcements at public venues and will be releasing those transcripts on their websites after the RV has come and gone at the private exchange level.

8. Seems the new Powers That Be are bringing the RV through the front door now, without any hesitation because they have indeed killed the beast that was cabal rebellion against humanity.

B. New confirmed Zim Sovereign Rates as of 10:39 pm EST Nov. 13 2016:  Confirmed ZIM Sovereign Rates – Sunday – November 13, 2016

1 ZIM = $44,800.00 USN+

C. Nov. 13 2016 4:58 pm EST Iraqi TV reporting Forex Rate Unification: Forex Rate Unification Underway in Iraq

Seif Says Forex Rate unification is underway, the exact timetable is unclear.

D. Nov. 13 2016 TNT RayRen98: “Reconciliation” – TNT RayRen98 Update 11-13-16

Iraqi TV is reporting that today Nov. 13 2016 that the United Nations signed an agreement with the National Alliance concerning the liberation of Mosul. It is possibly occurring this same day that the national reconciliation is taking place. It is anticipated that the law of national reconciliation will be passed in the coming days. A raise in currency is expected to accompany this national reconciliation.

E. Nov. 13 2016 11:11 am EST GCR/Restored Republic Update: Eternal Sunshine” – Republic Update – Sunday – November 13, 2016

1. There are 52 zeros of digital gold-backed currency available in the Restored Republic financial system for the first basket currency, historic bond, prosperity package, farmer claim and humanitarian project redemptions.

2. There are 69 zeros in total of gold-backed currency which will be disbursed later this year worldwide, with a total of 168 zeros of gold-backed currency to ultimately be made available to humanity for 1,000 years of dispersal.

3. The most current ZIM sovereign rate is $43,200.00 USN+

4. Poverty, famine, hunger, homelessness, blight, war, infectious disease, child trafficking, illegal narcotics and rigged elections will end in most of our lifetimes.

5. Donald Trump will step down from his president elect position for “personal reasons” and allow GOP leadership to select a new Republic president through the constitutional written electoral college system on December 18, 2016.

6. On January 20, 2016 the 45th President of the Republic of the United States will be sworn in on the steps of the Capitol. That will be current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan with Mike Pence as his VP.

7. The global RV on Republic soil will be explained away due to corporate off shore funds repatriating into a new government infrastructure bank.

8. All debts of the old USA, Inc as well as all historic or defaulted asset reconciliation, will be paid as part of a global gift from the keepers of most of the world’s tangible wealth – the Chinese Elders, lead by one very old and wise Grandfather.

9. Grandfather finally gave his blessing or authorized the global financial release late last night Nov. 12 2016.

10. Disbursal was scheduled for later this evening of Nov. 13 2016, or sometime after sunrise in Beijing, which is China’s Monday morning (Nov. 14 2016 @ 5:57am EST, per non-altering spiritual protocols of Operation Eternal Sunshine).

11. Mahalo nui loa Grandfather, without your families’ sacrifices and wisdom, humanity would be enslaved another era. We are eternally grateful and eager to get started with our work of healing our planet per Yeshua’s master plan. Aloha Ke Akua (God is love)

F. Nov. 13 2016 Summary of Events Nov. 12: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 13 2016

G. Nov. 13 2016 WSOMN Update AdminBill: “Fast Approaching” – WSOMN AdminBill Intel 6:15 MT 1… It appears it may be fast approaching. Time to be ready.

H. Note: For what is going on with the RV/GCR listen to this last Landa China Global Worldwide Conference call of Nov. 9 2016 and others in the last few months:

I. Nov. 13 2016 1:39 am Veritas Report: Answers for 11/12/2016″ – Veritas Report – 11.13.16

1. We have been told that the NDA is optional and that when we exchanged we would have to take a lesser amount if we opted to not sign an NDA.

2. I am understanding the it is not even Constitutional to require a NDA.

3. I was also told by someone in contact with the people at the top that an NDA would be a noose around your neck and that it did not protect you if you know how to keep your mouth shut. It really benefits the bankers.

4. My understanding is that there will not be an NDA if you are simply exchanging for a base rate.

5. The NDA only comes into play when you are getting a structured settlement.

6. I believe it is really simply to be certain that there is a “Claw Back” provision in it. A Claw Back outlines certain conditions upon which funds can be taken back.

7. Logically you will need to be certain that you ca share your rate with legal or financial licensed professionals. This will need to be shown in the NDA as a provision or exception.

8. Simply explain to the person at your exchange that this is your concern. See how they feel the situation can be handled and have them point out where in the NDA it shows how to handle this type of situation as you prepare tax returns, get business loans, make donations or purchases, etc.

9. There are many situations that require proof of clean and clear funds. I suspect that for the most part a Certificate of Certification from your exchange bank may protect these funds from there on. Just ask.

10. The other aspect of the Claw Back is the conditions under which it would come into effect. Is it from a documented case of inappropriate disclosure? Is it based on suspicion only?

11. Indicate that you have every expectation of honoring the NDA, but you want to understand what the expectation is. Is there a hearing? Is there a period of time to address a dispute?

12. Another aspect is regarding funds already expended or assets purchased to initiate projects or personal purchases. Can they claim such assets back rather than remaining cash?

13. I suspect the NDA will contain a provision that makes it so you can’t sue later if you feel it was violated. I would ask directly your concerns.

14. I understand you can take an attorney or accountant to your exchange. Be careful. Most attorneys and accountants do not have a clue what is happening.

15. There will certainly be taxes on the structured settlement piece.

16. There will certainly be a Claw Back provision.

17. Depending on your situation, comfort zone and inspiration, either signing an NDA or taking the lower rates and not signing one may be the right choice for you.


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