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Ronna Vezane ~ Archangel Michael: The Divine Schematic For Radiating a Divine Blueprint, February 14, 2024

Ronna Vezane ~ Archangel Michael: The Divine Schematic For Radiating a Divine Blueprint

February 11, 2024, via FaceBook

For Our Sub-Universe, from Our Father/Mother God, Down through the Multi-Dimensions to Humanity, the Earth & the Devic/Elemental Kingdoms

Our Father God receives the White Fire Seed Atoms (Adamantine Particles of Creator Light) directly from the Supreme Creator. He then infuses the Particles of Divine Light with his Divine Blueprint Seed Atoms for a new creation.

This new creation could be anything from a star system, a Sub-universe, a galaxy, a solar system, a planet, or a new “enSouled Race of human Beings.” However, the particular new Blueprint we will focus on at this time has been created for our Earth, and the transition process that we are now experiencing: balancing and harmonizing the final sub-levels of our Fourth-Dimensional world and preparing for the entry level of our new Fifth-Dimensional environment. This process includes the integration of the Five Higher Rays of Galactic consciousness.

After our Father God has completed “Seeding” the great White Fire Seed Atoms with the new Divine plan for the Earth, they are then implanted within our Mother God’s cosmic womb. At which time she activates the Seed Atoms of the new creation with her Holy Spirit frequencies of Life/Love/Wisdom. She then radiates them into another SUN of Light where the Paradise Suns (the Son and Daughter reside) ~ they are the bearers of the primary duality/polarity Blueprint for our Sub-Universe.

The Paradise Suns are already encoded with the Divine Blueprint for the entire cycle of humanity’s sojourn on planet Earth. However, the new components for the first phase of the Aquarian Age ~ the upgraded Divine Blueprint ~ must be modified and activated before they are sent forth to the Archangelic Kingdom for further distribution.

The enhanced Divine Blueprint is then radiated forth into the twelve Great Rays embodied by the twelve Archangels of our Sub-Universe. These wondrous Beings integrate and expand to accommodate the new frequencies of Creator Light.

This Divine Blueprint is a specific one for our Earth, humanity and the Devic and Elemental kingdoms. The Archangel’s radiate all of the attributes, qualities and virtues of the twelve Rays, within the Divine Schematic, into three great Pyramid of Lights.

  • The one on the left contains the new mandate for humanity’s final passage through the seven sub-levels of the Fourth Dimension.
  • The center Pyramid is the largest and contains the data for the transition of Gaia/planet Earth into a higher Fourth and lower Fifth-Dimensional environment.
  • The Pyramid on the right contains the higher vibrational frequencies of Light that the Devic / Elemental Kingdom will now radiate forth to the Elements, and to all of “non-enSouled” creation on the Earth Plane.

At this stage, the great Lords of Light / the Elohim / the Builders of Form take over the process.

Within those three Pyramids of Light, the new activated Blueprint is encoded, along with the great White Fire Memory Seed Atoms containing the Frequency Patterns for each of the expanded twelve Ray attributes, qualities and virtues for the Aquarian Age. The Elohim then refine, step-down, and add all the details to the Blueprint for the new creative project.

The Lords of Light, within each Light Pyramid, then call forth the great Dragon Brigade. (Archangel Michael is the Commander-in-Chief of the Dragon Brigade). The Dragon Kingdom comes in multiple sizes, colors and configurations, depending on which Sub-Dimension they serve: the lower the electromagnetic energy patterns of the dimensional environment, the smaller the dragons. Also, their size depends on what is their particular creative specialty (of which there is an endless variety).

Each dragon has been assigned to a particular Archangel, and embodies the attributes, qualities and virtues of the Ray which each Archangel “Ray-diates.” The colors of the Rays change periodically, depending on many things (which we won’t address at this time).

Suffice it to say, a Dragon will assume the Ray colors of his “Guiding Archangel,” which applies to the dimensional/frequency levels, and the time frame within which they are performing their duty. (In the higher dimensions there are many more than twelve Archangels who perform their Lords of Light-directed duties).

The Dragon Brigade then goes forth to the level in which the programmed Divine Blueprint is to be made available for manifestation, within the material realms of existence. In this case, within the Fifth Dimension, for access by the StarSeed Souls on Earth within the higher Fourth-Dimensional planes.

The number of Dragons required depends on the size and scope of the project to be Seeded, or how many mega-watts of God Seed Atom Light Power is needed. Another duty the Dragon Brigade performs is to supply the Love/Life energy from our Father/Mother God to the great Devic / Elemental Kingdom ~ all of creation that is not enSouled with an I AM consciousness.

Their Life/Line to the God Source is supplied by the great Dragon Brigade. The Dragon Brigade, for each Sub-Dimension, radiate forth the vibrational patterns for that level. The Seed Atoms are then gathered into Pyramids of Light, which have been placed all around the world ~ where the Devic Angels go to replenish their supply of God Light. They then radiate the Seed Atoms into innumerable formulas, which are sent forth to the vast Elemental Kingdom.

Those faithful servants of our Father/Mother God then supply the Life Force energy for all godly creations which are not enSouled.

Ronna Vezane,