Love is our new reality

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Ashtar – We Have Not Forgotten You, February 14, 2024


Ashtar – We Have Not Forgotten You

by James McConnell

24.02.04 – We Have Not Forgotten You (Lord Ashtar)

I am Ashtar. I come to be with you at this time to bring a sense of hope. That is what I come for in these moments, to bring hope.

For you all to know that you have not been forgotten. You, as an individual, you as a collective, we are all so much aware of you, and so much in love with all of you. You are messengers, ones that have come here to bring the light, to bring the message of light, of love, of connectedness, of higher consciousness.

You all are the messengers of light, bringing the Christ consciousness down to the planet, connecting once again to the grid, the crystalline and Christ consciousness grid. All of this is connected together. We are all connected together as one.

You need to understand that as you keep moving through your daily lives, waiting, waiting for something to happen. But you don’t understand, or you don’t realize, that it is already happening.

Briefing is already in process. The great sign, the great universal plan, the Creator’s plan cannot be stopped. It can be changed here and there, yes, certainly, but it cannot be stopped. So it is going at full speed ahead.

This maybe not your speed, but the Creator’s speed. That’s what you need to understand. And we are all in this together, working on this together. And when we are not there physically with you, we are there in spirit with you always.

For you see, so many of you are our brothers and sisters, and our family. We have been together so many times before. I, as the Ashtar, I know each and every one of you in various ways, just as you know me. Just as you know Yeshua and Sananda, and you know Archangel Michael, and so on and so on.

We have a connection together, families together. And your family, many of you, have families on the ship that are out here just waiting, waiting for the time that we can be together once again, knowing that this has been thousands and thousands of your Earth years when we have been apart from each other at a physical level, but never at a spiritual level.

We have always been together at that level. And you and your Higher Selves are together with us. So it is just a matter of you, the one, the personality that is you, connecting again to your Higher God Self, and then you are connected to each of us at a more physical level.

So my friends, my brothers, my sisters, hope. Hope is everywhere if you but reach for it. It is always there, and know that. You have not been forgotten ever.

But continue to trust. Trust in yourselves, trust in each other, trust in all of us, all of us that are part of the great alliance that is here to assist mankind to move through this entire transition and through the ascension process.

We are all here together to help you. Maybe it is not fully the help that you want, for all of you, most of you, at least, want to see it in the sky, want to know that we are there at a physical level. But still, as of yet, only for those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. But we are calling to you.

We have been calling to you in various ways, certainly on these calls each and every Sunday when we have come together. We are calling to you through various forces that come to you and bring these messages to you.

And what are these messages all about? They are about hope.

They are about reaching higher and higher into the level of consciousness within you, the higher level of consciousness within you. It is all within your reach. You just need to reach for it each and every day, each and every moment. Reach for that higher part of yourself, for it is there. It is always there, always has been there. It is just out of your believing reach.

As you have heard many times, believe it, and you will see it. That is so true. But as you practice more and more to believe, and then you see, rather than having to see to believe. Because it is your friends, your family that are still in this having to see it to believe it stage. And as long as they are in that stage, then they do not fully see the light through the darkness. They only see the darkness. But that darkness is receiving even more and more, even to those that do not have the eyes to see. For their eyes, their third eye, is more and more beginning to open, just as yours has opened up more and more fully.

And the more your third eye opens, the more you are able to see beyond the physical reality of the third-dimensional illusion. Yes indeed, it is both an illusion and a reality at the same time. But if you fully believe that it is an illusion, and it is not the reality, then it opens you up to the reality of the higher frequency mentioned of the fourth and fifth dimensions.

That is where you are all headed now. Open your eyes. Open your third eye to see beyond the veil, the veil that is in reality no longer there, only for those that still perceive it.

I am Ashtar. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness.

And that you continue to hold on to that hope.

Hope that there are brighter days ahead for all.