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RV Exchange Check List, May 12th

RV Exchange 

 Checklist​ – The Big Call – May 12, 2016


  • Select a bank to redeem your currency​: Wells Fargo (lead bank ZIM), Chase, Citibank, HSBC, Bank of China (US); TD, RBC, Scotia (Canada)​
  • Call ​an ​800# number & give operator your: zip code & currency count (​countries ​& total amount)​
  • Schedule a redemption appointment (day, time, address ​to be given).
  • Arrive with currency, gift receipts, gift ​letters, and all ​relevant existing account, trust, 501c3, LLC documents in hand.
  • Provide 2 forms of personal identification (pictured is preferred).
  • ​Speak to exactly what you want to accomplish; your hopes, dreams and humanitarian ​projects (include job and new business creation)​


  • Exchange currency at the highest rate available​, for the longest period of time allowed
  • Sign a Contract that will also act as a ​Non Disclosure Agreement.
  • Schedule follow-up wealth management meeting (if desired).
  • ​Have cashiers checks cut and wire deposit new funds ​into existing checking accounts.
  • Leave redemption location with less than $​9,500 in currency.
  • Don’t share experience with friends / family as not to violate your NDA.
  • Enjoy your blessing, and share it ​humbly ​with others who are less fortunate (anonymous is best).
  • Remember, this event​ is a ​banking transaction and just one aspect of a much larger spiritual transition.