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Cobra Interview by Prepare for Change, May 3d, 2016



Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 716 entries to this date.  See:

Note: This interview was delayed from April 20 until May 3rd due to unavoidable circumstances. It is our April Interview but recorded on May 3rd.

Transcript of the May 03, interview posted on May 10, 2016

COBRA INTERVIEW 05/03/16 and Cobra interview May 2016

Lynn – Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our monthly Cobra Interview.  Your hosts today are Lynn and Richard.  Our goal with these Cobra interviews as well as our web-site is to inform, educate and prepare for coming changes.  Please remember that no one has all the answers all the time.  Remember that your own internal guidance is the key and always go with what resonates with that guidance.  

This interview today is dedicated to honor the memory of Casimir John Milosh who recently passed into spirit. He was lovingly known as “Buzz”. Although he was our oldest member of Prepare for Change – Los Angeles, he was our biggest cheerleader. He promoted Prepare for Change every day of his life for the last three years. He has not left us, but has joined the spiritual team to bring liberation to our Earth. We love you Buzz.

For those new to (PFC) website or to Cobra I would suggest that you go to the media archives at PFC and listen to the introduction interview done August 2015.  There is more background on Cobra given there and then the follow-up interview of October 2015.  The entire team at PFC are all devoted volunteers.  No one receives compensation for their work done.  Our skilled volunteer IT team are adding new features to the web-site all the time to make your educational journey more informative and enjoyable.  Please use the donate button at the right hand side of the web page to ensure continued excellence.  Your assistance greatly helps to cover our recurring monthly web-site bills.  

Lynn – Now I would like to welcome back our warrior of light and liaison with the Resistance movement, Cobra.  Welcome Cobra.

COBRA –  Thank you for your invitation.  It’s been a pleasure for me to have you both for the interview.

Richard – Thank you so much for being here. I know you have just done the Ascension conference in Switzerland on April 16th & 17th.  For all of us that were unable to attend, I’d love to start out with some questions on the information you covered there.

What was the impact of the conference in Switzerland on April 16th and 17th on the planetary situation?

COBRA – OK.  This was the first of many triggers that will be activated to start securing the ascension time-line.  We had a very strong group and people from that group will spread that energy and have already been spreading that energy to the ley lines in their home locations.  This is the first step.  There are many more coming.  Also, more conferences and also more energetic activations that will stabilize these time lines.  (amazing, thank you)

Lynn – What does the spike in gamma rays on April 10th, 2016 mean?

COBRA – It means that the outer barrier or shall I say, the Chimera barrier inside of the outer barrier, close to the Kupier belt is beginning to dissolve.  So this allows more gamma rays to come and enter the solar system.  And this has been detected by voyager spacecraft in April.

Lynn – Is this related in anyway to the cosmic pulse?

COBRA – It is connected because the cosmic pulse or should we say galactic pulse interacts with all the consciousness in the galaxy especially it interacts with the trigger point in this solar system and whatever happens in this solar system, as I have explained many times, influences the situation in the galaxy. (thank you)

Richard – Can you talk about the increase in Schumann frequencies on May 17th, 2016.  Is this related to the conference in Switzerland?

COBRA – I have no confirmation of increase in Schumann frequency.  There is much talk about this but there is no real solid evidence so I can not answer this question (thank you very much)

Lynn –  Were the recent earthquakes in Japan related to the G7 conference that was just held there? Or were they related to the private conference between Putin and the Japanese Prime Minster Abe?

COBRA – OK.  There was some Cabal action trying to disrupt the negotiation process and this was one thing and then there were some natural tectonic activity because of increased energy in the solar system so both things were happening.

Lynn – Are the earthquakes in Ecuador related to the earthquakes in Japan?

COBRA – Both areas are in very active tectonic zones and all of those zones are responding to increased energies in the solar system which are a direct consequence of increased activity from the galactic center.  (thank you)

Richard – What is the plasma octopus as it referred to in occult circles, and what effect is it having on the situation on planet Earth right now?

COBRA – It is the base source of the problems we have here.  The plasma vortex which extends throughout the solar system has planet earth in it’s center.   Planet earth is the central anchor point of that entity and the entity has plasma toplet bombs in the body,  plasma bodies.  Until this is resolved The Event can not happen.  So this is the major, the main obstacle actually towards The Event. (thank you)

Lynn – What is the purpose of the Cintamani at the time of the Event?

COBRA – Cintamani, each cintimani stone will serve as a lens, as a focal lens for the energies of the compression breakthrough. So when the energy pulse hits the planet that energy will be need to be conducted through a certain conductor or should I say energy super conductor.  Cintamani stones will be energy super conductors at the time of the event.  As this energy network is being quite complete to a certain degree, those energies will be able to flow through the planetary surface quite harmoniously.

Lynn – What is the purpose of the tachyon chambers at the time of the Event?

COBRA – The Tachyon chambers have many purposes.  One of the purposes is to heal human energy system which include physical bodies and higher energy bodies.  And at the time of the event, those tachyon chambers will transmit certain energies that I’m not yet to speak about.  But this will be the energy support for the compression breakthrough.

Lynn – Is there a difference between the crystal light chambers and the tachyon chambers.

COBRA – How would you define crystal light chambers.

Lynn – I’m referring to what Sheldon Nidle talks about.  The Crystal light chambers are where we are transformed into 5D beings and rejuvenated physically.

COBRA – This is a so called ascension technology which advanced cosmic civilizations have.  That technology has not yet been introduced on the surface of the planet and will only be introduced at a certain point after The Event. (OK)

Richard – What is the termination shock in the photo from your blog post on April 13, 2016? What is happening there with the light forces and the Chimera?

COBRA – The termination shock is the area when the solar winds which emanates from the sun meets the interstellar winds.  So you have two different energy streams, two different plasma streams and when those 2 streams meet and confront there is a termination shock.  Termination shock is the area of the so called Chimera barrier with many ships of the Chimera and the highest concentration of toplet plasma bombs of the Chimera group.  The light forces are now removing this.  It has not been removed yet completely but there is progress.  Because there was progress certain new communication channels have opened between various factions inside the solar system, below the surface of the planet.  It also reflects on the surface of the planet especially in the Eastern Alliance within the Dragon factions and the Eastern alliance groups, there is quite much progress as a result of this.  (great, thank you)

Lynn – What is the heliopause….and what is taking place there?

COBRA – The heliopause is the area where the pressure of the solar winds actually get lower than the pressure of the interstellar wind.  So at that point we’re actually entering into interstellar space.  This is the location of the so-called tachyon membrane or some people call it the outer barrier.  It is the barrier which has been built by the light forces which regulates the flow of energies in and out of the solar system. So it regulates the energies from the galactic center coming inside of the solar system and it regulates the energies and entities and beings exiting the solar system.  And the flow of beings out of the solar system, according to my intel is a little bit different from what certain other people were stating.  It is not so much to contain the dark entities inside of the solar system, it is more to regulate the flow of entities in and out of the solar system.  (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, how does plasma based medicine work?

COBRA – Plasma based medicine works on the principles of harmonizing the plasma flow.  We have our plasma bodies which are not exactly the same of our etheric bodies.  The plasma body is actually  a changed electromagnetic potential body which works on difference between various electro-magnetic potential space and if you harmonize that you can increase human health dramatically.  Basically, what the dark forces have done, they have created scalar technology which distorts the plasma matrix of the plasma body and creates illness.  Plasma medicine actually references those negative effects those harmful effects of the scalar technology and creates a health matrix in the plasma body which as a consequence balances the electro flow inside of the physical cell membrane.  And of course this restores the physical health.

Richard – Is this technology available on earth right now?

COBRA – It is in a state of development.  Dragon forces, positive dragon forces are developing this but there is much resistance and there is much. . .   It’s not that easy.  It’s in a state of development right now. Some of those devices are already available and some of them are in state of being introduced.  (thank you very much)

Lynn – Cobra, do you see these technologies being utilized on earth post Event, and if so like how long if they’re still in development?

COBRA – One of the major problems is money because people don’t have money and would like to have those devices. Those devices they need to be built and developed inside of the current  system.  When we have the financial re-set it will be very easy to massively produce and spread them around the planet.  (I understand, thank you)

Lynn – How does a mothership cloak itself and its energy from remote viewers?

COBRA – OK.  Mothership has a so-called tachyon membrane around which means that the tachyon membrane is not just a membrane of the physical plane.  It is a membrane which cloaks the energy structure of the ship on all planes of creation so every energy that comes towards the ship simply gets teleported from one side of the membrane of the ship to the other side of the membrane of the ship and that would make the ship invisible, also for remote viewers.  (Awesome, thank you)

Richard – Who was the first person to give an accurate description of the underground world?

COBRA –  This is a very strange question because underground world was always known to certain entities and it was never a secret.

Lynn – What will happen between the Agarthans and the surface humans at the time of the Event?

COBRA – Certain representatives of the Agarthan network will come to the surface and will contact, I would say the most advanced benevolent surface individuals and based on that interaction they will decide how to proceed.  There is much healing that needs to happen on both sides to create harmonious connection and this will be a gradual process.  (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, can you give us a brief description of what the Agarthan look like or the underground worlds would look like.  Do they have a sun, do they have light, you know stuff like that?

COBRA – These are physical underground caverns.  Huge caverns.  Most of them are natural and there were dwellings built in the natural spaces.  Some of them were artificially expanded and they were connected with underground network of high speed trains.  Very high technology that allows those places to be interconnected and also with teleportation chambers.  This is the physical civilization mainly, with human beings simply more developed, human beings, humanoid beings of a very positive nature.  There has been other less developed factions which are a little bit more primitive and there is much work being done right now to integrate those in more advanced societies underground.  (thank you very much).

Richard –  How does the spiral movement of the goddess vortex technology work to accelerate the Event?

COBRA – OK.  The spiral of the goddess vortex is actually the torus… I will not go into much technicality right here because this will need much more time.  But basically it is natural form which heals the space/time anomaly.  It is the correction mechanism for the anomaly.  It corrects it and aligns it with source. It is the basic principle to which all the plasma and anomaly and all other anomaly is being healed throughout the universe, especially on this planet because it is the focal point for different dimensions as much awareness of goddess principle as possible needs to be here.  This is the main reason why this was suppressed because it is the key to heal the anomaly on the planetary scale and on the cosmic scale.   (thank you very much)

Lynn – What is the best way we can tell others about the Event and the coming changes to our planet?

COBRA – OK.  There are a few basic steps you can take.  The first one is you can expose the corruption of the financial system as discussed in the mainstream media.  As people come to understand you can tell them about the extent of this corruption and also there is plan to transform this to beings peaceful to entities working throughout the planet to create a better financial system.  This is number 1.  Most people will be able to think about it at least talk about it.   And the other thing is suppression of advanced technologies.  This is another sign that can be easily accepted with the mainstream population that the governments of countries around the world have suppressed advanced technologies and those advanced technologies will have to come in the open at a certain point.  From there on there is also not . . . it’s quite easy to understand that there is life throughout the universe.  This is not the only planet in the universe with all these billions and billions of stars and intelligent life out there.  Contact has been made and that contact has also been suppressed by the government.  When this all comes out in the open, this can trigger drastic change and transformation for human society.  This is a basic introduction to The Event.  As a consequence of the event itself is a little bit more advanced for main stream population.  For those that understand quantum physics and those understand who understand physics, even basic physics understand about the phase transition. This is society we are now in is in phase transition.

Lynn – Would you say Cobra, that we just need to keep working at the various phases that we are already working on, the advance technology as much as we can and just alerting people to the things that are going on that are becoming more and more visible.

COBRA – Yes, exactly.  The key thing is to spread information.  We need to saturate internet with positive or should I say reliable intel.  Thais is what we need to do.  (thank you.  Great points, thank you)

Richard –  Cobra what will happen to the human light body after the Event?

COBRA – The light body will begin to go through a process of accelerated activation.  This will be both an individual process and a group planetary process at the same time.  It will be a reflection of the cosmic change happening throughout the whole galaxy.  When this last blockage of this quarantine is dissolved, there will be huge changes throughout the whole galaxy.  (I can’t wait, thank you)

Lynn – What will space travel be like after the event and first contact?

COBRA – Space travel will be instantaneous because most of space travel happens between portals.  For example you could jump from the surface of the planet like to Jupiter which has a large portal can take us anywhere in the galaxy in less than one minute.  So it will be instantaneous relocation to other places throughout the universe, and especially after this solar system and this planet is accepted in the Galactic confederation  space travel throughout the galaxy will be easier than our daily travel through out the city as we have it now. (right)

Richard – Where will first contact take place? (on public land or on private land?) How soon after the Event will it happen?

COBRA – It’s a gradual process and before the official first contact happens there will be private individuals that will be selected with the private land.  They will be contacted privately and they will go to the mass media reporting about their experience and then when we have a critical mass of awareness of this an official meeting between diplomatic personnel so called representatives of planet earth and Pleiadian diplomatic personnel will happen.  That meeting is scheduled to happen in the United Nations. United Nations after the event will not be the same United Nations we have now.  It will not be a Cabal controlled entity.  And even now despite all this Cabal control there is a very active positive faction within the United Nations working for the first contact.  There is a task group of I would say, a hidden task group that have been working on first contact for decades.

Richard – Have the positive forces already found private land that they are choosing from.

COBRA – Yes, of course, there are individuals who have dedicated their land for this purpose.  They have agreed with that contact and contact will be arranged.  (thank you, that is awesome)
Lynn – What happened as a result of China’s gold exchange on April 19th?

COBRA – This was just a test.  It was a very smart move by China because China has tested the reaction of the Western financial institutions and if you remember there were many emergency meetings between the president and the Vice president and the Federal Reserve and they were emergency meetings in the Bank of International settlement.  There are many emergency meetings of the central banks just before it happened.   The Chinese were just monitoring that situation to find out what will be the reaction of the central bankers.  And of course this Chinese move was not really the trigger for the financial re-set.  It was just a first step and this gold traded among Shanghai gold exchange is mostly happening within China with Chinese banks.  It is not an international trade platform yet.  And even when it will be it might not be the final stretch.  This was just a test.

Lynn – Cobra, do you have an opinion on the situation with the US.  Do you think they are going to accept China’s offer or do you see them going the opposite way.

COBRA – Can you define the Chinese offer?

Lynn – The Chinese are offering Gold in exchange for our worthless Fiat money.

COBRA –  These are just rumors.  It is not something I can confirm. (OK) I know there are many rumors about the re-set about how things are going on but many of those rumors are not correct.  It is not how this is happening.  According to my intel China is not offering any gold.  It is simply preparing for the re-set in its own way.  They are not announcing their plans anywhere.

Lynn – So the meeting between President, Vice president, Federal reserve and that Dragon representative that didn’t involve any offers of gold for fiat dollars?

COBRA – There are certain people that are claiming that but the actual negotiations are happening a little bit differently.  It is not problem of gold vs. fiat dollars because when he re-set happens the whole structure will change and the dollar will re-value.  It will be re-value but not drastically.  It will be part of the new agreement.  The dollar will be one of the currencies put on certain type of gold standard but it will not be to destroy the economy.  It’s not a fight between China and the US.  It is simply a global process of restructuring the financial system which does not work anymore.  (thank you)

Richard – What are some of the strongest points on the Earth for Pleiadian energy?

COBRA – There are very strong points in the Himalayan mountains.  There are some very strong points in the Polynesian islands.  There are a certain locations in Brazil deep in the jungle.  There are many many places and most of those places are not accessible or easily accessible to the mass population. (thank-you)

Richard – Is that because they are bases or did they just lay a lot of energy in those areas.  Why do they emanate so much energy?

COBRA – The Pleiadian have built some surface and sub-surface bases in certain locations on the planet.  They have chosen those locations based on the energy requirements of the place and Pleiadian’s are coming in and out of those places on a regular basis.  But they are not interacting much with the surface population.

Richard – Cobra, what is the importance of using our free will to bring the Event? Do some people have more impact on the planetary situation than others?

COBRA – OK. The extent that you use your free will is the single most   deciding factor of how much influence you will have upon the event or any aspect of the planetary situation.   The more you use your free will the more your effect will be. (great answer, thank you so much).

Lynn – Has the plan for The Event changed in any way?

COBRA – No, the basic plan is still the same and it’s not easy to change that.  Because the plan is very solid certain things need to happen and of course the event will happen as it was planned.

Lynn –  Cobra are there any other subjects talked about at this conference that would benefit our listening audience at this time?

COBRA – I was talking about many things and it is not easy to take those things out of context and just name them here.   So people don’t need to worry.  Intel from those conferences will be released gradually so they will not miss anything.  But those who would like to have a deeper understanding and experience are welcome to come to other conferences that will happen throughout the world.

Lynn – Would you like to say anything about the next conference that you’re planning.

COBRA – Yes we have created a conference in Greece very close to a major goddess energy vortex on Crete.  This conference will take place the beginning of June.  Of course anybody is invited to come.  At the conference in Switzerland had more of a masculine pure masculine aspect.  This time it will have more feminine aspect presence.  We are integrating those energies on a cosmic scale.  It is not just about polarities on the planet earth.  We are integrating those energies on a galactic scale.  So each of those conferences is different.  As we step forward it is a unique event.  It is not possible how this will play out.  It is being created at the moment as the energy from the galactic central is transmitted to us.  (I understand, that you, very good)

Lynn – I would like to add here that our PFC IT team has created some new links.  There are a set of tools. They are related to the Event Support Groups, the Healing groups and the Organizing Tools and Techniques.  If you’ll take a look at the transcript you will be given exact links of where to go to look at these new features.  

Here are the links to the new pages for Internet tools:

On the participate menu: PFC Organizing Tools and Techniques

On the Healing menu: Healing Group Internet Tools

On the Event support menu: Event Support Group Internet Tools

Lynn – Cobra, what is reincarnation?

COBRA –  Reincarnation is simply when the soul enters the physical body, and stays in that body for a certain period of time.

Richard –  What is the difference between an Ascended Master and an Enlightened Master?

COBRA – This is basically the same, but there are subtle differences.  Ascended being, I would not call it Master, because it is simply too loaded word.  An ascended being is a being that has completely transcended space/time continuum and doesn’t have a personality any more.  An Enlightened Being is a being that has had an experience of that state but that experience is not yet completely stabilized inside of the personality.

Richard – How would somebody choose an Ascended Master to work with or Ascended being or Enlightened Being to work with?

COBRA – It is simply a matter of alignment of energy so if you are aligned with a certain type of energy most likely you will align with an energy with a Being that has been evolving in that same line of energy.  They can be your teacher can show you one part of the way (thank you very much)

Richard –  What was the mission of Jesus Christ that has not been fulfilled yet?

COBRA – That being wanted to have the so-called Second coming or the revelation or the new age or The Event.  He was actually expecting this to happen during his life-time on planet earth when he was having his mission 2000 years ago and of course this has not been fulfilled yet.

Richard – What will it take to fulfill his mission, The Event?

COBRA – The Event, yes of course.  The event will complete the age on this planet the cycle on this planet and will begin a new cycle.  (thank you very much)
Richard – What are the 5 elements of creation? Are we all created though the 5 elements?

COBRA – This is just one arbitrary description of how creation is being done so I will not answer this question in a traditional way.

Richard – Is there anything you can say about the 5 elements of creation.

COBRA – I have already answered this question.  This is just one understanding or description of how creation is being done but I would not completely agree with that.  (OK. Thank you)

Lynn -Cobra, do you know how many incarnations Jesus has had.

COBRA – He has quite many dozens of incarnations before the last one 2,000 years ago.

Lynn – So 2,000 years ago was his last?

COBRA – Yes, it was his last incarnation on the surface of this planet.

Lynn – Do you see or is there a plan for him coming back into a physical body here on earth.

COBRA – An Ascended Being does not come back to a physical body.  He creates a hologram that looks like a physical body.  This hologram becomes visible to other people.  It is actually condensed light.  It is not a regular physical body.

Lynn – So it will appear physical to human beings.

COBRA – Yes. (OK. thank you)

Richard –  So Cobra, I understand that Jesus practiced and taught what are currently known to us as the 5 element process that are the gifts of Master Shirdi Sai Baba, returned to us by avatar Sri Kaleshwar. Is it true that the 5 elements process is what Jesus used as a foundation to grow his spiritual power and abilities?

COBRA – Ok this is again a question which is based on certain ideologies, certain understandings and I can not answer this question in the context of that understanding.

Lynn – Cobra, do you know about Shirdi Sai Baba also known as Sai Baba of Shirdi (Yes).  Can you tell us anything about him or what his role in creation is?

COBRA – Again, I would say there are many gurus, there are many teachers many entities and for this particular one and for all the teachers and gurus from this side of the lineage I would say that there is a lot of information that is not correct,  So I would encourage people who are studying this to go beyond the frequency limitations that they have read in books.  And if they want to have a direct experience with those beings connect with them with openness and also without any preconceived ideas of what they will experience.  Because what they will experience may surprise them.  (thank you very much).

Lynn – We also have question about Yogananda.  Paramahansa Yogananda.  Would it be similar.  Your advice be similar as to Sai Baba as far as his role in western civilization teaching western civilization?

COBRA – Information about him that is available on the surface of the planet is much more reliable.  So I would say here it is not such a tricky subject.  He basically brought to the west some teachings of Babaji, some Kriya techniques of Babaji and his mission is quite clear and understandable and his energy has not been so compromised and distorted as the energy of some of the lineage was.

Lynn – Cobra,  Can you tell us about the Galactic Codex and where it came from?

COBRA – The Galactic Codex was discovered many millions of years ago by the central civilization which emerged form the central region of the galaxy and this civilization was discovering this codex when they reached a certain level of spiritual understanding when they were discovering basic laws of creation.  And then I will say, every civilization that reaches certain level of development accepts that codex spontaneously based on their inner understanding of the nature of the universe.  It’s natural organic process which happens at a certain stage of maturity of a certain civilization.

Lynn – You put forth this information on your website recently.  It has been turned into a youtube video by Smaly7.  He did an absolutely beautiful job of expressing in visual pictures and words in several languages the concept of the galactic codex.  I encourage people to either go to your website or PFC and view this video in their own language and then to sign the galactic codex (petition) on It’s really beautiful. Do you have anything to add to that Cobra.

COBRA – I would completely agree with this.  If People would like to sign  they can google Cobra portal 2012 and the top most blogpost is the blogpost about the galactic codex and the petition and the situation update.  And the first link they can click is the petition.  They can sign it there.  (very good) Below that we have the video’s in 11 languages at the moment.  (yes, that is great)

It can be viewed in English here: httpss://

It is also available in several other languages:





















Lynn –  I would like to add for people who want to become more active and play a part in the planetary liberation.  There are really 3 things you can do

1)      Meditate with us each Sunday at 7 PM GMT. Meditation instructions can be found on (see transcript)

2)      Please sign the Galactic Codex: httpss://

3)      Start an Event Support Group in your area – see the website for details

Richard – So Cobra, a reader is concerned about why the coal industry in the U.S. and Australia are shutting down. Some areas electricity run off of coal at present. Is that a Cabal tactic to shut down the grid? Is this a tactic to finish off our financial system and institute NWO? What can be done about this?

COBRA – It is simply manipulation of prices.  It’s a part of the Cabal’s business strategies to earn more money. (thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, we have Several Asian readers would like you to talk about the Kumamoto earthquake? They say there has been a series of significant earthquakes in Japan as well as other countries around the world since April 14 and are still continuing at a large scale.  Are these earthquakes artificial.

COBRA – I have already answered this question today.  There are 2 factors.  The first is Cabal interference with the tectonic plates and the scalar weapons and the 2nd one is the natural activity of the galactic central sun which has increased since April and part of those earth quake is a response to this.

Lynn – Is there anything you can tell the Japanese people to comfort them.

COBRA – Yes of course.  They can do a mass meditation to calm down the tectonic plates in Japan.  Doing that the tectonic plates will calm down.  (great advice)

Richard –  There are reports of fighting in Aleppo.  Is the RM (Resistance Movement) losing control of that area?

COBRA – No. This is simply one part of the resolution of the conflict in that area because the situation has not been resolved yet. (thank you)

Richard – What about the Golan Heights.  Will Israel be allowed to hold it until after The Event?

COBRA – This is not decided yet because the situation in the Middle East is still quite unstable.  But it is known that after the Event there will be a drastic restructuring of Israel State and there will be many changes in that area.  Many injustices many imbalances will have to be addressed and resolved. This is only happening after the Event through a peaceful negotiation process. (thank you)

Richard – Why isn’t China helping in Syria?

COBRA – China is helping in Syria in a certain way.  Not exactly in a very visible way, but they are assisting Russia in a certain way that I will not speak about.

Richard –  The physical dimensions seems to expand when receiving strong infusions of light. Can you explain your version of this?

COBRA – I do not agree with that statement.  (thank you very much)

Lynn –  Do the precious metals: palladium and platinum have any special, occult properties?

COBRA –  Yes of course.  The so-called Noble metals have very distinct and very strong occult properties.  The Platinum groups of metals is connecting us, especially with our soul star chakra and even higher chakras with higher dimensional bodies.  I would say the platinum metals higher metals are  higher octaves of gold for whose who are higher spiritual developed.  They can not be used by the average person because the refined frequency of those metals is simply too high.  For highly spiritual advanced person, metals like platinum, palladium , osmium, iridium and similar metals are quite effective in connecting with your own higher self your own I AM presence.

Lynn – What would you say about silver?

COBRA –  Silver is a metal which calms down and harmonizes our energy bodies.  (OK thank you)

Richard – Cobra, what is happening with the Goddess Dou Mu who came to earth in January 2015? Can you tell us more about her and why she is involved with the Earth right now?

COBRA – She came to anchor goddess energy for the planet.  She came from another star system through the Eastern Agarthan Network and is now located somewhere in Asia, I will not tell the exact location.  She is present there and she is holding the energy of the feminine presence for the planet.  She is an actual physical being living in a physical body supported by Eastern Agarthan network, they are supporting her physical body and she is channeling those energies for the planet.

RICHARD – Is she considered an Ascended Being also ?

COBRA – She is not a so-called Ascended Being.  She is a living human being that is highly spiritually developed, has not yet ascended and is living in a physical body.  (thank you)

Lynn – My question for Cobra is about general health and fitness tips he might have for the surface population. Other than the common knowledge of “eat well and get regular exercise”.   Does Cobra know of any specific or special health regimens, supplements, herbs, foods, diets, fluids, fitness regimes, air purification, and other technologies that would create optimum physical and mental health in the average surface human, even in the current culture and environment?

COBRA – OK.  The key here is balance.  It’s very simple.  Balance between various elements you have just stated can create harmony for the surface population.  And one more thing is drink a lot of pure water, as pure as you can find.  (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, are the rape allegations against Bill Cosby truthful or is it a Cabal-orchestrated smear campaign? Sorry if this subject seems trivial but in my opinion it speaks to a massive degree of control through the media conglomerates. If it is indeed a Cabal attack on his reputation.

COBRA – It is a Cabal attack.  It is a usual tactic that the Cabal uses towards anybody who isn’t behaving according to their wishes.

Richard – If I may ask a quick follow up, how do the Cabal determine which people to kill and which people to “merely” ruin their reputations?

COBRA – This is one of their tactics as which I’ve said.

Lynn – Why does the pyramid need to face north, south, east, and west?
What is the difference between a Nubian type and the Cheops type of pyramid other than just the angle?

COBRA – If the pyramid is aligned with the earth axis it creates the most harmonious flow of energy as the earth rotates around it’s axis.  And the Nubian type of pyramid has a different angle which is not as aligned with the sacred geometry principles because the pyramids I would say the Great pyramids in Egypt in Chiro is very close to the most ideal properties geometrically speaking.  (thank you)

Richard – Can two souls occupy one body?

COBRA – It is possible and it’s quite common in the so-called possession phenomena when a certain host entity leaves space for another entity to come into the same body.

Richard – What benefits would this provide.

COBRA – There would not be many benefits but more of a control mechanism that the Cabal uses and dark forces use to control the population.  (I understand, thank you)

Lynn – Are truth movement sites and other alternative news outlets distractions from one’s self evolution journey of Ascension and personal transformation?

COBRA – Everything can be a distraction or it can be a tool.  It’s up to you how you use it.  (OK, thank you)

Richard – Cobra, what is the true spiritual purpose of hair? Many enlightened beings usually have long hair; Native Americans believe that their hair brings them Spiritual power. Is this true?

COBRA – Yes.  Hair are like antenna that can transmit and receive energy.

Richard – Why do monks usually shave their heads?

COBRA – It was actually. . . This has been introduced by the Archons a very long time ago to control the monks and to actually suppress their spiritual development.  (wow, thank you)
Richard – Cobra, All the visual depiction of man of the inner earth civilization described by Corey Goode are beardless, is that so?

COBRA – I haven’t seen every picture that he has released and I can not comment on his perspective on inner earth’s civilizations. (I understand, thank you)

Lynn – What role do the end times and Jesus returning have to play in the coming Event?

COBRA – There has been many prophecies and many mental belief systems created out of those prophecies about the end of the cycle about the new age, about the change on this planet and all those are a reflection of the truth.  There is some element and truth in all of them and there is some distortion.  How exactly it will happen we will see when it happens.  And this being called Jesus had his role and will have his role as well as anybody else.  So we all will all create this together in a way that will be in the most possible form in alignment with the plan which exists.  (thank you)

Richard – Cobra, haven’t many people were already outside of the veil: astronauts, military pilots, participants in the space programs, secret space program? What does this mean for these people; how does this affect them?

COBRA – OK. It’s a double edge sword.  First there is many of them have deep spiritual experiences because they were outside of the veil.  At the same time the controlling forces tried their best to suppress those experiences and keep the secrets going.  So all those people, all those astronauts were under great psychological pressure and were heavily mind controlled to suppress what they had seen and experienced.  So being an astronaut was not an easy job.  They have some beautiful experiences and they were also heavily traumatized.  This is the reason for the strange behavior of the astronauts.  There are some famous cases of astronauts who returned from the moon and had deep psychological problems as a result of their psychological and physical mind programing that had been subjected to.  (I understand, thank you)

Lynn – On another subject, one of our readers is asking about men and women staying as virgins and if there is any spiritual value for this.

COBRA – If somebody is guided in that direction of course it has a spiritual significance for that particular person.  But I would say, I would not support any ideology that would put this as a condition to achieve a certain spiritual state. (OK that you)

Richard – This reader says; I live in Germany near the big HAARP in Rostock and I can feel the low energies at night. How can I protect myself and keep up my energy before and while asleep?

COBRA – Simply do not put too much attention on those influences and keep your vibration connected with the positive source and to stay in balance and spend some time in nature. (excellent, thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, Is Bernie Sanders of the Light?  Or are any of the US candidates for president of the light?

COBRA – I would not put too much hope in any of those candidates because all of them are or will be controlled (or should be) or planned to be controlled by the Cabal if they are elected. (thank you)

Richard – Is there any significance associated with the people that are born albino?

COBRA – I would not put any special significance to that particular condition.  I would say that soul can express in any type of body any type condition and it does not condition with that particular condition.  ( I understand, thank you)

Lynn – Cobra, how will mainstream media play into spreading the accurate information regarding The Event & disclosure?

COBRA – When the Event happens the controlling factor, the censorship factor will be removed from the media.  The media will report the intel that will be released.  So the situation will change.  It will not be as it is now.

Lynn –  Is DNA manipulation a common practice for advanced species capable of this?

COBRA – I would say that spiritually advanced species are growing beyond DNA manipulation because they understand that consciousness is superior and DNA aligns with consciousness. So they are more focused on expansion of consciousness and having their bodies aligned with that expanded consciousness.  DNA manipulation is a very limited concept which I would say advanced civilizations have completely outlawed.(OK)

Richard –  Cobra can you please tell us something about Master El Morya and the Great White Brotherhood?

COBRA – That particular ascended being is working in, I would say, guiding politicians and people in positions of power around the planet and he has a very difficult task because people who are in positions of power in most cases not able to handle that power.  And the Russian President Putin is one example when his mission was successful.  (I understand).

Richard – Can you tell us anything about the Great White Brotherhood (GWB).

COBRA – This term GWB simply describes Ascended beings of male/female polarity which have gone through earth incarnations have reached the  ascended state are are helping in the process in the planetary liberation.  We will have to finish quite soon.

Lynn – Do you have some information about the current situation in Brazil?  This person is very concerned because the majority of people in Brazil think the elected president must be removed from power. You said the Cabal wants to weaken the BRICS by destabilizing Brazil.  Could this destabilization come with the removal of the current elected president Dilma from power?

COBRA – Actually this destabilization process has begun some time ago and is now continuing.  And the removal of the current president is just one step in that process.  One part of this process is that the Cabal has misused existing corruption in the Brazilian government. Of course corruption exists everywhere.  This is the first aspect.  The second aspect is the Cabal always misuses the mistakes of local governments to destabilize those governments.  What the cabal does is they introduce greater corruption and greater distortion.  And this is what is happening now in Brazil and the light forces are taking certain steps to stabilize Brazil again.

Lynn – OK.  Well we are coming to the end of our hour and we still have many more questions but this happens every month.  This is not new.   I want to thank you Cobra for being with us this hour.  We will try and do this again at the end of the month as a kind of a wrap-up for May.  So thank you for being with us.

COBRA – You’re welcome.  It was a pleasure to be speaking with you.

Lynn – Do you have any closing words for our audience.

COBRA – Yes, I would say that not much is happening on the surface.  Many things are happening behind the scenes.  There is not much intel being released but I expect in the month of May things to get a little more interesting.

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