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RV/GCR Intel SITREP – August 14, 2016

RV/GCR Intel SITREP – August 14, 2016

“SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN!” – SITREP – 14:00:00 EST – SUNDAY – AUGUST 14, 2016


14:00:00 EST 
August 14, 2016

Chinese Elders / European Sovereigns / Russian Orthodox Church / Russian Sovereigns have given General Joseph Dunford till 8pm EST to resolve all release issues to begin his nation’s global RV or be removed as Republic President.

This consortium not only controls the world’s new financial and military mechanisms, they are the global trustees of the restored US Republic, and thus are acting benevolently on behalf of its citizenry, overseeing the country’s international bankruptcy work through implementation–which by design begins in earnest with an American RV (USN global release).

A replacement President and cabinet have long been in position and on reserve in case of non-compliance by Dunford and his cabinet.  All are ready to be sworn in at this hour should the galactic federation deem it necessary for humanity’s greater good.
What’s interesting is that several in the intelligence community believe Republic President General Dunford is actually patiently waiting until the last possible moment (to remain under the protection of sovereign international bankruptcy law) in order to draw out all latent cabal sabotage threats, as well as give his nation’s financial and military leaders the most possible time to prepare for this unprecedented event.
Remember, nobody really knows with any certainty what’s going to happen post RV once “the kraken” has been released.
Thus, Dunford may or may not act in his country’s best interests tonight.  We shall see with certainty shortly.
Also, non-complying Wells Fargo Board Members and Executive Staff are being removed on the spot with more on the chopping block should the RV not commence by this evening.
Shit has hit the fan!
God is with us.