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Judas Iscariot via Ann Dahlberg, August 14th

Judas Iscariot

Sunday, August 14th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today I come to tell you about the worldly events that are taking place on our Earth. Much is happening now, dear friends. The currency has changed in most countries and is at the start line to be announced in their respective countries. There is a catch, but it is effectively demounted. You who have waited patiently will receive your bounty at last. For the rest of you it might come as a happy surprise as peace has taken a big step forward.

It is the music of peace that is sounding deeply in the ears of people, since it is peace that so many people have longed for regardless of where in the world they live. Everything that brings peace to the world people gladly contribute to. They accept gladly a currency change if they understand this can be the solution for a sustainable peace for their Earth. They would gladly have politicians in positions of power that act in the interest of all and not only for a few. They understand that this is sustainable in the long run. They understand also that one cannot pillage Mother Earth without it bringing consequences for coming generations. They want a sustainable world for themselves and their children.

Do not underestimate humanity, the human collective has grown and become full grown. They are prepared to take responsibility for themselves and their Earth today. We are very impressed by your courage and your strong will and it is an honor for us to give you the support you need to move forward now. Within a short time much will be changed and new opportunities will appear and tools will be provided so that you can do the changes that are needed, in order to achieve your wishes of a world in peace and freedom. As you face these new opportunities you should think globally, think with empathy, think fairly (that all should have the opportunity to share the cake), think with warmth and love towards Earth – the Earth that gives you all that you need to live and does it with great love. It is with the soul and love in the driver’s seat that you will reconstruct this world to the best of worlds, for all who live on it.

Be hopeful, be trusting, you have the strength to do this, you can change the world to the world you dream of. You now have the understanding, will and capacity to do this. Your eyes have been opened and you understand that a massive change now must take place and the change needs to happen in a peaceful and loving way.

A calm slowly descends over Earth and is placed like cotton over all the people with worried hearts and gives them the hope and the strength they need to go forward now and take the next step in their development together with Earth. This time it will be a quantum step, my friends – The largest step that has ever been done for thousands of years. You have a large following with you now dear Earthlings, who cheer you on for every little step you take. Every step forward happening on Earth is also a step forward for the galaxy you belong to. Everything happens from the small to the large and vice versa. This you already know and you also know that everything is interdependent.

I now just want to give you a final piece of advice before I end this conversation. As many other before me have said, it is important that you go within yourselves and find the courage and the strength you need to change yourselves and your world now. You have everything within you, do not doubt yourselves, understand that you are strong and loving and have all the power you need to get the life you wish to have.

We have full trust and confidence in you. We love you so much.

With much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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