Love is our new reality

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Sai Baba via Jahn J Kassl, March 25th, 2018


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Neither react to praise nor to criticism! Just say: I know who I am.


On the path to enlightenment potentials realize themselves on their own. Your task is to make the necessary provisions. This is best described as being entirely open and truthful, “honest” as it is commonly called, with yourself. For that it is important that you bring these topics out of your subconscious. This leads you to beginning to detect your deficit.

What happens inside you when you receive praise or admiration, or when you are confronted with benevolent words? How do you meet flattery and flatterers? What happens internally when you are being criticized, bad-mouthed, laughed at or taunted?

What kind of “emotional Tsunami” is unleashed inside you then? Have you been paying close attention to this before?

Human beings serve each other as mirrors, and so your counterpart is always reflecting yourself back to you. Today’s message is about becoming insusceptible and inaccessible to praise and criticism!

„I know who I am!” This is the answer to these phenomena, and by that you steal everybody’s thunder. You need to know how and fully internalize it. It is not enough to just say what you are, it is necessary to have had this deep inner experience. Only then you are inaccessible to any infringement of this kind. You need to do all you can now to bring this about.


As long as you react to encouragement or rejection with an inner emotional outburst you remain the slave of your fellow human beings.

Changing this means taking a close look at all issues related to self-worth. These issues need to be brought to light so that they can be released.

What is the root of your pain, the source of your sense of inferiority? Why is your soul bleeding when you are disregarded by others, and why does your heart jump for joy when you are met with attention? From one instant to the next your mood can change just because you allow others to have power over you.

From now on, don’t let anyone hit your emotional buttons!

It’s time to look at this so that you become immune and no longer receptive neither to hymns of praise nor disparagement.

The knower knows, the fulfilled is fulfilled – and nobody can add or take away anything.

I am with you every day. I know who you are.

Do you?