Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain and Lord Melchizedek via Victoria Cochrane, April 26th, 2017

Around the world on any given day people are waiting…for transport, for food, in a queue, for a long awaited baby; or they may be waiting for things to change in their lives for the better, for war to stop, for death to come or for a loved one to return home. Life on Earth is full of people waiting, hoping and wishing for dreams to come true and feeling helpless to create change in their lives when, in truth, they have all the resources available to them already, if only they would believe it to be true. Even though so many people are presently finding it difficult to feel joyful or hopeful for the future, their attachment to the physical nature of life is what is limiting their ability to receive the abundance of the universe. The universe can only return to you that which you give out to it so, if you wish to receive abundance, joy, happiness and fulfilment in your life at first you must be thankful for what you already have, even if you feel you have nothing at all.

War, terrorism, abuse, violence and fear are rife in the world and those who are caught up in it may feel that they are victims and therefore have no control over what is happening to them and to their families and their feelings of devastation and helplessness are completely justified. To a certain extent, where the actions of others are as a result of the exertion of free will against another this is true, but I wish to give hope to all of you who are struggling to find hope and peace in amongst the stark realities of your life.

Fear creates more fear and a vibration so low that it is difficult to escape from. There are many people in positions of power for whom a state of fear amongst the masses is the best reality because it allows them the most advantage… to be in control and to reap the rewards that power brings, no matter the cost. The low vibration of the Third Dimension on Earth is very difficult to avoid, particularly when one has been suppressed, violated and abused, and the fear and hatred produced can only create more of the same, which is why so many people become trapped in the energies of drama, violence and anger. When you can move away from these lower vibrations, even if it is in your mind, not with your physical body, the ability to access a higher consciousness and vibration will bring you to a new state of being in which you can see things from a higher point of view. When you can do that you can begin to create miracles in your life, even if the physical reality is telling you otherwise.

To use the tools of the universe you must use your mind to create a new reality for yourself, one in which you are abundant in every way and immensely grateful for everything good that is in your life. When you can turn your thoughts around to be positive the shift will be immediate and the gifts of the universe will begin to appear. However small, however insignificant your thoughts may seem, the power of the mind is in its connection to the All so every thought, no matter how small, has the power to create something that may be terrible or wonderful, depending on its intention. By changing your thoughts you will change your reality and what the universe delivers to you. It really is that simple.

So, next time you think a negative thought such as, “I never have any money,” stop, cut and cancel it and rearrange your words! What you think or say you create!! Be positive, be bold and say something like, “I thank the universe for the wealth I already have and for what I am to receive! I am abundant and I am open to the abundant flow of the universe!” See your world with different eyes and be thankful dear ones, for thankfulness and gratitude will open your hearts to empathy, love, compassion and possibilities whereas sorrow and regret will close your heart and your mind to everything that is available to you.

Be in Divine flow! Be a powerful co-creator and create what you wish to have through the power of your positive thinking. Be mindful, be grateful and be open to receive!

We ARE yours in service, Saint Germain and Lord Melchizadek.

» Source – Channel: Victoria Cochrane