Saint Germain via Adele Arini, April 2nd, 2020

St Germain:

Greetings beloved Masters.

We, the Light-Beings in charge of Earth’s Ascension, are extremely pleased with the progress of your individual and collective’s journeys back to the Light-of-God within.

Many of you reading this message, had expressed in different ways, your heartfelt requests for visible, major global changes to occur faster.

Over the years you had prayed, or, expressed similar thoughts such as these:

‘Enough is enough – let all wars be permanently stopped on Earth’;

‘Let the positive changes begin now – bring them on’;

‘Please God, grant unto us permanent, everlasting peace and harmony on Earth’;

’No matter how hard we work, we just can’t seem to get ahead/save much money. Please God, show us the simplest, and most effective way to liberate our lives from the financial shackles that seemed to have enslaved humanity for a very long time‘;

or, my favourite:

‘Dear God, thank you for the Infinite Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Freedom, Oneness and Abundance that are ours to have, and to share, always’.

Most of you here have immediately understood why the last one was my favourite, and the answer is simple.

A statement of gratitude such as this, when backed by the emanation of your genuine, positive feelings, is the most powerful form of prayer.

When making this type of statement, you are in fact expressing your desires as though they have already been manifested in your physical reality, and thus, it will guarantee the speedy manifestation of such a reality in your life and in the world around you.

Never underestimate the Mighty Power of your prayers, thoughts, words and feelings, loved ones, provided that they are all expressed in the energetically-expansive (rather than energetically-contractive) manner that supports your ‘Act of Creation’.

Rest assured that they had ALL been heard, and, answered by the Universe, by God, and by all of us here who are always working hard to help you manifest the grand dreams that you have for yourselves, for Earth and humanity.

Here comes 3 powerful mantras that We highly recommend for you to mentally/verbally recite often, daily, in your spare time. Of course if you already have your own set of mantras that never fails to lift your vibrations, then please keep doing what you are already doing. Your loving service to ALL in this manner is very much needed right now.

In these times of uncertainty, the following Sanskrit mantras can help you to transcend ‘the small-self’, merge with your I AM, and in the long run help you to manifest the physical reality that you deeply desire for yourself and ALL on Earth.

Let us gently remind you, beloved Masters, that Sanskrit is one of the very few ancient languages on Earth that can powerfully activate the state of ‘Higher Consciousness’ within, thus greatly accelerating your spiritual growth.

Chanting, singing, speaking these mantras often, will thereby focus all of your energy, time and being, on what you wish to create/embody whilst on Earth, rather than just focusing on ‘What-Is’.

They will greatly assist you and humanity, to create & maintain high vibrations of love, peace, perfect bliss, and freedom daily, during these amazing times of transition that you are all going through right now.



May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.

2) The Moola Mantra:




OM – We are calling on the Highest Energy of All

SAT – The formless, the Unmanifest Potential, the Truth

CHIT – Infinite Consciousness of the Universe

ANANDA – Pure Love, Bliss & Joy

PARABRAHMA – The Supreme Creator

PURUSHOTHAMA – Manifested in every living being

PARAMATMA – Who comes into my heart, and becomes my inner voice whenever I ask

SRI BHAGAVATHI – The Divine Mother, power aspect of creation

SAMETHA – Together within Non-Duality

SRI BHAGAVATHE – The Father of Creation, Unchangeable & Permanent

NAMAHA – I bow in deepest reverence. I thank you and acknowledge this presence in my life. I ask for your guidance at all times.

3) The Gayatri Mantra:

Let us now answer Adele’s four questions as previously mentioned above.

Her Higher Self had partially answered the first question herself when she explained that humanity is currently in the middle of the biggest healing and transformation period never experienced before, in the history of this planet.

The greatest ‘show‘ ever created by mankind has now started on Earth, and your victory is NOW here.

Remember loved ones, that in the great, eternal moment of NOW, your Ascension and that of Mother Earth’s, have already occurred.

However from your 3D linear perspective (in this specific NOW moment that you have labelled as ‘April 2nd, 2020’), the story that you may wish to, one day, tell younger generations about ‘how it all happened’ is now unfolding as we speak.

Humanity, as a collective, currently has a number of different realities/timelines available – whether or not you will end up choosing the Optimum Timeline for yourselves will greatly depend on your own individual/collective intentions. However, it is perhaps reassuring to you to know that ‘All Roads Lead to Rome’, i.e. the timelines currently available for humanity to choose from, all lead to successful completion of the Ascension process for Earth & all Ascending-souls on it.

Father God Himself has recently stepped in and chosen to ‘come into the physical realm’ to get more involved, and personally lead or oversee Earth’s Ascension process from the front lines, so that our success will arrive at the perfect Divine timing for ALL. For all of you, and, your Earth Mother, had suffered long enough.

And just like many of you here had had to go through your individual awakening, clearing, healing, or, God Self re-alignment phases to get to where you are today, the time has come for all ascending, and, non-ascending members of humanity to do the same, in the manner of their choosing.

Many non-ascending souls are now facing their final, decision-making moment of whether to stay here, do the compulsory clearing/purging/healing required to raise their vibrations & ascend in this lifetime (i.e. merging with their God-Self whilst in the physical realm), OR, to leave the planet (i.e. merging with God back in the non-physical realm) & ascend somewhere else later (at their earliest convenience).

And many souls had chosen the latter, using the Exit ‘Tool’ that has now conveniently appeared – arriving in the form of this pandemic. The death of their physical bodies is in fact part of their ‘Act of Creation’ as God, and, with God, to expand and move forward in the directions that they have actually CHOSEN (on a higher level) to go.

By transitioning back to spirit; back to our eternal Home in Heaven, they had in fact chosen to take the ‘express way’ of re-aligning themselves with their God-Self.

This is always a very joyful experience (for the returning soul) that is actually cause for a celebration!

Your knowing, believing and rejoicing in the following Highest Truth that states:

ALL deaths happen BY CHOICE, and, NEVER by accident

will NOT fail to, vibrationally, alleviate much of the fear, drama & self-imposed (often unhealthy/prolonged) emotional/mental/physical suffering that humanity has long created, when impacted by: the death of people close to them, or, the potentially-scary news of rising death toll happening around the globe.

It is time, loved ones, for the entire planet to permanently leave behind the 3D fallacies, beliefs or programming that Adele had mentioned above, including everything else not specifically listed there.

If you have now personally arrived at a place in life where all of those 3D beliefs can no longer be found within your consciousness, e.g. when reading the ones Adele had listed above, you can honestly say that you have zero resonance with all/most of them, then congratulations, loved ones.

We are happy to announce that you have now successfully arrived at the Final Stage of your ‘I AM Integration-Process’. A stage that will soon be completed by many of you here whose Light Quotient Level is already very high -> you are in fact moving, ever closer each day, to 100% perfect resemblance or resonance with the frequencies of your own I AM Presence.

2020 will soon be the year when you can finally have your ‘graduation party’, as you will: become the full embodiment of your God-Self; the Holy Christ-Self, and, successfully triumph over all limiting conditions present in your life at the moment.

Simply be ready and, be completely open to receiving the many wonderful surprises that We have got in store for all of you this year!

And now that you have arrived in this final leg of your I AM integration journey, you will find that it has become so easy, and so natural, to maintain your high vibrations lately – no matter what is going on with the people/world around you.

The heavy, dense news reported daily (e.g. about the virus, the lockdown, or the world economy) will often feel as though there is ‘no weight’ to it. In other words, this type of news no longer has the power to: incapacitate you, lower your vibrations, or, put you back in the tight grip of that very same fear that has dominated this beautiful planet, for thousands of years.

Those of you here who had perhaps in the past refrained from watching/following news from the mainstream media, are now finding it easy to do so without feeling negatively affected in any way.

Beloved Masters of Light & Love, you are now vibrationally holding the space, for humanity to release and heal everything that has been holding them back (individually & collectively) for a very long time. This is exactly why you had been awakened earlier than the majority.

All ascending souls have (for quite sometime now) been feeling ‘safe enough’ to do whatever is necessary, in order to rise even higher in vibrations and, once again be capable of creating/manifesting magic in their physical reality, everything that the God I AM within them has always been capable of doing – without limits.

And how can these ascending souls have ‘the time’ to do so – i.e. to focus on themselves; finally face their personal life challenges (that they perhaps have long run away from), and, focus on their own spiritual growth – if they are always so busy; so inundated with work or, occupied with any other modern-day commitment/activity that had oftentimes successfully turned their attention away from their own I AM Presence?

The answer to this question is so simple, dear ones.

You (collectively) have successfully, and, powerfully, created an experience/an event known as COVID-19, so that you can all enjoy a lot of time off (from ‘normal’ life) and focus on soul growth instead.

Is this not an empowering, life-changing, Higher perspective to have about the virus?

This, loved ones, is the higher perspective a powerful Creator/Master should always adopt, when faced with all unexpected life challenges. Knowing that everything (both labelled as good or bad) always happens for a reason, and the reason will always be: greater self-love, or, soul growth.

And by this stage of your spiritual awakening, there is not a single light-worker here (who is in the Final Phase of mastering your mastery) who actually prefers to adopt the polar-opposite, ‘victimhood/powerless’ perspective instead.

We encourage you all to be so in love with the virus, and, so genuinely grateful for its presence on Earth – for what it is currently doing to help with the implementation of sweeping, positive changes on Earth that you have all been praying for.

However, please remember to follow your intuition at all times, before you go on encouraging others to do the same. Not everyone around you is ready to hear this Higher solution on ‘how to effectively eliminate the virus’ that has always been waiting there; staring at humanity in the face. The solution that most people had been too blind to see.

Knowing that these challenges are oftentimes the keys that will successfully spark greater soul growth movements for yourself/others around you, and, sending the energy of Divine Love to the virus (and, to all other existing challenges you may have in your life right now), will effectively put you in the right vibration required, to come up with the perfect solutions needed to eradicate the virus, and, eliminate all of your challenges once and for all.

Love and gratitude create your solutions, whilst fear is the energy that will (very effectively) keep you stuck or engrossed in the problems – you will find it difficult to discover a way out of your challenges, until you are ready to let go of all fears.

Nowadays because of the virus, you all have a ‘legitimate’ reason to stay at home, enjoy the peace & quiet that you have (on a higher level) chosen for yourselves, clear everything 3D within you that has been holding you back, and, prepare for what will be coming soon (i.e. the movie that will soon be playing in ’theatres’ everywhere on Earth).

The greatest movie ever created by mankind, titled: ‘Creating Heaven on Earth’.

Isn’t this experience of pandemic & global lockdown/quarantine, a truly ingenious ‘plan’ that you had all come up with, for, and, by yourselves?

Believe it or not, there is not a single soul currently on Earth, who (on a higher level) has NOT agreed to this coronavirus plan, prior to it being fully activated.

This ’pandemic event’ has been the biggest, Higher collaboration (between all souls who had chosen to embody the Dark or the Light in this lifetime – for both equally represent the Divine/the 3D Duality of physical life on Earth) in the history of Mankind, in modern times. The last time you all concocted a similar, large-scale collaboration was back during WW2 (i.e. collectively creating a physical life experience called ‘world-war‘ that was affecting major populations/many countries around the globe at the same time).

This pandemic event is now allowing and, giving ALL (humans, animals, the planet) the opportunity to take a break, slow down, heal and press the ‘re-set button’ from all the stress that you have continuously created/inflicted on yourselves, on one another and, on your Mother Earth.

This virus is doing exactly what it had been engineered to do – helping to eliminate many susceptible, long-corrupted ‘files’ (e.g. the Cabal) in this complex computer system (i.e. your beautiful planet) that is undergoing massive, permanent, and amazing upgrades.

Otherwise, how else would you destroy all corrupted files, without actually destroying the system itself and potentially, all who live in it as well, loved ones?

And for those people affected by the virus who have not been part of the Cabal, you need to simply hold an awareness that they have (on a higher level) chosen to be infected, to receive the assistance they need, to either: re-set themselves (and thus they will recover after being infected), or, exit the system/the planet and transition back to the non-physical for a different kind of adventure.

Adele had also asked the following questions ‘How long will this situation continue? How to adapt to this situation with ease and grace, and how to play a part in resolving it?’

Our answer to the first question is very straightforward, loved ones.

’How long is a piece of string?‘ – laughed*

This whole COVID-19, lockdown/quarantine situation will continue for however long you all, individually/collectively, need or want it to continue – within the bigger group/locality that you are living in right now (e.g. the village/suburb, town, city, state, country).

For example, if the majority of citizens in one particular country right now were to decide, declare and believe with all their hearts, that the time has come for this situation to be fully resolved, then the situation will come to its timely end, not long after such a strong declaration of intent has been made – coming from the collective members of that large group, or, the citizens of that country.

And then, the after effects of such a success in this one country will reverberate globally; energetically ’inviting’ the rest of the world to follow and manifest similar success – creating a strong momentum of positive change; a chain reaction that will, in a short period of time, banish the virus forever.

You can think of the whole creative process like falling dominoes – once a global event of this magnitude has been set in motion, you need to first observe and let it play out a little (knowing that there are higher, very important reasons for it happening).

The virus had set off a powerful global chain of reaction, not long after affecting many citizens in Wuhan China, and now, it only awaits you, our powerful Masters of Light & Love, to decide whether:

a) you are ready to play the ‘Reverse Game’ to this.

b) you feel that Divine timing for everyone (whose life has been affected by this whole situation) has arrived, because this doesn’t just involve you. Take Adele for example, she has been feeling so grateful and completely at peace with the virus‘ presence in this world, however, she hasn’t been intuitively guided to play an active part (as either a healer/creator) in eliminating the virus completely. So in the last few weeks, instead of setting an intention for a permanent cure to appear, she’s been focusing her efforts daily on helping to raise the collective vibrations of the planet.

She trusted her I AM Presence to tell her when the world (and, the Forces of Light who are doing their best to help humanity from behind the scenes) are finally ready for the whole situation to come to an end. i.e. when the virus has fully served its higher purpose, and, when she will finally be called to assist in creating a new momentum; a new chain reaction that will put the entire planet back on track – thus manifesting the Optimum Timeline, to then get ready for what needs to happen next.

You all have the power to consciously create a powerful chain reaction that will end this ‘COVID-19 story’ that you (on a Higher level) had previously set in motion before. And of course, just like Adele, only do so if/when you feel ready, or, strongly feel that ‘it’s time’.

Unfortunately, this kind of powerful ‘Conscious Act of Creation’ (i.e. to eradicate the virus) can only be made by:

1) embodied souls who strongly believe themselves to be aspects of the Great I AM; to be powerful Creators of their own life experiences, or,

2) embodied souls who believe strongly enough that God (the Higher Presence governing physical life on Earth) will ‘save’ humanity and resolve this pandemic very soon.

In other words, the first group of souls represents those who believe that God is within them and they will take action to save themselves, whilst the latter group represents the souls who still believe that God is a loving force, high above and outside of themselves.

No matter which side of the wall, you/your loved ones, are standing on, as long as the majority of Earth citizens possesses a strong belief and powerfully declares that ‘this will ALL pass & be over soon’ then, it will indeed be over soon – provided that the second group of people no longer buy into what the mainstream media is daily broadcasting on their loud, 3D, fear-based channel.

It is now our turn to ask you all the following questions:

“What is your intention, loved ones? Would you like to actively participate and contribute to the process of creating and manifesting an effective solution to this whole situation?

Or, have you been mostly ‘swept up by the current’; the fear craze; going with the flow/with the majority, and thus been spending most of your time lately just reacting, rather than creating the ideal reality for yourself, and for the entire planet?”

If, just like Adele, Divine Timing, inspiration, and perfect alignment are what you have been waiting for (before taking action), then let this message act as a strong and loud ‘Call to Action’ for you.

As most of you here have already heard, there is a powerful 4-4-4 Ascension Portal opening up soon. We ask that you invite as many people as possible, to meditate together this weekend, and powerfully choose to manifest the Optimum Timeline for yourself and for humanity.

By choosing to participate in this weekend’s meditation; by always maintaining your high vibrations no matter what; by always being the voice of love, joy, peace, or unity to the people around you, you are in fact putting yourself on the powerful ‘God-Creator’ mode.

And whenever you are in this mode – the mode of acting like God, with God, and as God, you will successfully move Heaven & Earth, and will not fail to magically create the most wonderful physical reality that you desire to experience.

And thus Adele, there is never any need to ‘adapt’ to a situation that you have deemed to be negative, or, that which you have decided to change/no longer experience in your physical, both individual & collective, reality.

Whenever you all encounter an event/an experience that successfully provides the contrast necessary; the clarity that you need between ’what-is-wanted’ and, ‘what-is-not-wanted‘, what do you think you, as a powerful creator, should do next?

You need to first decide and choose to create a different experience (after recognising that on some level, you had individually created/collectively co-created the unwanted event, for it to have manifested in your reality). Afterwards, with complete trust and faith, simply follow your inner guidance as to what you should do next.

And this, loved ones, is how you can play an active, and powerful, part in resolving the unwanted event.

Adele has also asked us to briefly explain to you all here, (in preparation of this weekend’s powerful 4-4-4 Gateway Mass Meditation event) what it actually means to ‘choose the Optimum Timeline’ and, a simple way to do it, during the upcoming meditation.

In every moment of every day (even when you are not meditating) loved ones, you are constantly and very actively choosing your individual and collective timeline/physical reality that you wish to experience both in that present moment and in your future.

In other words, your every thought, word & feeling that you radiate into the world is part of your powerful ‘Act of Creation’.

You are creating either:

* an optimum timeline that will take you to what you wish to experience faster (with ease & grace), or,

* several variations of that timeline (e.g. slower timelines – depending on whether detours are required to get you to the desired destination), or,

* a non-ideal timeline (that may take you awhile, through unwanted routes) especially if your thought and feeling worlds have been mostly low-vibrational lately.

Your sustained beliefs; your dominant thoughts/words/feelings about yourself, about the world, and/or, about the virus, will determine which physical reality/which timeline you (and the Collective) are inhabiting in your present moment, or, which timeline you will soon create, manifest/inhabit in the ‘future’.

You do not need to wait until whenever you happen to sit down and meditate, or, until this weekend, to create and manifest your desired timeline/reality!

Get into the habit of always, and very naturally, aligning your powerful Tools of Creation (i.e. your thoughts, words & feelings) with the Highest, Optimum timeline for yourself and for the Collective, every moment of every day.

And the easiest way to do this, is to make a powerful intention (every morning as you wake up & at night before sleep) to be the full embodiment of your I AM Presence and for your I AM to take over control of your thoughts, words & feelings, so that they always represent the all-loving, all-wise God within.

During the upcoming Mass Meditation this weekend, how to choose the most positive timeline for humanity is equally as easy.

The following is our advice, and then simply choose which ones resonate with you the most, always following your own inner guidance.

1) State all of your intentions, i.e. what do you wish to create today, both for yourself &

the world? What is the entire purpose of this meditation?

e.g. to create optimum timeline for all humanity; to eradicate COVID-19; to create a

world filled with joy, love, peace, unity, freedom & infinite abundance for ALL, etc.

2) Spend however long you need, to get yourself to a state of feeling so relaxed,

peaceful and powerful – completely at ONE with your I AM Presence.

3) Make the intention to ‘connect‘ your heart chakra, and/or, the energies of your

meditation, with that of the Light-workers Collective’s. Thousands of light-workers

have planned to participate in this weekend’s mass meditation.

4) In this step, you can choose to do the meditation your own way. Some of you will

prefer to stick to the guidelines (previously given) and visualise powerful Light coming

from the Great Central Sun of this universe, travelling to all the galaxies and arriving in

the Central Sun of your galaxy. Once there, this Light will then travel to all solar

systems in this galaxy and all the planets in it. When it finally reaches Earth, visualise

the Light eradicating the virus completely and sparking further powerful movements

of Great Change & Transformation. Visualise everything taking place in the most

peaceful & harmonious manner, everywhere throughout planet Earth.

Others may simply wish to visualise as though you and humanity (all next to you) are

standing in front of a major crossroad/a major intersection. There are several paths

or roads to choose from, and then, by the power of the intention you have set prior,

your Higher Self will guide you and humanity, to choose the ‘Right‘ path/timeline that

is most aligned with your set intentions (this is very similar to the image Adele had

provided above). Afterwards, simply visualise yourself & humanity walking that path.

5) Simply send Light, Love & Healing to ALL on Earth and stay in meditation for as long

as you are feeling guided to do. And then when you are feeling ready to finish, simply

radiate Gratitude – that comes from knowing that everything has now been granted

unto you, or, has now been manifested in your physical reality.

There is no right, or, wrong way to meditate here. The important thing here, is that you need to feel free, to do whatever your own heart is guiding you to do, always.

For those of you here planning to participate in this weekend’s meditation, we thank you for your continued dedication in the creation of New Earth.

Your sacred mission is also Our sacred mission – we are truly in this together.

Look for and feel Our presence next to you especially this weekend, as We will definitely be there joining in the fun, to co-create New Earth exactly the way that you are envisioning it to be!

With Our love and devotion,

St. Germain & Goddess of Liberty.

Channeled by Adele Arini. Copyright 2020.

If you re-post, please retain article in its entirety, and provide the link below. Thank you for respecting this request. Namaste.