Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Jahn J Kassl, February 12th, 2018


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


What is the deeper meaning of friendships, and what does it mean to be a family?

● Friends serve each other as a mirror. How else could humans grow and develop? Up to a certain degree of development, this is impossible without a counterpart.

Friendships break because of a lack of trust and because of the fact that these human beings don’t possess enough inner connectedness with each other.

Friendships last when agreements are fulfilled on earth and when there is sufficient love for each other.

● Being family means trusting the other relentlessly in any reflection displayed to you. Family implies that trust in the individual was repeatedly strengthened and reaffirmed.

He who internalizes what is being said here will find joy in his life’s reflections and will never blame a friend for this service.

Today it is essential that human relations are truthful – either true love or the honest realization that the parties involved were not made for each other or not meant to walk a certain path together.

Any spiritual development is based on truthfulness.

So appreciate every opportunity to become more truthful that presents itself to you, and welcome any reflection wholeheartedly.

This is the message.