Love is our new reality

Saint Germain via James McConnell, June 24th, 2018

Saint Germain

I AM St. Germain and I come with the Violet Flame.

But I Am not only the Violet Flame, but you are the Violet Flame as well. We are all together the Violet Flame.

We are all together the flame of purging. Purging out all of the old that no longer works, will no longer work. You are the new life we are the new life. As everything continues to revolve and change and move into a new evolutionary pattern throughout the planet those of you the light workers and warriors, those of you that are anchoring the light and sharing the light, you are the ones that are creating the new world all around you.

First you create it within yourself then you create it outside of yourself. And all of you together are creating this new world, this new world with a new paradigm, with new frequencies, new higher frequencies and vibrations that are brought about by the tonal changes that are coming to the planet. The new frequencies that are arriving, new energies that you are all beginning more and more to feel these energies.

Sometimes these energies are difficult to work with. Other times they are a blessing as you feel them move into you, the blissful feelings that come as a result of this. Because you know with these new energies that you have arrived to the point.

You have arrived to the zero point. Zero point where life literally begins to standstill. Time zones or rather the time lines begin to merge more and more.

I said through another source recently the time is nigh. That is true for there are many changes that are coming.

Many that have been working in the background for some time and have literally brought the cabal, those of the dark forces, to their very knees because they know that their time is nearly up. Yet they struggle, they fight to hold onto all they have known. Because they are not going into the higher vibrations with you. They are not going to be able to withstand the energies as you are feeling them now. Because as these energies come in, it causes those who cannot handle them to lash out at their brothers and sisters. That is all they have ever known to do. Not to love, not to share, not to be as One, but to be divided bring derision and division to all of those so that they can continue to maintain their control.

But they are fast losing that control. Because the world is not dividing; the world is coming together. The people on the planet are coming together. Even if it does not show in your various media presentations it will begin to do so. For as always for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear if you are looking for the positive, you will find a positive. Just as if you are looking for the negative, you will find that as well.

For all is coming now to a balance, a balancing point. And you, my friends, are that balancing point. You will come to understand this more and more as these days and weeks and even months begin to fly by even more than they have. Because time as you know it, or have known it, is ceasing to exist. Time is speeding up. The energy timelines are speeding up as well and bringing about the many changes that are very near to becoming real to all of you.

Those of you know, those of you that are awakened, know that the President of the United States, the Donald Trump, is the one that is challenging the very forces that have been at work for a long time. He is challenging those forces. And in doing so he is finding himself at times being kept from doing what he knows to do, yet he is persevering. He is pushing forward because he is the one that is meant to go up against those forces. And in doing so, he is bringing about a great many changes that as of yet many are in the background but they are coming forward.

And you will see these changes very shortly now. These shifts in energy that are as a result of the old paradigm falling away, being replaced by the new paradigm. A new paradigm of love, of peace, of harmony, of Oneness, replacing the old paradigm of fear, of hatred, of anger, of derisiveness.

Time is nigh my friends. The time is now. So reach deep within yourselves, each and every one of you, and find that strength within to reach out to your fellow brothers and sisters whenever the opportunity now arises. And I tell you now as St. Germain, many more opportunities will arise for you to do so: to share the light, to spread the light, to be the light. Because you are the light to the world.

I Am St. Germain and I leave you now with all my peace and love and that the Violet Flame continues to burn within each of you and spread accordingly to the consciousness as it is needed.



Channeled by James McConnell

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