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Saint Germain via James McConnell, May 1st

“St. Germain”
This is St. Germain and yes as our dear brother Sananda has said there are many changes, there are many changes, coming. Many changes are afoot now. You are in the process of a complete changeover in your governmental structure. Much has been happening in the background, many of you have seen the rumors or heard the rumors and you know of what I speak when I speak of a Republic, the New Republic. The one that you were supposed to be from the beginning and it was changed over to meet those needs of those who would enslave you, that would hold you down. And they have done this to the best of their ability but even to the best of their ability they cannot overcome all of the forces at work against them. And these forces of the Light are moving against them even now as we speak. And they know at this time that they have lost this particular war. They are still fighting the battles, they’re still fighting the skirmishes because they still think at the final moment they will be rescued, they will be shifted out of this experience here and moved into their nirvana, their heaven, whatever you would call it. They are still expecting this and this is why they continue to hang on but they know that it is a lost cause, deep down they know this. And they have been given many opportunities to turn over to the Light, to change, to move into a newer understanding of being in the Light, just as of old. So you see, all of these that you call your enemies now someday you will call friend and brother. And other days past this, beyond, before this, you called your friend and your brother and your sister.

So know that all of these things that are happening now, all of these things that are changing, are preordained. They are part of this great orchestration as Sananda has said. And this new Republic is upon you now as well as the blessings that you have heard so much about with the various currency exchanges. Those of you that have the currency you will be in good steed at that time to exchange that and move into a place of balance, not into a place of instant riches, not into a place of becoming an instant millionaire, although some of you will be. But that is not the goal – the goal is to bring about balance. And all of you are working in this respect to bring that balance forward and you are very close to that now. The release is coming, the release is shortly to be announced in a number of different ways. And your Republic it stands now – it is in effect now – but it has not yet been announced to the general public here in this country. And your NESARA – National Economic Security And Reformation Act – has not yet been announced but it is there and ready to roll out. And when it rolls out all things in your life will alter. You will have a completely different understanding of your life and you will be moving out of the illusion that has been created here and that you have been a part in creating this illusion. Even though you have done it at a more unconscious level, you have been a part of this and many in your past lives, many of your past lives, you have been a part in creating this illusion as well.

Because it was necessary, it was necessary at the time and it is necessary still up till now but very soon it will be released and you will move through the veil or the veil will drop completely. It is dissipating now; many of you are finding that you are able to see more and more through the veil now. You are getting the glimpses that have been spoken of in many different ways. You look at the sky and you see a different sky now, you look at the sun and you see a different sun, you look at the stars and you see twinkling in the stars saying “those are ships” you are seeing these things. It is real. You are feeling the atmosphere change, you are feeling the climate change, you are feeling the energy change. All of this is a part of this great orchestration and the Ascension process.

So be patient just a little bit longer, all is about shift and it is a major shift that is coming. There will be a few minor shifts but there is that major shift, that one that you call the “Event”. There are those events that will lead to this but the major “Event” is not far off and it will culminate somewhere around the time of this summer, summer of 2016. It will be brought in by the third wave and the third wave will lead to the various events and the “Event”, as you understand it, the galactic pulse that will hit the Earth. All of this is coming, all of this is a part of the new expression what the Guardian of the New Dispensation calls “after the dawn”. You are approaching that “after the dawn” now so as I say be patient a little longer. I am going to release this channel now to another who will share another part of this expression that is occurring. All of my peace and love be with all of you. I am St. Germain.


Channeled by James McConnell

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