Saint Germain via Kerstin Sisilla, July 11, 2019

Saint Germain

July 11, 2019

Channel Kerstin


My friends, I am Saint Germain.

The Golden Age is here. You are all doing exceptional work having the stamina to hold the Light in your hearts. In this way you are spreading the Love light /Christ energies further to others. The message is spread like rings on the water to humanity all over Earth. Know that you light bearers and light warriors exist all over Earth in all conceivable different countries, religions and environments – all according to the choices you made for this incarnation. Nothing can any longer hinder the healing of planet Gaia and the ascension into higher spheres as this is already happening full speed. Nothing can stop justice and love from winning as all of this is happening at this moment. Those who for one reason or another are choosing not to come along with this love train they will step off and continue their development and the divinity of the Creator somewhere else. Everybody is choosing based on their free will and this is as it should be.

A short period of outer chaos can arise when the equilibrium of Gaia is regained. You will soon experience how everything is balanced across the Earth: How injustices are righted through a new economy and a new monetary system. How you all engage more and more with fellow humans who today live under exposed conditions. How you change the world through your way of thinking related to animals and nature as everybody is now gaining the insight that your wonderful planet Gaia is a living organism.

The more you are able to live in your heart the faster this transition phase will pass and leading to your highest joy, with many dear reunions with old friends and many dear memories from other times and places, who return to you. There are many who follow you from Galaxies both near and far, as you great work gives results with great momentum in the whole big Universe. Also in Agartha, the inner world of Earth, your friends are waiting to achieve a closer and more general connection with you.

Do not despair if you sometimes have what you might call “a bad day” or moment. This may be physically or psychologically. Consider that your whole cellular system is being transformed to the higher energies. Remember that it is your old self that you are getting back. You all return to your Essence – the one you are in your soul. This is the one that has collected all the knowledge over thousands of years that now is returning to you in the beautiful being of this incarnation. Many of you are tired or feel old and weak in your bodies, but the soul / your Self is immortal and eternal. When Gaia and you are cleansed in your bodies and toxins and other things that the bodies have been exposed to disappear your healthy bodies return as you wish for. Already now you can ask any of us for extra help with healing when you need it. As you know Sananda here next to me is good with healing, as are the Agarthans, myself and everybody else in the higher spheres.

I am sending healing light and all my love to you, admired friends.

Your eternal friend Saint Germain.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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