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Saint Germain via Meline Lafont, November 10th

Embodying the new levels and ways of communication

Méline Portia Lafont ~ Saint Germain


Well, Saint Germain speaking here! Blessings upon you and all of eternity. I AM always delighted to speak to you through this form of communication, albeit it be of an old fashioned way still. It has become apparent that this will soon come to change within your form of reality, and it has already begun to be so, has it not ?! By this I speak of and mean that there are other ways and forms of communication that will alter the experience of this union. We would like to describe it as, a language of vibrational tones and waves of colors.
As your sixth sense is deriving information from the higher realms for the Planetary Ascension, you too will uplift your vibration altogether with the Earth and thus move around in your spherical bodies and into lands of altered ways of communication in “unison”. So your sixth sense will become a seventh sense and an eighth sense and so on as you continue to spiral within the spiral of Ascension and All that Is. Thus all of your senses, which are already vibrating as internal portals to higher dimensions, are starting to activate and even infiltrate within your human vehicles of this realm. Bringing forth not only the activation of it but a certain level of embodiment of that kind as well which leaves you the mark to experience such within your realm of Light.
Within the spherical bodies of your “systems” as you may call these for now, you hold certain facets and information to behold when time has come for you to free this spherical vibration through the motion of your senses. Your senses are therefore everything you should partake in and with as they are your evolved and embodied experiences embedded within the realms of Light. These are not only your allies but your true perceptions and ways of seeing things as they are, because these go beyond the imaginary.
Therefore do not take things lightly but seriously when something is given onto you as vibrational information through your own senses, for these are an intrinsic part that belongs to your journey if not all of the SELF. Otherwise why bother if it would not be the case, but I tell you that it is very much the case so that within everything which crosses your path or field of vibration IS a part of your vibrational field or it would not rise up to the surface to be seen as a result of things.
Your senses are your dictionary, your guide map and your GPS in that sense that it knows all and whispers onto you what you need to know at the exact place that you are. To sense is to rather feel, it cannot be entrained by sophisticated guides, it is a natural part of your being which grows within you as you walk the pathway of your experiences. You cannot be taught how to feel, it is an “how to” experience.. Your experiences mark the vibrational expansion of your senses and influence the way they will work onto your path. The more experiences you encounter, the more knowledge you embody, you see. Your senses, in that sense, are thus a radar function recognizing what you already embody or encountered as an experience and what brings you into alignment with All that Is.
Your senses tap into the grid of existence and all sorts of Dimensions within the geometric field of all existence. You are not “you” (self) when you start to define things for your own conclusion (separation). You are “you”, as the SELF of All that Is, when you see and know things as they are within the Divine neutrality of all sentient beings. Hold that in mind and keep that in your inner vision always: that you are a pure reflection of the Divinity within all to play out your role of destined Being. Therefore your destiny is what you are as the fulfillment of All that Is through the expression of your myriad of selves on all multidimensional and exponential levels.
Your communications and the way you serve as servants of light, or vehicles of light, will come to change. There will be a new variety of direct communication from and to all of your higher selves as these funnel into your lower bodies on the Earth level respectively. You will become the mediator and messenger both at the same time. Your consciousness allows such occasion to occur as you melt your way down to the center of the spiral. You will become one with all things in life and start to spin your boundaries and world into another or higher vibrational speed. THAT, my friends, will lift many veils because your spherical and multidimensional bodies shall exceed the current Earthly vibrational collective field commonly known as 3th and 4th dimension.
You will become a direct transmitter of vibrational waveforms of unimaginable things and information in the field of quantum cosmic space, a waveform that will become you in that moment of transmission as to where you are the receiver, the transmitter and the message/messenger itself, all on vibrational level. There will no longer be need for outside guidance nor teachings on that matter, for when you awaken all your senses there is nothing to teach each other, only to let BE and BE the experiences on itself. You see?!
What awaits you are wonders within wonders, albeit it be clear that it is nothing you ought to await but yet to realize that you already BE/ARE it. It is already here and now within yourselves and you all are to bring this out of you by finding it within you first and connecting to this. You are the Cosmic generators whom keep this Ascension Wave alive and forth flowing through the various of levels you each represent, embody and radiate individually as well as collectively.
Now, have a rest in that knowing that you are your own definition of what is possible and what is not. Have a rest, you say?!? “what if our own definition of who we are and what we are capable of is incorrect?!” Then I shall say and entrust you with that knowing that the fact that you know how to form and manifest yourself as per definition or controversy or not, is the perfect way to show you that you are Master Beings for otherwise you could not form yourselves. And thus all by all is this providing you of the answer that you are always correct in that sense that it shall be exactly as what you need at that time to propel you forward in your altered state.
Imagine yourself to be in the altered state you so desire to experience frequently in your realm of reality. How does this propel you to go further into your physical world and take on new adventures when you know you may encounter other things too on your road to Nottingham. Perhaps it may be a variety of things you do not like to see nor want to see expressed into your life. That may be so but perhaps such things can be a part of your journey that will help you even more to reach that altered state you so desire to BE and feel, being brought down through you to the Earthly realm as an embodiment of this. Embodiment means that you will “own” or rather BE that altered state altogether here within this physical realm without your needing to go “out there”, wherever that may be, and being transcendent.
You can get it all together here within this space, right here and right now. This is why you are getting more into your physicality to experience all you have come to be, sense, see and feel in the other worlds of Dimensions during your occasional travels through meditation or other ways, within this realm of your physical BE-ing here to Earth. Again as stated in a previous transmission by our friends the Pleiadians: “Heaven is the fulfillment and the full alignment of your True Self with Source Code ~ for YOU ARE that eternal Flame. It is not a place which beseeches you to travel to, it is an internal state of consciousness and BE-ing you must vibrate with once more in order to see the daylight of your Cosmic nature. All is a Blissful state of transparency ~ the eternal youth within the eternal heart. “
Onwards within the flavors of eternity we continue, all as one and all together.
Loving greetings
I AM that I AM
Saint Germain
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