Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Nana, part 2, February 7th

My Dearest Gladiators!

While I have been receiving guidance from St. Germain all of my life, it is really quite another thing to receive a message from him that is to be conveyed to others. This is quite new to me as the words start coming when I am in a twilight sleep and they are fast and furious.  I try as best as I can to remember everything, so I run to my computer and try to reconstruct all that was given. A certain peace then comes over me and I begin typing.  As when you try to remember a dream, I do not talk to anyone so that I don’t break that moment of remembrance until I get as many of his thoughts down as possible.  Today, I missed an important part of St. Germain’s message, and he has been prompting me to get it out to you. Rather than trying to edit his original message, I will put it down here and incorporate it into his total message a little later.  Please bear with me as this is really quite foreign to me.

“When Sananda or the one that you know as Yeshua ben Joseph or Jesus the Christ, walked this Earth, he was a very learned Rabbi.  He was indeed a Sacrificial Lamb and started the process that is finally culminating at this time.  You might say that he was the First Martyr. The only time that He lost his temper was when He was in the Temple of Solomon and he overturned the tables of the Money Changers. I hope that it is not lost on you that we are now recapitulating that time and invoking his mighty wrath against those who have enslaved you by the use of lies, trickery and chicanery.  Their time is over.  They will no longer be permitted to harm you or to harm our beautiful Gaia.

Christ did not come to start a church or to be worshipped.  He came to end the tyranny of the Mosaic Laws and to replace those laws with a New and Everlasting Covenant.  This Covenant is simple in its purity:  Thou shall Love the Lord thy God with all thy thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.  And the second Covenant is like unto it:  Thou shall Love thy neighbor as thyself. He did not hold himself out to be better than his Disciples.  When asked about his Miracles, he very humbly said, “These things that I do, you shall do also and even greater things than these shall you do!”  He sought not to divide you, but to bring you together as One Family of Man. 

I say these things to you so that you may know that there is no longer any need to war against one another in the name of religion.  These separate religions were created to divide you, to control you and to stop your spiritual growth. It is time to recognize the Divinity in one another and to put aside those things that no longer serve you. You are your neighbors keeper.  Your neighbor’s pain is your pain and in that way you are truly One Heart, One Mind and One Breath!”

As you can imagine, this has been an overwhelming experience for me.  I have never received words or thoughts like this and before posting the original message, I called Sheldan and read him the message.  I asked him if these words sounded like St. Germain as verification that I was not imagining this message.  He confirmed to me that this is indeed the way in which St. Germain communicates and that the words are his.

So there you have it, my dear friends.  I think that I am quite done now.  I knew that I was forgetting an important part of his message and couldn’t remember it until I had already posted the message here.

In Love and Light and Divine Service to you!