Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Nancy Tate, August 16th

Wake up Call: St. Germain, August 16, 2016

I am here this morning to tell you of some breaking news. I am St. Germain, and I want to share with you an outcome that has come to the surface and brought some freedom into the interaction that is taking place behind the scenes with the ones who are involved in the process of freeing up the funds for the world.

As I say this I see in front of me millions of funds that are awaiting the continuation of being distributed to various sources that will release them to the people in the various ways that have been planned. When this takes place in it’s entirety, then all of you out there who are involved in the receivership will be able to follow the steps that will bring you the funds that you have been waiting for. Till then, I would advise you all to send your loving and positive thoughts and feelings to the whole situation. 

One other thing I advise for you to do in the interim is to realize that this is not a matter of it being an interim, because every step that is in place now, and is in the process of being taken, is a part of the whole situation. It is all tied together and is to be considered the example of the Oneness that all of expression is. 

As you realize what that means it is wise for you to look around at your life and see the parts of it that may be based on your waiting for the funds. Are those steps in stagnation, or are they in a movement that is building a wonderful existence for you of the expression of how it is to live the light and Love that you are? If you see and, or feel that there is something missing, then look around and see what you can do in the moment to bring it into the purity of expression for the moment. That will ease your life into one of peace, joy and living the moment in a way that will bring a solid and flowing way of being. It will change any feelings of slowdown, unease, impatience, etc. It will bring a new way of looking at your present moments of life. It will ease the process of being in the flow with the funds that are being prepared for the freeing of the one’s lives who are looking at the humanitarian ways of living on this planet. 

When I say humanitarian, I am referring to all of the people on the planet, not only all others, but each of you as well. It is important to make sure your life is in wonderful order and that you are in comfort, which will enable you the purity of the freedom to then reach out to others with the means by which to help them with their lives. It is of vital importance for all of you to live the moment in joy, peace and love, for they are the most powerful energies that exist for the creation of life that is in the same energy of the Creator.

So my dear ones, brother’s and sisters, walk with me in the path of truth and see how it affects your lives as it has affected mine. I AM, as so are you! We are all in this together, and what a lovely party it is!

Thank you so much Dear St. Germain!

Much Love,

Nancy Tate