Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Nancy Tate, October 1st

Wake up Call: St. Germain, October 01, 2015

I come to you this day to bring you a piece of news. There is so much taking place in the background that only those who are involved with it can have any idea what is taking place and what will come from it. I am St. Germain, and I am following what is being done to clear away all of the debris before it can come forward and be shown to all of you. I can see why it has taken this amount of time to clear away.

I see that the promise of the clarity is coming to the front in many ways. It is about to unfold in a way that cannot be denied any longer. You all know that as you read a story and have the details come in a way that makes sense and adds to the interesting parts of the story, that is what makes it all make sense. As I say, ‘make’s sense’, I feel the familiarity within this one, through whom I speak. So many times when she has found out, read, heard something that feels right on, her response of knowingness is that it makes sense.

You will be seeing the pieces roll into place and bring forth another, and another until the picture is not only complete, but has more spaces to fill in as the process takes new growth. There will be inspirations from all of you to add to the pictures in your own ways. That is what is meant by the freedom to create that which you know is a valuable part of what is being created. It will make sense to you once you see the result. It will all stream throughout the world, and then on out into the universe to come into harmony with all that is.

I will give you one piece of the story that you can pay attention to, and add to what you are supplying into the story. As you take the pieces of the puzzle as they come to the front, you can make of them what you see and it can add a whole new meaning to what has been, and what is to come. That is one of the ways in which you can exercise your power and add to the ongoing creation of what is in place, and at the same time changing, in a way that represents the ongoing meaning of everything in this world and beyond. You will find that as you do this, it will bring about more and more of what you desire and find it will make so much sense in your life.

We will all be in the aspects of complete joy as we come closer to the fullness of all of the doors opening to allow everyone to see what has been behind those closed doors for so long. You can find that addressing them with a calm and yet powerful manner, you will be a wonderful part of the whole universal energy of bringing it all to the openness of freedom and a new way of living with each other. It will be as if we are all in heaven, and on this wondrous planet as well. That will be what it is, my dear ones, for you will see it as another example of there being no separation in anything. Even the fear can melt away and succumb to the power of Love. It is a long time coming for many, and yet it can be seen in a flash of Light for all of you. The knowledge that you have created this whole story, and have now come to the last few pages, after which you will be creating the next one. It will be obvious in it’s coming from the Creator, who is all of you and everyone else in creation.

I go now to the library of Creation and choose the story that speaks to me of the coming time. It is part of the one in which we all stand in this moment, and yet it has it’s own unique cover and openness of pages and pictures that stir the senses and unite the mind with the heart and soul in a way that makes so much sense. Love to you all! Enjoy your own interpretation, and create in the Love you bring forth to all of Existence.

Thank you so much dear St. Germain,

Much Love, Nancy Tate