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Saint Germain via Natalie Glasson, June 4th, 2021

A Mindful Future
by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, I am Saint Germain, and it is an honour to come forth to you once more. I have been delivering many messages and expressions of insights or energy to you over this period of ascension. I am extremely excited and in the midst of ascension process that is taking place, adding my own wisdom, guidance and support to all who are moving through the ascension process now.

In this moment, I Saint Germain, wish to share an insight to open your mind, to create a new perspective, a vision, or an understanding that you can carry forth in your ascension and your existence upon the Earth. When we have a vision or an understanding in our minds it supports us in moving forth in achieving what is necessary. It also allows your own being to open up some new opportunities and experiences, as well as allowing new energies to enter into your space.

The vision, the focus I wish to share with you is of a mindful future, even a mindful present. Each being upon the Earth is embarking upon their spiritual journey. They are moving through ascension with Mother Earth and us, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, guiding and supporting. We are moving through our own ascension process as well. We cannot judge any being upon the Earth. If you perceive a being is not following their ascension process, it is impossible to judge because you do not know their ascension process, you do not know the pathway they have chosen or the goals they are trying to achieve. Therefore, it is important to accept that every being upon the Earth is moving through their ascension process and that each being is a spiritual being.

You may know yourself as a spiritual being moving through your ascension process, if so, you are very lucky to have this understanding and awareness, please do congratulate yourself. You have allowed yourself to recognise more than the reality that is currently your existence, and this supports you immensely. As a spiritual being you may take time to meditate, to focus upon your breathing, maybe you are observant of your thoughts, your reactions, and your emotions. Maybe you take time to heal emotional wounds from your past, from your childhood or from simultaneous lifetimes. You may take time to connect with your guides, the Creator, to allow the Creator to flow through your being. It is possible you channel or that you receive inspiration, intuition, and guidance. There are so many pathways, so many processes of spiritual evolution, it is therefore important to acknowledge what your focus is.

Your Focus Currently Is To Be A Mindful Peaceful Being Upon The Earth

This incorporates everything that you are achieving on your spiritual pathway. All your spiritual interests, your spiritual goals, and your existence upon the Earth, even your dreams, your desires, your aspirations. It is a focus of the present, and the future supporting you and all beings in existing as a peaceful and mindful being.

What does this mean to exist as a mindful peaceful being? Take a moment to consider what it means for you.

Observe the judgments that come up from within your being. Such as, it is impossible to be mindful all of the time or it is impossible to be peaceful all of the time. How can one be peaceful when they feel anger or frustration within their being? Maybe you feel that to be peaceful and to be mindful is to be submissive and to not hold your power or not claim your power as your own. There may be several opinions and judgments that come up within your mind when I invite you to exist as a being that is peaceful and mindful upon the Earth. I encourage you to really acknowledge and observe your reactions when I invite you to be a mindful and peaceful being upon the Earth. As you acknowledge your reactions you recognise the energies that are hindering you, the thought processes, patterns, beliefs that are hindering you from being a mindful and peaceful person. However, in doing so, I wish to congratulate you because you are being a mindful and peaceful being on the Earth by simply allowing yourself to acknowledge your reactions and it is not to sweep them under the carpet, to get rid of them, but to simply acknowledge.

I invite you before you react to anything remember that you are a peaceful and mindful being, give yourself understanding, empathy, kindness, love, and forgiveness if it is needed. Observe your reaction and let your reaction be as raw as it needs to be. As a mindful and peaceful being, it is important to be respectful to others as well as ourselves. So, if your emotions are raw, take yourself away to someplace else where you are safe, let those emotions be raw or let them come out, let them flow. Let yourself live as a physical being upon the Earth and you will find that you release emotions and thoughts with ease. You will find yourself stepping up naturally without any encouragement, you will step up to be a peaceful and mindful being. You simply step into it.

When you think of a peaceful and mindful being, you also need to consider what it is to be human. When you consider what it is to be human, it is important to consider your needs. Consider what makes you happy, fulfilled, and complete. It is also important to consider that there is a need for respect, not only for yourself, but for others, their limits, their boundaries, their desires, and their needs.

I wish to encourage you to acknowledge in the coming days, what does it mean to you to be a human being, recognising that you have emotions, thoughts, sensitivity, and sensations in your body. You have desires and aspirations, you want to be loved, your body needs nourishment, you need friendship and support. There are so many things that quantify being a human being. It is for you to accept that you are deserving of all these things and that through focusing now in the present and the future of being a mindful and the peaceful being you will move through a healing process that allows you to become just that, allowing you to respect and acknowledge yourself as a human being. Therefore, accelerating you along your spiritual pathway and supporting you in allowing those that are required to enter your reality to do so. It is all about respecting yourself, loving yourself, being kind and generous with yourself and doing the same to others. Allowing everything to flow; allowing emotions to flow when it is needed, allowing thoughts to flow not always to be engaged with and allowing yourself to fully sense who you are as a being. It will take time to embody this focus of existing as peaceful mindful being and yet, you already are a peaceful and mindful being, it is now time to embody this.

The greatest advice and guidance I can share with you now is to be observant, be observant of your entire being. Be observant of how you are feeling, what you are thinking, your habits, your beliefs, your situations, your realities, your creations, any part of your body, and be aware. As you are aware remind yourself you are a peaceful and mindful being and then allow yourself to react from that space, it does not mean that you have to react in a peaceful and mindful way. Sometimes energies need to move through your being, emotions, thoughts need to move through your being even through your reality so you can come to a peaceful and mindful space.  I advise you when you are with others to be aware of them, if you can, on many levels of their being, do not try to assume what they are thinking or feeling but simply be present with them.

As we allow ourselves to move forth in this way of being present, not only with your own being, but with others we create a reality that is peaceful and mindful, therefore more open to the expressions of the Creator.

My love is with you eternally,
I thank you,

I am Saint Germain