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Saint Germain via Susan Leland, July 28

Saint Germain: “Liberty, Equality and Brotherhood/Sisterhood!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference: 

July 28, 2015

Channel: Susan Leland

“Greetings!  I am Saint Germain, and I requested that particular music* because some of you were there with me during that time called the French Revolution, and those days after.  And there was a spirit that was put forth to the World – no matter, yes, it had its dark moments as all of the World, every place in the World has had dark moments.  But it is that spirit which that music brings forth.  It is the spirit of ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity’ that was the motto of the French Revolution.  And that is the motto which lives very much today!

“Liberty!  It is about the Freedom as you know it now.  It’s not to go and win a war, not to be the victors in countless days of bloodshed.  It’s not about eliminating those whom you regard as your enemy or your oppressor.  It’s about everyone being free to live their lives in a manner which is, yes, respectful and honoring of all life,  but without any fears that somebody is going to come along and take away your Freedom or destroy your enjoyment of life!

“It’s about being free, not only from oppression, not only from stealing from you – it’s about being free from diseasements!  It’s about being free from limitations that the programs of society may have imposed upon you!  And this has been going on almost since the beginning of Planet Earth.  And make no mistake; it goes on elsewhere in this solar system, in the galaxies, and in the Universe beyond.

“That is why Planet Earth is so important right now, because as Planet Earth breaks free from all of the limitations and the lack that has held it back, it is energizing the same throughout the Universe!  It is not only a model, it is an energy that goes forth, and so it is so important that this energy all be of the High Dimensional loving kind!!!

“Now, I know there are those of you in this audience who were hoping that I would have some really big and wonderful financial news for you.  And I do!  Financial Freedom is a cornerstone of what we are working for to accomplish for everyone!  That’s where the Equality comes in.  The, shall we say, reign of the few at the expense – financial and otherwise – of the many is over!!! And I am very pleased to make that announcement!

“You know, back in those days in France, I was considered to be a most valued advisor to the Queen, Marie Antoinette.  And I tried to advise her to bring more Equality to her people – the people of France – to serve as a role model for them, to give them more Freedom to have not only in their lifestyles, but particularly with abundance, because most of the people were starving!  I said, ‘Your majesty, most of the people cannot even afford a loaf of bread to feed their families!’  Well, you all know her response to me.  It has been quoted many times: ‘Let them eat cake!’  You saw what happened to Marie. The people had had enough!

“There have been many revolutions.  That particular one was one of the bloodiest.  But wars have been fought.  Think of the Revolutionary War of the United States of America.  Think of all the World which has had revolutions.  The (communist) one in China was also a situation of inequality and starving people.

“The answers that come out of bloodshed and war often provide a way for one tyrant to replace another.  So it is not a well-learned lesson. It must be in the Hearts of those who conduct the revolutions that it is to bring Equality, along with Freedom, to EVERYONE involved – not simply to replace one tyrannical regime with another – because this requires a Higher Dimensional Perspective to have Hearts so open as to be committed to this Equality!!!

“This is why we are asking you to engage in Higher Dimensional risings, shall we say, to bring yourselves up into this Higher Perspective, to flood yourselves with it!  Flood yourselves with the LoveLight and then it’s easy to see how to help your brothers and sisters.  Because it is in acknowledging within your own selves and feeling the Oneness of all life – and feeling the Love that you have and the respect and the appreciation for all life -that together we are accomplishing this grand revolution of the peaceful sort!!!

“And so we ask that you stay the course, with these principles in mind.  Yes, this is about freeing you from all that has been oppressive to you, from the enslavements that you have endured throughout your lifetimes on Planet Earth!  This is about paving the way with High Dimensional empowerment of Love and Peace and equal opportunities for all!  And, yes, Abundance for all, absolutely!  How could we possibly, possibly accomplish all that we are accomplishing without Equality of Abundance for all?!!!

“Since you’re not quite at the point yet where you simply wave your hands in the air or twitch your noses, or whatever, and anything and everything that you could ever feel that you might need comes right to you out of the ethers – of course you’re going to need some dollars!  Take care of yourselves, take care of your loved ones and then open your Hearts and think about how you might share your Abundance, because it will not come to everyone all at the exact same moment, at the exact same day on your calendars.

“And it is to get started.  It is to get started, even if it is simply to open your Hearts and energetically share, in other words, to create a vision of everyone being in this flow of Abundance equally, and having equal amounts of financial prosperity, perfect health and all manner of whatever Abundance might mean to each individual, so that no one is feeling unequal to anyone else!  When you are all equally free and you all have equal Abundance, is there not a grand fraternity – and in today’s terms, I will say Brotherhood/Sisterhood of all – so that you look into the eyes of your brother or sister and you see yourselves! You give to yourselves, you give to them.  They give to themselves, they give to you.  This is how money phases out!!!

“Now you may have heard me say that eventually there will be no need anywhere on Planet Earth for any dollars, or yen, or rubles, or any kind of money.  But that’s a little way ahead and so in the meantime I have – long ago in your time – set up a means for providing financial Abundance to all of Humanity.  And I shall only say that the time for this is very soon!  And the means for it begins with the Announcement of NESARA, which is not only a law in the United States of America; it is understood to be a law for the entirety of the World!!!

“All of Planet Earth, all of Humanity shall receive financial Abundance!  And it is to share, not only with your brothers and sisters in human bodies, but think about the other Kingdoms. Think about the animals!  Think about the plants!  Perhaps you will want to start a garden where all manner of Mother Gaia’s beautiful kingdom members may come and flourish and perhaps you will plant some flowers in this garden and love them and honor them.

“And the minerals are taking it all in.  And so it is to reprogram them with Love – ONLY LOVE – and to let them come to understand that their role, too, is simply to assist as a part of this Planet Earth evolvement, and to assist all who express Love and wish to utilize them for loving purposes!

“So that is rather large in concept, is it not?  And yet I present this to you as simply a reminder of what is really the Mission for all of us, because if you stop and think about it, Love can accomplish anything.  There is no miracle that is beyond the empowerment of Love and you, Beloved Ones, are the miracle workers!!!  So keep the Love flowing in.  Keep yourselves in its high energy and keep the simplicity always of ‘Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood/Sisterhood’ within your High Dimensional vision as your compass, so to speak, along the Path that we share together!

“We are getting there.  We are getting there faster and faster in every moment of your Earth time!  There is no turning back and there are only rewards of High Dimensional kinds ahead on the Path for all of you, so long as you keep the Love in your Hearts flowing throughout the entirety of your beings, and then sharing it with your brothers and sisters and with all kingdom members of Planet Earth!!!

“And so I thank you for being here, for allowing me to speak to you of these matters, and let this be your inspiration as you climb together up, up and into the Higher Dimensional Realms of Light! And so it is.  Namaste!”

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