Love is our new reality

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Saint Germain via Susan Leland, May 24th

Saint Germain:
“NESARA is Divine Law and
Freedom for All the World!!!”

Ashtar On The Road Teleconference

May 24, 2016

“I am Saint Germain, and my Heart still thrills to that music* which, of course, is a celebration of Freedom!  It is a celebration of people rising up, even though, yes, of course, it turned bloody because, in the third dimension, this is often the case when you have a revolution.  Nevertheless, for one shining moment, it brought a new sense of Freedom, a new consciousness, if you will.  And its tradition lives today in the Hearts all over the world, not just the French people – it inspired many, many others,as the French themselves were inspired by another revolution across the World.  And so it is with revolutions.

 “Now in the past, they have been bloody.  They have been violent, because people have used what they had available to secure their Freedoms.  And sometimes the leaders of their revolutions turned out to be nothing more than corrupt dictators themselves.  And so the people have been no better off, at least in some ways.  They have not enjoyed the full Freedom that they had fought for.

“And in many cases, most often in your recent years, there have been propaganda barrages – campaigns deliberately designed to instill patriotism on one hand, and fear of those who were not of your country, or your religious group, or whatever group you belonged to on the other – and they have done much damage. And this is to cease.  IT’S OVER!  And I am here to tell you that!The World is getting brighter and brighter, and shining brighter and brighter overall with the Truth!!!

“And it is necessary to look at this Truth.  But as Ashtar has said, it is to do it with Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness and Love.In other words, it is to fill yourselves with so much of the LoveLight that you can look upon it from the higher dimensional perspective and be in Compassion!

“There are many who are so close to losing their Freedoms, but this must happen in order to free the world.  You have heard much mentioned in this Gathering** about the Clintons, for instance.  Send them Love.  It does not necessarily mean that they will accept it, because they are angry and scared and they are fighting.  They are in fighting mode and it is difficult to love unconditionally, or to be receiving unconditional Love when you are in fighting mode.They are doing battle.

However, it is for you, no matter what you read about them or any others, to love yourselves enough to not let it become a part of you!  In other words, the energies – the low energies of their actions and their expressions – may be observed, but it is to be from a distance, so to speak, from the Higher Level Perspectives, so that you do not become a victim.  Keep yourselves free, Beloved Ones!  That is your Number One Priority, each and every one of you!  Keep yourselves free from these fear-based energies that you’re being bombarded with!!!  And, yes, you are being bombarded – and deliberately so.

“Now, there are those who spread this fear innocently. They don’t know that they’re furthering untrue and fear-based propaganda.  And so it is for you to send them Love.  And if you know something to be untrue, it is to speak up, to free yourselves not only from the untruth, but also to free the senders, the ones who give you this information!

“For instance, if you have a friend who sends you an email that says something that you know is not true – it could be about 9/11; it could be about ISIS; it could be about the Clintons; it could be about anything.  Send them back – with all Love – some Truth!You can do it telepathically, or you can reply to their email and say, ‘Perhaps you would like to look at this or that.’  You know, link to some Truth, or however you choose to do it.

“But I will tell you this: The time has come when you cannot sit on your couches and allow these things to come in!!!  Merely deleting them is not enough!  Bring it into balance and, as I have said, telepathically, if that is what you are feeling to do, send them LoveLight that the Truth may come to them, as it has to you.And bring in LoveLight for yourselves to be able to discern the Truth!

“Freedom means not buying in to anybody else’s dogmas, or propaganda lies, or fears.  Freedom means KNOWING– knowing Who You Really Are, that you are of the LoveLight.  And I further charge you with a Mission at hand.  The Greatest Freedom for all the World is already made Law!!!  In the third dimension it is Law in the United States of America.  In the Higher Dimensional levels it is Law for the entirety of Planet Earth, below, on and above -for every Kingdom of Planet Earth, not just Humanity!  Of course, I am speaking of NESARA.

“And so it is first and foremost to empower NESARA with the LoveLight, and then to spread the word.  I will share something with you: A Beloved Member of this Family had the inspiration to stamp business-sized cards with NESARA.  Just put the NESARA word on it – write it on it, or just get one of our stamps.***  Stamp the cards and leave them everywhere you possibly can – where there are magazines or newspapers sitting at Starbucks.  Leave some of the cards in restaurants, in gatherings – anywhere, if you are not doing the flyers.  And you can print the flyers in black ink.You do not have to spend money for colored ink.You can put them on colored paper – goldenrod is excellent.  Golden!  NESARA is the key that opens the door to the Golden Age!  Think about that!  THINK ABOUT THAT!!!

“We will say this unequivocally, without exception.  There is no member of any of the Kingdoms of Planet Earth who does not know about Ascension, who does not know about the Golden Age and who does not know specifically about NESARA – in their Higher levels!!!  Our Mission is to bring NESARA right into the third dimension, so that the third dimension can be cleaned up and left behind.  Do you see what we’re saying?  NESARA is the bridge to Higher Dimensionality!!!

“Now, I am in charge of a large bank which will distribute wealth to every man, woman and child in human body, to be used for the benefit of all of Planet Earth, starting with each person receiving.  And, yes, that’s a part of it, but it can’t happen until NESARA is announced.So those of you who are looking at this as a means of improving your financial situations, please do so!  But know that NESARA is the key.

“But the NESARA Law itself was divinely inspired.  I was one of the inspirers of it.  I worked closely with Sananda, with Ashtar, and others from the Realms of Light, to inspire it so that it would finally be written into Law in the 1990’s.  And, by the way, Beloved Bernie Sanders was one of the original authors of  the NESARA Law.  He can’t talk about it now.He was made to sign a very strict paper – death is the penalty for anyone who knew about NESARA and signed a non-disclosure back then.  Nevertheless, he is NESARA personified, embodied!

“NESARA is about Divine Governance.  It was divinely inspired because you called for it!  You said, ‘How do we get out of this mess we’re in?’  Well, NESARA is your answer!  Get it in front of people so that they will see it with their 3D eyes, or hear about it with their 3D ears.This will help it to become a reality, i.e., announced.  Hold your visions for what it means to you!  What is the money going to buy?  Money itself is not important.  It is the Divine Governance that it brings.  It is all about Freedom – Personal Freedom.  Not just Freedom from oppression, but Freedom to enjoy the Oneness of all life; Freedom to pursue one’s passions and to join together in projects, entertainments, past-times; Freedom to heal and be healed – to enjoy perfect health!  And for those of you who may have reached a certain age, yes, it involves rejuvenation!  The technologies are here, either here on the Planet or waiting in the ships.  It is Freedom to live the lifestyles that you choose to live, without any fear whatsoever; Freedom to be without any violence.

“The NESARA Law is a combination of the Declaration of Independence and the true Constitution of the United States of America.  And the really, really good news, Beloved Ones, is that you do not have to fight a war!  You do not have to storm the Bastille to accomplish this Freedom coming to you.  You only have to join with us in getting it announced!  That is the step that we are engaged in clearing the way for!

“So do it from your Hearts.  Energize it with the LoveLight. That’s Step One.  Step Two is to then utilize your Divine Freedom to share it with others in whatever way you choose, so that its Light reaches everyone on Planet Earth!  Think about that!  This is for everyone in all countries and communities Worldwide!And so what can you do, each and every one of you? I ask you!!!  This is a Revolution of Peace.This is a Revolution of Love and respect and honoring of all Life.  So ask yourselves what you can do to join the Revolution, because you have the Freedom to do it, no matter where you are and what your circumstances are.YOU HAVE THE DIVINE RIGHT TO JOIN US!  And we know, we know that many of you have done so already.  We only ask that you check in with yourselves, be sure that you are empowering it with the LoveLight and then see if there is anything more that you can do for this grand effort!

“NESARA is needed to come into the reality of what remains of third dimensional Earth.  It’s all ready, it’s all there!  It just needs to be called in – just as you called in, me, Saint Germain, the Ashtar Command, and all of the billions of Light Beings who are here in this grand Family reunion of ours together.  So exercise your Freedom, Beloved Ones, and do as you are inspired by the Love, the great Love You Are!  Consider it with your Hearts.  Summon your Courage and express from here, as I express to you.  We salute you, Beloved Ones, partners in this Grand Mission of reclaiming all of your Freedoms through the announcement of the NESARA Law, and all of its preparations that you are supporting!

“And so I say unto you, thank you!  I, Saint Germain and all here gathered from the Realms of the LoveLight, we thank you!  We honor you and We Are One With You in the Light of Love!!!  So be it.  Namaste!”

*    La Marseilles
**  Ashtar On The Road Teleconference Recording, May 24, 2016
***  NESARA Stamp:
Transcription by Marta.
Given through Susan Leland, May 24, 2016.
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