Love is our new reality

SaLuSa via Phil Lightbody, November 19th

SaLuSa 19 November 2015.

We are now in negotiations with your Governments for disclosure and first contact. By working together we can bring forward the necessary changes so the New-Age can proceed with all haste. This can all be arranged however you are called to focus on positive outcome only, else risk unwittingly adding energy to that which is not desired. By pre-imagining and focusing on your chosen outcome you are committing to that future path.

You have also to detach from all that does not serve the highest good of all; this can be a sticking point yet you can rise above the pull of the lower energies, and not repeat the mistakes of the past, you are here because you can do this. The higher purpose of these testing times are to purify and separate that which is not needed going forward onto higher levels of awareness. Abundance to completely meet all your needs is realized when you live as if it already has happened.

The obstacles in the way of our landings are slowly being cleared away and we are looking forward to meeting you as friends. Relax knowing that in spite of everything all will work out as planned. Look out for news and events which can give you a little more hope so you may face the future assured all will work out well.

There is coming a time where suddenly and decisively you will be transformed into a being of higher awareness, you will be assisted by higher beings and this will all be done in divine right timing. The path of spiritual evolution cannot just be an intellectual exercise; only by crossing into direct experience are you advanced. It takes astute discernment to see you are not alone and that your guides and angels have been helping you all along the way to pull you out of darkness and into the light.

The intense energies are hotting-up matters causing all around you to change and morph, which in part is caused by humanities awareness ever increasing at exponentially higher levels. All that divides will dissolve leaving only that which is in alignment with truth and love, allowing you to see yourself everywhere and in all things. You all readily rolled up your sleeves and dove headlong into the difficult task of overcoming duality and separation. We hold you in high esteem for this sacrifice.

There is much that needs healing in your world; can you step up to the task of healer, teacher, or enlightened master? Through expanding to express more of your potential you help create balance, also clear and calm the path forward allowing all souls to progress in a beneficial way. Much can be gained by noticing synchronicities in relation to your chosen path, so may detect most subtle signs leading forward. This can also buttress you from the actions of the dark ones, for if you follow the signs you can always be in right place or situation for your safety, also by becoming more in tune with the flow of life you help energize/stabilise the Christ Consciousness grid around the earth.

Enjoy those things that would otherwise seem banal and ordinary in new creative and intelligent ways, thereby find beauty and Love where you thought there was none, this can bring forth a sense of peace with all around you. However be selective about what you focus on as you attract more of the same and on it goes.

Many suffer a cognitive dissonance as it were, finding it hard to accept new concepts and ideas outside of what they know. However the incoming energies are effecting all to such extent that they embark on a self driven metamorphosis within. The allure of third dimensional fight or flight has endured so long because of the presence of lower frequencies which are now giving way and so you will take to a more exalted and noble form; and come to surmise and assess who and what you really are. Also with this you will come into a new found drive and emotional zest for life.

There are much gossip and wild conspiracies concerning us, which can create feelings of dread and dismay in those unaware of the truth, which is we are of Light and Love. Be assured any risks to you are continually being reduced and minimized as we monitor your solar system for any hostile ET groups. Follow your own soul guidance on this issue as your heart knows truth, in doing so you come into knowingness. There is little talk about this however Star People have reached out and made contact with almost every nation in days gone by.

   Your planet is being bombarded with high frequency energies which are promoting trends toward financial balance so all get their fair share. The force of Love can break down any barrier and you will reunite as one human family. This time is one of compression, yet when you emerge on the other side of this you will be a greatly expanded being, vaporous and free. We are monitoring this global awakening process and can only help according to the extent allowed by your free-will.

Your desires and objectives will remain a distant dream unless you open up to take more risks and explore new ideas. You are all masters who can overcome the world of duality and accomplish your deepest dreams. There are those who will scoff at your outlook however you will find many others who also share your vision.

When you have achieve the heights of all that you desire, it takes deeper insight to see that you can still go further and accomplish yet more far beyond what you can currently envision. As you proceed to higher levels of awareness you will be invigorated over and over again to push you on. When looking up into the sky you may see our Motherships concealed as clouds, however know we All are One, you within us and we within you.

Latching on to duality and separation prevails to those enmeshed in third dimensional awareness and results in only creating more of the same in your life. You the Younger brother can dissolve and transmute this by flying off into that infinity of oneness, which is the true light of freedom. The dark hope to contain you in limited consciousness by giving you a marginal yet very limited environment to play in, so to continue to control you.

You will be rewarded for the work you do in service to the light, and know you are a spiritual being and in highest truth have never left the loving embrace of God. If necessary we can reach down and pull you out of the earth plain saving you from any calamity, but more importantly a rescue demonstrates how all are woven together into a single tapestry of oneness. Every life is a delicate precious gift and those that cause the loss of life will have to pay a karmic price, yet there is always the chance for forgiveness.

Once those things which prevent our landings are cleared away we will have a marvellous time getting fully acquainted with each other. You are all members of the family of light, yet at a certain point we will leave after giving all we can offer and you will be once more alone on your earth plain. You will have to take full responsibility for your earth and deal with the Natural Laws. All paths ultimately lead to you becoming a fully Conscious Ascended being of Light.

We are pressing negotiations so that the wealth and abundance which has been held back be released very quickly so all may lead joyful and prosperous lives. This is a type of widespread madness, to have enough for all yet let others suffer with so little; ‘Source’ almost never takes direct action, but when it does your leaders will be shocked and surprised.

The dark cabal are on the back foot, as the recent attack in Paris has failed to dampen spirits as people have chosen to come together in an outpouring of love and support for the victims. The light is unrelenting in the march forward and with that comes a creeping disclosure. These snipes from the dark will diminish as the light grows in strength. I am SaLuSa from Sirius and you should know that your earth is a living being and you are more than the bodies you see.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Phil LightBody.

Original webpage: Light Love & Grace

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