San Channels His Higher Self, August 23d, 2018

San Channels His Higher Self

August 23d, 2018


Hello my light souls and warriors on Earth.

In the beginning of this week new frequencies of light started flow towards Earth and force out lower frequencies of stagnating energy within yourselves. You do not always know what is on its way up to be transformed and it is not always that you need to know. However, what is important to know is that this is what is happening, and not to see it as a set back in any way. For the first time in the history of mankind it is actually positive to experience these very intensive and negative symptoms. It is the song of healing, transformation and ascension that you are experiencing.

Let yourselves rest and find security in the knowing that all is well and exactly as it is supposed to be. Just as Sananda conveyed the other day the truth is just as true even when you do not manage to even see a glimpse of it. And remember my beautiful friends that the unconditional love flows towards you at the same strength as the negative feelings and physical inconveniences that appears to take over your whole existence.

It looks very beautiful out there, where we view it from. If you close your eyes and tune in to the picture I try to convey you will also understand how beautiful your transformation is and how insignificant your “set-backs”, as many of you view it, are. This is what is the ascension process – the so-called “set-backs”. The symptoms such as not being able to sleep, to not be able to breathe, to shiver, catch a fever, strange blemishes, the feelings that overtake you, hopelessness, anger, depression, confusion, nausea, tiredness, fear, and so on.

These are positive symptoms of everything proceeding as it should. For you it is an awareness of what is happening, a trust and the choices you make and all the time choose love for yourselves and others at all moments that you can do this and forgive yourselves in the instances you are not able to do this. Love yourselves just as much as we love you.

With love, light, courage and power.

Your friend and guide// San




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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