Love is our new reality

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Sanada via Karen Vivenzio, September 29th, 2018


Jesus, Sanada via Karen Vivenzio

Jesus here, or Sananda as some of you say, but you know me as Jesus your brother your friend your father figure and more dear friend. I am here to tell you that this story is at an end. The suffering and hatred that your world has seen, including what you witnessed them do to me – all of it is at an end. I have been standing in the background as of late, waiting for the tides to change. The element of frustration we have seen has allowed all the unclaimed vestiges of the ‘old’ ways to rise up and be claimed, reaching for healing light and love, that is what this means. All of the troubles coming out into the public eye – remnants of the old paradigm. We must sit still and sit with it and all that it means. Both sides of the story. For healing the women means healing all of the men as well, for all are connected – you know that well. There is not one thing that can happen to another and not affect the whole. There are not really two sides to the story but all one whole – both sides must be recognized and healing sent to each so that ALL can heal as ONE BODY one LIGHT full of love and shining bright.

Honor both sides. Honor the wounded within yourself and allow the light of healing to enter your souls and heal all that you have held onto from your youth. Heal all that you want to see healed in the world. Reach out to both sides with your healing light and light the flame of truth to heal all that is harming our youth. Blaze the holy fire of healing, transformation, and love back into the past then into the future dear ones. All exists within the construct of your own mind, this concept of time, but for illustration purposes we will use it tonight. For all that has already occurred is actually still happening now – for all is within the present moment, there is nothing that exists beyond this physical moment in what you call time – all is spiraling around you including what was done in ‘ancient times’. There is no such thing. It is all a construct designed to keep you in a certain experience, a reality of your own making, that you call ‘life’. It is all a lie. It is a story, a paradigm, a setting designed to help you learn certain lessons. All of it. His-story. A construct. A stage. A make believe land far away, a fictional play. You have chosen to be an actor on this stage, a participant in this grand play – it is a movie of your own making, you and the thousands of others who decided to come to earth to experience this ‘virtual reality’ each with your own lessons and feelings and symptoms of dis-ease that you wanted to perform and observe.

Earth is a soul’s teaching station – a gateway to another dimension. In and of itself, it is a place of healing and learning. That is how you must view the world. Nothing more than a way station on your way to another more spectacular world – a world filling with healing and hope. A blessed land – another stage, another play – this you can connect with each in your own way. You already know this truth. It is hidden deep inside of you. Sit with it. Resonate with your own inner spirit, your own inner guide, some may reach out to me in prayer and others simply to hold the essence of healing to rid you of your own despair.

Allow the light of the thousandth sun to rise up within you and heal you dear one. A sparkling bright white light descending from heaven, rising up within you now to heal the despair in your own soul, to take you out of the construct and constriction you see in your current world and lifting you up into the light of a brand new space, a world built on peace and healing and grace. You can have this new world right now where you sit, for the Earth will become what you make of it. You have the power to change the world, with a single thought, an invention, a creative memory of what it means to take control. Not of others, but of your own energy – only you can control the energy with which you greet the world. Set your field of expectation within you now – an expectation of love, of healing, of agreement from both sides of any divide. Allow your field of expectation to glow pure and bright, pink white light and the power of the violet transmuting flame wrapping all in it’s most transfiguring light. Hold the vision. Hold the seed of ecstacy and grace. Allow the flames of heaven to enrapture you in holiness and see the spirit of heaven shining forth in every face, every situation that you meet. Allow yourself to uncover the light that shines within all those who surround you. For heaven shines through the faces of all men, women, and children. All souls hold the beacon of light – sacred homing device, that shows them where to go and when. Connect with that holy spirit that shines bright deep within and you will have uncovered the sacred secret – all of reality comes from within.

Heal yourself dearest friends of all your ugliness, your warts, your dis-ease, allow it all to be acknowledged, embraced, and healed by Me. The light of the world has come at last. Allow yourselves to be embraced and loved. Allow your souls to rise to the forefront. For no longer should your lives be ruled by the lies of the ‘real’ world but lit from within from the heavens and the higher realms. We greet you this day in sunshine and light – sit still in the love from heaven above and allow us to bless you with the memories of great love – a world that has been healed in the name of love and the souls that have been reaching out to us to hear our voices and see our faces for we are here with you now and we share in your plights. It is time to take off the blinders and allow yourselves to shed the blinders of forget and to remember to see beyond the physical and into the ethers of de-light.

With love and blessings, we stand by your side, Your Blessed Sananda and Your Own Holy White Light

It is time to ignite the flames of the tribe

To tear down the walls of separation that divide

To open your hearts and minds

To the divinity that resides inside each and every sacred soul

The light of the world shining bright from within

Showing you the way to once again all become friends

With light, love, and laughter to behold

Step up to the plate dear friends and dare to be bold

The light of the world is yours my dear friends

It is up to you to recognize your own wisdom within

And to create the new world you want to live in

The ‘past’ has been washed away

Now is the time for new light to give way

To a new dawn, a new planet, a new way to be

All creatures in harmony, peace, and the light of sweet grace

Blessed Be

Blessed Be

Blessed Be

This I decree

In love and infinity



Peace, Love, and Blessings – Karen

Via Karen J. Vivenzio,,

Author – Earth Angel: Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

It’s time to embrace the Divine in YOU!