Love is our new reality

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Sananda and Archangel Michael via Kathryn May, March 29th


Beloved Family, I want you to know of recent developments in our Earth Project progress, and to let you know we are ever present and ever working alongside you to bring through the blessings and the major shifts in your reality which will make your lives so much easier! We are truly delighted at the advancements being made with our Boots on the Ground in the financial arena.

I know there are many who are wobbling and shaking a bit these days. It is difficult to stay steady and in Faith when you are being constantly upgraded AND buffeted by the last gasp of the dark hats’ booby traps and land mines that have been designed and put in place for just this moment – the moment of our triumph and their demise.

Here I will insert a brief message from our Brother, Archangel Michael, who brings encouragement and reassurance as only he can:

Archangel Michael:

Family, I come again and again to you all to confirm and to soothe. Yesterday, Kathryn inquired about the level of difficulty and timing of our work together, and she was told by Sananda and Father that this is more difficult than we had ever anticipated it would be. We are expanding along with you to accommodate the needs you have to fulfill your assignments. Your lives and choices are so very important. You are the Light, colossally brilliant and sacredly strong.

I confirm your closeness to the current objective. You are not waning, looping, deterred or denied. We are so close to our next big goal (which comes in the form of the release of the RV/GCR) that we are skipping arm-in-arm towards the center-point of our accomplishment through the final minefield of cabal tricks and traps designed with the hopes of stopping us short of our goal. Ha! They still don’t know us – we continue undaunted! Remain unflinching at your post. We have got your back! Every gain you make, we shore up! Our word on that stands true and steadfast, as you are, dearest Souls – true and steady.

Turn away from any and everything that brings you down, deflates your hope, causes you to question God, yourself, us, the RV, or our Mission. Together, we are restoring Light on Earth right now. This is what it looks like.

Now, drink from our well of Love and replenish yourself. I’ll hold the cup for you.

Love always, your brother Michael


As Michael has described, it is a time of increased energetic strikes, especially on our senior Lightworkers, who are already exhausted and sickened by the amplified need to transmute toxic poisons. It is not a sign of defeat. It is because of our successes that the cabal is pulling out all the stops, much planned long ago as the last-minute offensive to try to stop the RV. As the bombardment (frequency, psychic network, chemtrails, negativity, contrived incidents, etc.) increases, take it as evidence that our progress is increasing, and our goal is well in sight!

We encourage you now to turn inward, to draw on your inner strength and mature wisdom, and remain calm. You can build your Pillar of Light around you, as Lightworkers always need to do, and feel the presence of Mother and Father God above, reaching down to take your hand as you anchor in the crystal heart of Terra. This brings protection, peace of mind and a wonderfully warm sense of connection and companionship – the necessary components for doing a difficult job amidst the swirling energies of this turbulent time.

Dinarland Insights

Now, a bit about the seeming chaos in your Dinarland world. As naysayers and cabal shills increased their harassment of anyone bringing information and assistance to the Light community, some in the intel groups, in their efforts to avoid the ridicule and disdain they have been bombarded with, have removed themselves from publicly providing intel unless they have “tangible, concrete proof” of situations and events. Unfortunately, this leaves them in barren territory because our tangible efforts have purposefully remained hidden to protect the mission, and especially to shield our Lightworkers on the ground. We understand that it challenges your patience and your Faith, but at this stage it is a necessary element in the success of our behind-the-scenes work. We remind you that you are inwardly equipped to discern truth for yourself, in your heart. We encourage all of you to courageously join with us, upholding the energy of Light and Love, even if it seems at times as if nothing is changing. Leave all fear and doubt behind, knowing you are being protected from Above, and open your hearts to see and feel the truth of our historic spiritual project and the ongoing magnificent successes we have achieved together.

You, Dear Brothers and Sisters, are the human anchors that ground this exciting, momentous process! Do not doubt for a moment that this is a spiritual Shift of the Ages, and you are here to take part in it, to help usher in the great financial blessings that have been overseen by St. Germain and Lady Kwan Yin, and consecrated by God. The great wealth in the holy storehouses was meant for this time, to free humanity from slavery – the pervasive modern version of which is debt slavery. We have vowed to do whatever it takes to bring through these blessings and the era of Peace they are ushering in. All roads have already been created, all obstacles laid aside. You have only to walk now with us to joyfully claim the destiny of Love, Harmony, Peace and Freedom we all have envisioned and Co-Created together. CO RV!

News of the Day

We have always been careful to bring you news just as it is breaking, to avoid compromising our projects as they are playing out in real time. Such has been the case when we have massive sting operations or when massive arrests are taking place. Many of those kinds efforts have just recently been completed, with great success, and can be partially revealed. These actions were in preparation for the next great phase of change in financial systems around the world. The official announcements will reach the cabal-controlled mass media eventually, but in the meantime I want to reassure you that there will be no problem with taxes on your currency exchanges because the institutions and structures that have illegally imposed and collected obscene amounts of taxes are officially no more. This has begun in the U.S, where the massive cabal organizations skimmed trillions from the people, and it will spread across the globe.

The large scale robbing and pillaging of individuals’ livelihood will no longer be permitted. With those changes will come enormous prosperity for the overburdened citizens of the world, and the promise that abundant resources can now be used to help all the people. Continue as you had previously planned and as your wise Dinarland intel providers have instructed you. You will receive specific guidance when you arrive at your exchange appointments. Do not hound your intel providers for “evidence” or confirmation. Remember, they can provide only what their community is ready to accept with maturity and calm. I promise you, there is no urgency or need for fearful anticipation. All is being carefully overseen to insure a safe and easy transaction when you arrive to do your exchanges. Everything is in place for your coming abundance. And so it is…

We would be disappointed about the “delays” in bringing through your RV blessings if we were not already celebrating the great triumphs that have been accomplished in the meantime. The changes I mentioned above are the beginning of NESARA, which will be implemented gradually over the coming months. All is being carefully calibrated to hold everything steady while your world literally shifts beneath your feet. I can assure you, if you knew the implications of hurrying this process, you would not be concerned with timing. All is moving at maximum pace to achieve success on all fronts as needed. This is a finely orchestrated event, Dear Ones. You will like the final production, I guarantee it!

The Resurrection Energies Carry Earth to a New Reality

You can feel the intense vibration of the Resurrection energies, can you not? The winds of change are blowing, literally. Over the Easter holiday, you and your beloved Terra transitioned through a cosmic wormhole – greater than a portal, more powerful than a shift in your local planetary environment. You have moved into the slipstream of a new reality, Beloveds. There will be no turning back to the dark realities that gripped your planet for so long. You are now moving in a different way. It is as if your planet has just entered the current within a stream of Light – God’s Slipstream – and you will be carried along as each action you take is magnified by the powerful accompanying energies. This is why we have coached you so devotedly over recent months to carefully manage your thoughts, feelings and actions. The effect on your life and your world of what you do now has been magnified by this glorious transition. You can see now why it was so important to monitor your progress closely and to encourage you along toward feelings of peace and harmony.

You will now be experiencing something closer to what we know in higher dimensions. We see the effects of our actions and thoughts as they happen, so there is no question for us about whether we are having an effect, or whether our feelings are important to others. We are simply more aware of the energy connections between and among us and our direct connection to Mother and Father God than you have been in lower dimensions. They are there for you to discover and enjoy. We are each – you and I – the center of our own energy vortex, intimately connected with our group above and below, with our galaxy and our entire Cosmos. You are beginning to experience the truth of the expression, “We are One,” with all the responsibilities and the thrilling possibilities it holds.

You are moving, Beloved Earth humans, into a newly restored honorable position as members of the Galactic Federation of Light, the organized affiliation of planets which is recognized as our “governing body.” All pledge upon acceptance into the Federation to uphold Universal Law – that is what you might call our Constitution, the only set of guidelines we need, for we are a peaceful organization, based on mutual cooperation and respect.

Your planet has only recently been removed from protective quarantine and welcomed into the Federation, upon the pledge that there will nevermore be nuclear war or nuclear testing of weapons of mass destruction upon your world. Breathe easy, Dear Earth humans. This long-awaited moment has been greeted with great relief and joyful celebration throughout the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. Rising from a state of isolation and separation to one in which you are respected and welcomed into the family of planets and stars is truly a matter for great satisfaction and honor.

There is more to do, of course. The cleanup of the energetic residue from thousands of years under oppressive control will take some time, but we have our growing record of cooperative triumphs already behind us. We are learning how strong and effective we can be when our efforts are joined in the exhilarating and fulfilling energy of Co-creation. We are unstoppable!

Carry on with us now, dear Brothers and Sisters. Link arms, sing our triumphant songs with all your might, and march with us, twirling and dancing, across our brilliant, enormous, welcoming Rainbow Bridge. This is a time you will remember forever, my dear family. This is our Mission and our Divine destiny. We are Light. We are Love, and we are One in unity and grace.

As you grow, and your hearts expand to fill with Light, my heart expands to receive your Love. We are all expanding beyond our previous capacity. What a thrilling, joyful, extraordinary family we are! I love you all.

I am your Sananda.

(Channeled and Transcribed by Dr. Kathryn E. May 3/29/16;
Archangel Michael Channeled by Christine E. Burk 3/29/16)

Channelled by : Kathryn E. May