Love is our new reality

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Yosef Update, March 29th

If  ​Y​ou  ​Want ​Peace,  ​Prepare for  ​War

Official Release

March 29 2016
2:10 PM Eastern

​To realize something as earth changing as a financial reset, one must anticipate, plan, prepare and execute as if expecting for a complete and total war.
This transition of power playing out now, and has been playing out long before September 11, 2001, when two missiles where fired into the twin towers and tragically brought down by nuclear explosion.  The hybrid alien dark nobility of Eastern Europe planned the event to demonstrate to ancient sovereign families that they would never surrender the soul of the world… and thus the public war for control of the world was finally in full view of the world’s populous.
Now here we are, fast approaching fifteen years and the surface war for the world is at its conclusion.  Darkness has lost to light, as always happened given a long enough timeline, and the transition of power is down to one public announcement which have agreed upon as the TRN/USN release in the United States, which release the world from financial tyranny.
However in all wars, this final public admission of defeat comes only after lengthy negotiations and physical assaults.  Whereby the old power acknowledges to the earth’s population and Heaven is once again the controlling planetary force–in harmony with benevolent counsel and ancient sovereign families serving as keepers and foot soldiers.
This transition of power had to be done willingly and in full agreement of both sides, as only through the peaceful “saying uncle” does Heaven allow such shifts in control galacticly.  Yet to achieve such a moment, the new controlling entity had to prepare for war in order to achieve peace, as only through greater leverage could they receive total surrender from the opposing force.
Now while all the battles and horse trading was going on, the innocence of humanity, even down to the genetic structuring created just for their species, was always under the full protection of the Ascended Masters and Benevolent Beings tasked with guarding such delicate treasures of Heaven — our souls. And despite their best efforts, our dark masters simply could not “crack heaven’s code” and fully enslave and achieve mastery over the resources of the planet, which included the human species.
These theories and concepts might be bizarre at first read, yet obvious to others.  But whoever your belief level lies, know that the reason you feel you are experiencing “delays” in your precious currencies revaluing is because you are not looking at the larger picture.  As most reading this are simply unaware of the long suffering spiritual battle for energetic control of your soul — of which finances or money is but one tool by which the energy of your soul is harvested… daily.
Certainly comprehending something as detailed and involved as a global reset takes great study, which most owning currencies have not nor will ever engage, but what everyone was hopping would happen with regards to their currencies actually happened over the weekend, as even those paying diligent simply missed because it was so subtle.  So relax, your blessing is absolute and en route in very short order… and much larger and safer than all “intel providers” are claiming.
Translated, this means your soul as well as all souls, including your friends, families, communities and countries of the world, have been not only been protected from a lifetime of slavery, but finally released to freely exist without any persecution even from those who despise your very existence.  For they do not see you as sacred souls with freedom of choice, rather as mindless slaves without meaning or purpose to do with as they so please.
And what we are all witnessing right now, today and in real time, is the complete surrender of the war to free humanity (by Public “Admission of Defeat”) from our dark yet invisible masters who only recently, decided to fight their battles in full view of the masses and reveal their desire for irreversible domination over both planet earth and mankind.  However, the war is over.  Heaven has won as Heaven always does.  And darkness must now flea from all realms of the human experience, in spirit and in form.
So be it.
And not only is this war over in the financial sector, but across every facet of human culture, even down at the cellular level.  The bad guys have been methodically forced to retreat and surrender by Heavenly Mandate through the diligent leadership of several ascended masters in conjunction with heroic live battlefield maneuvers made by the ancient sovereign families of earth.  Thank you for your service to us all.  We eternally grateful and infinitely blessed by your presence in our lives.
This means that all negative energy (and species extra terrestrial) are now in the process of being escorted off our bountiful blue planet, along with all their minions and inhuman tactical machinations no matter how deeply entrenched.  By definition, this is the second spiritual flood we’ve all read about in the bible, and has does have precedent in the first flood… all be that water versus higher consciousness.
Does such an event take time?  Certainly, as this war for the world has been raging for many centuries less our conscious understanding.  Will it ever end?  Absolutely, and in our physical lifetime, which is the highest honor any soul can achieve, witnessing the transition of a “seed planet” (also why the earth is so over populated now as every soul in heaven wants a front row seat to see this, and needs a body to do so).
Conversely, this is why many are experiencing such physical and emotional difficulties, as there are tremendous energetic shifts occurring in perpetual rhythm galaxy wide.  Which in regular speak means that those human beings not “tuned in” to the new frequency of heaven are finding life to be very uncomfortable, even within their own bodies.
Many are getting sickly or overtly angry, and lashing out when normally calm would rule their words and actions.  Some are even leaving us in form because the escalating frequency changes are just too great for their minds, hearts and souls to process.  Fortunately, all such tantrums are seen as temporary by God, as all serve God in their own way, through divine spiritual covenant via different expressions and expiration dates in form.
What is ironic about the ending of this particular war between Heavenly Angels and earthly demons, is how man’s enslavers sincerely prepared to fight a war they knew deep within their being they had no chance of winning.  As fighting against the Will of Heaven is utterly futile.  Yet they still entered the arena of battle guns ablazing as they truly attempted to convince humanity to destroy and enslave itself, as they pretended to be God as if they could outsmart or outflank the One who Created all life in the beginning.  Talk about complete insanity!
Thus, the deeper miracle of this moment, brothers and sisters of the light, is that we are all witnessing the greatest contrast of truth imaginable… as pure darkness must now surrender to pure light.  And we are the lucky witness bearers who get to experience the transition in form as the Heavenly Ascended Son of God rises yet again on the surface of the planet to reclaim His Kingdom via a perfected mixture of crystallized love, peace and harmony.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!!  Hallelujah!!!
Hopefully, we have each learned the lessons we were all here to experience.  Hopefully, we have achieved a level of gratitude and appreciation to comprehend why our soul out of all souls got to exist in such a historic moment.  Hopefully, we all lovingly come to understand that all other species in all universes and galaxies are watching our breakthrough with complete appreciation and love as their human family now is released from quarantine, and re-introduced back into the galactic family of soul-blessed species.
You see, no matter what differences you perceive exists between us, we all share one absolute trait in common — and that includes our heinous enslaverswho made us endure a constant frequency of fear, pain and suffering for over a dozen plus millennial — and that is we all serve God’s will, perfectly, as God creates and controls all forms of life.  And at some juncture of time and space, no matter how long the Creator Father allows us to misbehave, ultimately we all must surrender to His infinite love and allow His overwhelming to love, grace and mercy to absorb our beingness.
For God is love.  And love all.  Thus all is well.

So enjoy the depth and scope of your blessing humanity, both physically and spiritually, as never before in human history has such a transitional event occurred, and never again shall it occur again. Truly, this is the end of your world, as it simultaneously marks the beginning of both your new earth and divine feminine era governed by Quan Yin and Yeshua Ben Yosef in perfect harmony.

Offered with humility and love,