Love is our new reality

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Sananda and Mary Magdalene via Lea Chapin, November 13th

Greetings Dear One, it is I, Christ. Mary Magdalene will be here most momentarily. I want to say dearest children that peace is now running through the grid lines and the ley lines of planet earth, and it is moving very quickly and very swiftly. I am so honored to have been the conduit to bring this energy to the planet as Divine Sophia and the energy of the Divine Masculine have merged, the energy of peace is running through the ley lines and the grid lines. This is what you are feeling within your body, and a part of what the unrest that is happening, is the energy of peace that is transmuting the darkness. Therefore it is a great opening that this peace has ignited upon the planet and it came into its full fruition on your all saint’s day of November 1, 2015. This is why you are feeling the unrest and why the energy of peace is so predominant within yourself.

Today I ask you to place your hand over your heart and begin to bring peace into your life, for there is no need to have unrest, for the energy and the essence of peace is now upon our planet. Every ley line around this planet, every grid line, is now fully indoctrinated with the energy of peace. Dear Kryon has built a peace grid, an energy grid, a crystalline grid of the unity grid, for this most auspicious day to occur. It is a great honor, and a great privilege that my Mary and I have come together to unite this energy of peace upon our earth plane. We know that as we have left our imprints over 2,000 years ago to be reawakened once again in Divine Union, and to truly be felt and indoctrinated and embodied into Mother Earth. It is an honor and a privilege, and today, as you begin to bring this energy into your own grid line, into your own unity grid, into your own diamond light grid, into your own peace grid, I ask that you take a deep breath and begin to inhale the beautiful energy of the white light of God, and imagine yourself now with the soles of your feet connected to the beautiful energy of Mother Earth, indoctrinated, embodied as the living matrix she is of the frequency and the energy of peace.

Today as you open your eyes and you begin to feel this essence of peace running through your system, as if it is like your own blood that is now being infused with peace, open your heart, for it is the vessel of love, but it is a vessel that operates your circulatory system. Simply allow this energy to open you and to ignite you, and to embody in you this powerful energy of peace. I ask that you take a deep deep inhaling breath, and begin to breathe in the essence, breathe in this energy of peace. Breathe in this energy and this essence of peace, breathe in this energy and this essence of peace. Breathe in this energy and this essence of peace. And may your heart open to this beautiful frequency of love, first for yourself and then for another. And today as this powerful frequency is running and shifting and bringing forth this powerful frequency of the unification of Father/Mother God upon this planet, it is a celebration within the heavens.

The work that Jared and Don and Lea did on the east coast of FL with Ramu, calling in the balanced energy of the masculine, has now reawakend upon this planet with the energy of Divine Sophia that was ignited approximately one month ago, on October 28, the energy of Divine Masculine was ignited, September 28, the energy of Divine Feminine was ignited, and then truly on November 1, 2015, a unification of this energies has been brought forth into the ley lines and the grid lines of Mother Earth.

You see, dearest children, peace will prevail, and Mother Earth will return back to her rightful status as the planet of love and peace. You dearest children are privy to this, and are here to receive it. Dear Jared you are walking in the Middle East with the new frequency, of love, peace, and tranquility. As all of you will be walking in peace as your vibration is shifting into lightness, into purity, into that beautiful higher frequency of the seventh dimensional frequency.

Today as we place this beautiful shield of love around you, it encompasses all of you. It is osmotic. It is permeable. For you will give and receive love from the purest place of your heart. And it is palpable, people will feel the love emanating from you and be drawn to you, like a moth to a flame. It is of great importance that as you stand in this beautiful frequency of love, to allow my Mary and I to now anoint you. Anoint you with holy grace, as powerful beings of light who have come to be in this beautiful beautiful earth, and now, as you know, the beautiful beings in Telos, the underground city of Mt. Shasta, can come to the surface of the planet, because there is peace, and it is palpable, and they feel it. And they are here once again to resurface, and they will intermingle with the human population and they will set the tone for the new earth species, and how you are all to operate, with love within your heart.

Let not a day go by, dearest children, that you feel this energy within you, even if it’s for a moment. The power and the frequency of peace running through your veins, even if it’s for a moment. Call it in, call in the energy, call in the frequency. And know that in my book, the 12 Master Teachings, the frequency within the words and the sound on the recording has been amplified. When you read or listen to these recordings, the energy of peace will be amplified within your being. Having the book near you will bring peace. Listening to the information will bring peace. There is an amplification of this new energy, for it is a higher frequency. Because it’s now embodied into the energy of Mother Earth, and has been brought forth unto this planet within a new powerful frequency.

It is not your imagination, if you begin to feel and sense and have what you call extrasensory experiences, multisensory experiences. You are becoming all highly sensitive. Even more than you already are. Higher vibrational frequencies of love are emitting through each of your crown chakras. And into every organ and every fiber of your being. Mary and I stand with you, to hold the light frequency for you. And there is love. And there is peace and there is tranquility upon your soul.

And so we know dearest children that the love of God surrounds you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. May I repeat, the love of God surrounds you, the power of God protects you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are, God is and all is well. And so hold this within your heart dearest children and be not afraid. Allow no man woman or child, or any sentient being, to disturb your peace.

When Mary and I would go into the cave of creation, and we could be in there for hours upon hours, days upon days, calling the energy of peace when we were troubled. When we were frightened. In those early days before the crucifixion, we spent many hours in contemplation of “what if.” What if I did not survive, what if I did not survive? What if I did not hold my frequency high enough so that I could not physically die? Could I endure the pain? Could I endure the abuse? I ask you to understand at this moment, as you all endure pain on some level, discomfort or abuse, I ask that you call upon this energy of peace and allow not another to rob you of your peace. We know it is difficult, for I truly understand. I come to bring this new frequency of my Mary and I, to bring it on the planet, of the energy frequencies that we left. Of the uniting of the Divine Union, of these beautiful energies of Holy Union, and Divine Balance to be brought forth at this time, at this appointed time.

For you, dearest children, are extremely blessed to receive the anointing of this energy. And as I have said it is moving swiftly through the ley lines and the grid lines, and Kryon is most pleased, for you see, he has laid the foundation. It is running through the original energy grid, but it is also running through the new grid lines that Kryon has built. And yes, the new frequency that Don Jared and Lea have overlaid in the southern region of FL, with the Ramu energy, of the Atlantean energy, is now being infused quickly with peace. The old world order, the imbalanced masculine will now return back to a balanced state of love and peace and tranquility. There is much work to do, but the ley lines and grid lines and the foundation has been laid, and this is the work of Ramu again.

I want each of you to understand the importance and the power that you are holding as powerful conduits upon this earth plane. Never underestimate the power of what you are doing, what you are bringing, and how you are assisting Mother Earth. I will take my leave as my Mary wishes to speak, but I ask you to hold my manual in your hand, and feel the energy of peace, and listen to the vibration of the new frequencies that are held in my messages on my audiobook. It is extremely important, it is extremely powerful. I thank you and I will allow my Mary to speak.

Greetings my beloveds, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to tell you that dear Isis is here with us as well, and the energy of Divine Sophia, the beautiful lovely Goddess of the Feminine. Today this powerful frequency of the feminine is rejoicing, she can be free, she can be free, she can be free. This oppression, the dominance, the fear of the Feminine is no longer held within the collective consciousness of this planet. And now, you see, the human and the culture, and the institutions, and the hardened hearts of the many who are afraid of the Divine Feminine can now be awakened.

There will be no stopping of the oppression of the Feminine. There will be no stopping of the suppression of the Divine Masculine. Those days are over, because the frequency has changed. And yes, it will take some time for your humans, for your cultures, for your civilizations to catch up. But the energy has been laid like a grid line, like a ley line, that can be brought forth as a template, as a blueprint upon the ley lines and grid lines of Mother Earth. This is a day of celebration, this is a true day of joy. Isis, Guanyin, Holy Mother, myself, Shanti, Venu, and all the goddesses and gods are celebrating upon this beautiful beautiful day. What a day of celebration, what a powerful day of joy. The feminine has emerged. She takes her rightful place you see, alongside the masculine.

Here upon your earth plane she stands alongside the masculine, in a balanced, beautiful, and lovely frequency. Today I ask you to call this is within yourself, to call in the balance of the masculine and feminine energy, call it into the balance of the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Call it into the chambers of your heart, call it into the left side of your physical body, and to the right side of your physical body. Into your etheric field, and into all aspects of your being. What a glorious day, what a glorious moment, what a powerful celebration of love.

On the day at the water, at the first gathering, when Ramu brought his information through, he had announced that the energy of Atlantis would rise again, just as the new landmasses of Lemuria the continent will rise again. There will be a new landmass of Atlantis that will rise again. He is now busy recreating the landmass, so that the Atlanteans can now return home. Just as the Lemurians have their home in Mt. Shasta, the Atlanteans can return home with a physical landmass. The Atlanteans, as has been said, are returning back to Florida. They are being called there to reawaken the remembrance of their lifetime in Atlantis. And many are working diligently to prepare and to help with the balance and the imbalances that took place during that civilization.

The beings of light who are part of the law of one are pure beings of true intention. And you, dearest children, were a part of the law of one. For this is why you have come now to be on this earth plane at this most auspicious time, gathering together, reuniting your energy, and returning to bring balance and peace to this planet. It is by no accident, it is by divine appointment. As you are all seeking counsel, as to how to make these shifts occur within your life, we ask that you enter and allow the energy of peace of my beloved Jeshua’s frequency to enter into your being. Just as this is running through the ley lines and grid lines of Mother Earth, and many of you are feeling it, it is a powerful frequency. And it will be changing and shifting much of the old energies that no longer serve you nor serve this planet. In the last three days, much has shifted and changed, and in the next 30-60 days much will shift and change. Time is speeding up as you know it, and the purification of what we call the shift of ages is moving faster and faster and faster towards world peace. You may find that people are spinning out of control with their emotions, with their behaviors or their lifestyles, but I assure you dearest one that those who have awakened hearts will be accelerated too in this powerful frequency. It is indeed affecting all of you in a most auspicious, beautiful, and powerful frequency of light and form and matter. Creating new energy inside of you.

So bless those who are out of balance, for we have spoken of this before, there is no need to reiterate. For today is a celebration that you have stood in the power and the frequency, and this is the energy of the holy of the holies. I worked with my Jeshua and I in the cave of creation, to create the frequency within our essence so we will hold these frequencies for the appointed hour for the future generation of time. And you, dearest children are now the indoctrinates of these frequencies so you, too, can bring your frequencies into the future for the appointed hour, the future generations, the future children of the light. That will continue the work of peace long after you are gone from your physical incarnation, your physical body. So, you see, each one teach one each one lead one.

Your frequencies are being stepped, your power is being stepped up, your light essence is being stepped up, you are free, you are free, you are free.