Sananda and Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio, January 3d, 2019


Sananda and Mother Divine via Karen Vivenzio

Sananda here – you are listening to the light of the world transform you as you have never known before. The light is streaming into the consciousness of every breathing soul, every beating heart knows the world is not the same as they left it before. For each day brings a new wave of love and light reaching from distant shores. I AM holding up the bow of the ship, driving it toward you, closer and closer yet you cannot see it yet. The distance between us no more than a speck.

Dearest child, sit and rest. You have been doing much processing and yet, you do not understand how far you have come toward the promises at hand. Sit in the stillness, be still your heart and mind, notice how the energy has changed and allow the flow of new life to weave its way all around you , in you, through you, and from you. For though it looks like nothing has changed from day to day it is in the evenings when you lay sleeping that we are working on you in your chambers of light, repairing your DNA, repairing the connections to your Father and I. For it has taken much time for the waves of our love and light to make their way to you – the troops on the ground, readying to take on more and more light. And we find that helping you during your sleep is the easiest way to find the commonalities that make the light exchange between us ever more bright and whole. For we are shoring up the energies needed to transcend all that is old, outdated, to allow you to more easily break out of the mold and into the heart as you have been told. It is time for you to awaken during the dreamtime from the sanctity of your pyramids of light, to awaken in both heart and mind. Allow us to come to you more readily and in harmony for the highest and best good of all by setting a greater connection to ALL That IS, in your intention before retiring tonight. For it is on the inner planes that the changes are taking place and this is where they need to merge and re-unite with their counterparts in the physical body before appearances can reflect the changes in the outer world. It is for this reason you have been told over and over again that the world has changed yet you still watch the evening news in dismay that it appearances as if nothing has changed at all. Yet you must sit still in the knowing that you have displayed great courage and conviction in stepping out of the old mold and into the new world. The new world does exist but you must make the changes within before you will see the changes reflected in the outer manifestations dearest child. Have faith and allow the change to take place. Give us your permission, if you so desire, to cut the cords of attachment to all that is no longer serving you to the highest and best of your intention. Intend to align with your peace, joy, love, whatever it is that you most desire. Speak your intention aloud, and allow us the permission to help you transcend current circumstance and intercede on your behalf. It is your intention that sets your role on the new stage of life, bringing about the miraculous changes you so desire. Speak your intention and allow us to come through for you. For each and every one of you is a beacon of hope in this brand new world and each of you has a big job to do. Let us make it easier on you. Ask for our help, we will align you with the greatest of ease so that your own sweet light can be easily added to the symphony of new light bringing on the changing tide.

Welcome into our arms, dearest child of mine, this is the path of everlasting life and we are so inspired by your commitment and your drive, we endeavor to help you all ease the path through the state of Grace we are imbuing by your sides. Traveling in like mind, one heart, one mind, our paths have converged blessed children of mine. We are all re-uniting within the same tribe. For I AM Your Mother Divine and you are all blessed children of mine.

Take the energies in stride.

Changes float in.

Welcome our help.

Give us permission dear children, for you are very loved.


With love and blessings, Karen

Via Karen Vivenzio, Author – Earth Angel, Find Your Power, Shine Your Light

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