Sananda and OWS via James McConnell, August 15th, 2019

SANANDA   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda.  As always, it is wonderful to be able to be here with you, to share with you.  To be in your proximity, and for you to be in mine.  For as these times continues on, and these energies become stronger, and stronger, and stronger, it will become more and more necessary for you to reach into these deeper levels of consciousness within yourself so that you are not wallowing around in the old 3-D illusion.  So that you have raised yourself up into the higher fourth dimensional vibration and into the fifth dimensional vibration.  And in so doing, you reach out your light, your consciousness into that collective consciousness.

For as your thoughts become purer, more positive, those thoughts move into that collective mind, Universal Mind Consciousness.  And those more positive, pure thoughts begin more and more to replace what would be considered more of the negative, or impure thoughts, the darker thoughts.  And you can see as a collective consciousness how powerful you can be with this Universal Consciousness.

For up to this point, most of the collective consciousness of this planet has mainly had access to the more negative thoughts within the realm of Universal Mind.  Because that is where they were.  That is where they found themselves, and they accessed those thoughts.  And those of the dark forces know this.  So what did they populate Universal Mind with?  Darker, more impure and negative thought processes and patterns and programming.  And that is what the majority of the population of this planet continues to access.

But that is all changing and shifting now as vibrations across the planet continue to raise.  And as these vibrations continue to raise, your consciousness, and therefore your thought processes also raise along with this.  And your thought process is now in a more positive form and populates the Universal Mind Consciousness of this planet.  And therefore, again replaces the older, more worn out programmed negative thought processes and patterns.

So you see, my friends, how important your role is here as the Light-warriors, just simply with a thought, and how powerful you are with your thoughts.

If you see beauty, if you see perfection in another person, and that is what you envision for them, they begin to accept that thought process, that consciousness, that vibration into them.  And therefore, they begin to heal their self.

This is why when you work with another person using the energy transference, if they are not accepting of this energy transference, then they will not be helped.  They must be accepting of this at some level within them.  It doesn’t always have to be at a conscious level.  You can work with someone at a more unconscious level.  And no, you do not need their permission, not the conscious permission.  You do need the permission of their Higher Self.  Because if one is going through a process where they are nearing death, and you are attempting to bring them out of that process against the will of their Higher Self, then you are taking on a karma yourself.  You must release the energies.

If you send light, though, with the intention of reaching that person’s level of consciousness wherever it needs to be, even if it needs to be to help them cross over into the other plane of existence, then that is what you do.  And in that respect, you take on no karmic debt, here.  You are simply giving them the light, the love which all can accept at a deeper level within their self.

Now this is not always the case with those, though, of the dark forces, those that have lost the higher level, or the ability to reach the higher level of consciousness, and therefore, the higher vibration.  And if they cannot reach the higher vibration that is coming into this planet, they cannot be here on this planet much longer.

Because Gaia herself is moving on.  Gaia is letting go more and more of the three-dimensional illusionary world.  The veil that has been pulled over everyone’s eyes.  And it is only then for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear to pierce through that veil.  Which you are all doing and have done in many respects.

Otherwise, what has occurred in these two times you have come together here during your ceremonial circle, the Ceremony of Light that you performed; you thought it was simply a drum circle:  it was not.  It was your light reaching out from the center of your circle up into the heavens.  And those within the ships responded to this.  You shined your light, and they responded in kind.

You see how powerful your ability to manifest really is?  You have great power within you.

It is time now for you to begin more and more to remember who you are, and the power that you brought in to this planet, to this evolution, when you arrived here.

You came with tremendous ability.  But you let it go, as if you were simply and completely shedding all of your cloths when you arrived here, all of those clothes that you came with.  And you started off, yes, in a naked fashion.  Not literally, but naked, without the clothes, naked without the magical ability, without the gifts of Spirit that you all had, and have always had, by the way.  You have just forgotten it.  You purposefully let it all go and then forgot that you ever had it.

But now, as many of us have been telling you, the remembrances are returning.  They are returning in your dream state.  They are returning in your meditative state.  And they are returning in your conscious knowing state as well.  Because you have arrived. You have awakened.  You have come to the threshold and reached the crescendo within you.  Not that there is still more to come, there is.  You still have a bit of a ways to go.

The analogy the One Who Serves used earlier with you was perfect for this expression, that of the Neo within Matrix, and that you have come to the point, as he did in the movie, and that was all purposeful within that movie.  But as he came to know that he was much more than what he had believed up to that point.  And he was much more than the others around him as well.  Because when they came up to the barriers, the barriers that were there in front of them in the village of those of the machines, of those that represented the machines, represented the cabal, represented the illuminati, represented the deep state, as it is being called now.  When he realized that he could stand up to them, even up to a point, that he could do what others could not do previously, that is where you all are now at this point.

You have come to realize that you are much, much more than you have been programmed to believe.  Not in an ego sense, but in a raising of consciousness sense, a raising of vibration within you, a raising into the higher levels of your being, and the connectedness with your Higher Self, and with all the aspects of your multi-dimensional selves.  And when you come to the point when you can stand against the three-dimensional illusion and say, “no more!” as Neo did when he raised his hand and stopped the bullet.  He stopped the three-dimensional illusion, the three-dimensional programming from interfering with him for once and for all.  He stopped the program.  He left the matrix.

This is where you are headed for, your destination.  Your destiny, and your rightful place as you return to that place with all of us within the stars.

I am Sananda, and I will release now to your beloved One Who Serves.  Peace and love be with all of you.

ONE WHO SERVES   (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;  om, mani padme hum; om, mani, padme, hum, hum.   Greetings to you!   But that was something, was it not?  We so enjoyed looking at your faces, and looked at the “aw” and the “oh” and all the things that you are doing as you are experiencing these things.  And we see into your consciousness as you are doing it as well.  Did you think you were holding these things back from us, no?   Just because you think we do not have the eyes to see, here?  Well guess what!  We see it all!  You cannot hide from us!  But we know that you do not want to hide from us.  You see?

Because we are here to continue to help to guide you in whatever we can, and wherever the process takes us and takes you, then that is where we need to be.  It is not in any respect that you are floundering around.  There is much purpose in all that we are doing with you.

We are doing with you what takes countless lifetimes, you might say, when those in the olden days, you might say, those in more of the Eastern philosophy where they would go off in the cave and they would do their meditation, and we did that, and all of this.  But we are working with you to do the same thing, but without going through all of those shenanigans!  Without having to leave your physical body as much as we had to do.  You see?  We did it all without the added influence of the world around us.

You have that influence of the world around you, so it would seem to be even harder for you, is it not?  But we would tell you that we think that there is not any one of you, there is not a one that we can see here that could go off into a cave and meditate for 10, 20 days straight.  Could not do it, could you?  There is not a one of you who could do it.  You would miss your trees, you would miss your cars, you would miss your shopping, you would miss your food certainly.  And, goodness, you have to drink something, right?  You see?

But we did not have to do that.  But that took tremendous, tremendous discipline.  And you are not expected to have that discipline.  So we have been working with you at the level where you are.  But, guess what?  In a very short time, short as in yourunderstanding of short, even, we have successfully up to this point taken you very far along the path that we did in going into those caves and experiencing the aloneness and the deep level of expression and the deep diligence of continuing on going deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper.  You do not need to do that.

But you do need to do something, just as you are.  You cannot sit back and let the world revolve around you without becoming a part of the world expression.  Now, that is not to be of the world, just simply in the world at this time.  You see?  Be a part of the expression, here., but do not become ensconced within that expression, if you understand this.  Okay?

Do you have questions, here for One Who Serves?  Anything of anything that occurred in this evening, here?

We ask you a question, then, okay?   Those of you, were you able to go deeply into that level of consciousness that Sananda was taking you into?  Did you feel that?  Did you feel the connection that was all around you?  Did you feel the Universal Mind, the expression of Universal Mind, the incredible sense of a mind that is beyond expression—did you feel that?

Guests:   Yes.

OWS:   If you take your own mind expression and multiply that over millions and billions and trillions, and zillions and quadrillions and all of the -illions that are out there, you would come to understand the expression of Universal Mind and the consciousness that is involved in that.  For that is the consciousness, the thought processes, of all things that have ever been, and the record of that.  See?  And you thought it was difficult to sit down and write a three-page, or a book of some type, and to put that together.  Imagine all of the countless, infinite number of thoughts!  And can you imagine now the mind, the conception of the mind that can take all of those thoughts in at once!  You see?

Guest:   So we jump into Universal Mind.  I am curious, because we are hear and protected, but how do we know if we are playing with Universal Mind that we are not going to pick up all the gunk that is in there, as opposed to all the Light stuff?

OWS:   We will not say that you will not.  Because now that you have access to this and know how to do this, you may pick up some of this.  But, what do you always have before you do these types of things?

Guests:    The Light.

OWS:   The Light.  The Light will protect you, always.  Always knowing that you have the Light will give you that protection.  And even though there may be those thought processes that are more of the negative thoughts, they will not penetrate through your Light.  Okay?

Guest:   Great.  Thank you.

OWS:   Are there any other questions?

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes, on the phone, here, yes, question?

Guest:   Yes.  Is this the Akash as in the Akashic Record, or beyond?

OWS:   This is the beyond the beyond the beyond of the Akashic Records.

You have an Akashic Record of each of you.  Each of you has your own Akashic Record.  And then if you take all of your Akashic Records together here on this planet, it is a planetary Akashic Record.  And if you take all of the Akashic Records of all here on the planet and all of the planets of the solar system, including the sun, it is a Solar System Akashic Record.

And if you go out into the galaxy, you are talking eventually to a Galactic Akashic Record.  And then beyond that into the billions and billions of galaxies that are beyond this galaxy, and you are talking about the Akashic Records of all of those.

And so on and so on until you get to the Universal Source.  And that Universal Mind Source has the akashic record of all that is in the universe.

And now, there is still more, go beyond this universe and you go to another universal akashic record, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Guest:   Wow.  Thank you.

OWS:   You get to understand why we have said sometime ago, and we continue to say it:  your three-dimensional mind cannot even begin to fathom all that is involved here.  This is why when we have been asked ourselves:  do we know everything?  And our answer is:  we know just enough to know that we don’t know too much.  You see?  There is so much.

But think, if you would, for a moment to take this into a fuller understanding, so an analogy, here.  Take yourself as you are, by yourself, and then you move into a party, a large party.  And there is noise, and noise makers, and people talking over here, and people talking over there.  And you are hearing these thoughts, and you are hearing these thoughts over on the other side, and something else comes into your thought processes, plus all of your thoughts that are going on also at the same time, and on, and on, and on.  You can see how this would begin to get to you eventually, would it not?  It is overwhelming, is it not?  Yes.

This is why many of you, including this one we speak through now, can no longer go to a large gathering such as a baseball game or football game, or any of these types of things.  He does not want to do that anymore.  A large gathering where there are so many thought processes.  And you have opened yourself up to these thought processes.  And as you open yourself more to these thought processes, then you are more and more unprotected if you do not go in there protected.

Now how many of you would walk into that party and surround yourself with Light before you went into that party?  Likely you probably drank before you got there, and you forgot all about bringing the Light with you, you see?

Now take that into consideration to the Galactic Akashic Record, Galactic Universal Mind, and all the way to Universal Mind Consciousness, and all of the thought processes.

You see where we go with this, here?  Did someone say no?  You don’t understand it?

Guest:   I do.  You are going beyond the beyond the beyond times godzillion, godzillion, godzillion.

OWS:   Yes.  That’s interesting…’godzillion.’

Guests:   (Laughter)

OWS:   Did that come from Godzilla?

Guests:   (Laughter)

OWS:   That is an interesting term, ‘godzillion.’  We have not heard that one before.

See how incredibly creative your minds can be?  And that, by the way, just went into Universal Mind Consciousness.  And someone somewhere along the way is going to pick that up, and when they are speaking in terms of beyond quadrillion, someone is going to say, “oh, this is godzillion.”

Guests:   (Laughter)

OWS:   Is this good?  Or are there any other questions?

Guest:   One Who Serves?  You know, you were just on a subject here about the universes and how far and how deep we go.  There was a question I wanted to ask you Sunday, but I didn’t get a chance.  My question was, because it is right along those lines, the way I understand it in my consciousness right now that we are all of creation, all is one, we are all connected, there is no separation from God or any thing.   We are all IT.  We are THE ONE, as you say.

And here is my question:  we are all in the causal heart of our Mother/Father God.  So if we are in one section, one orb, beautiful orb of light in that causal heart, there must be many others as well.  We are just one little part.  So when we expand out to give to the all, do we not go beyond our own orb, or can we go beyond, or is it allowed?  That is my question.  It kind of makes me nervous thinking about it, but that is my question.  Can I go beyond my orb.

OWS:   What do you mean by your own orb?

Guest:   Where we all exist.  Where we all exist in the causal heart of Mother/Father God.  This is my own understanding.  Let’s just say we are in an orb, a cell so-to-speak within the heart, and there are many others, of course, we are not alone probably, because it is just infinite.  And we go beyond ours to send Light and love and everything else that we send us.  Or do we just stay within our boundary?

OWS:   Are you talking about your personality that you are right now at this point as yourself, or are you talking about your multi-dimensional selves of the Higher Self of yourself?  Do you understand, here?

Guest:   No, repeat that, I didn’t understand that.

OWS:   From the perspective that you are using now, it sounds as if you are asking that you yourself, the personality, now, that is yourself, is that all of the other multi-dimensional selves within the Higher Self of you?  Is this what you are saying?

Guest:  I still don’t understand what you are saying.  I’m sorry, I can’t grab that.  Maybe one more time.

OWS:   Do we have Shoshanna available here?

Shoshanna:   Yes, we can share.

OWS:   We heard you say, “I can talk, we can talk!”

Guests:   (Laughter)

OWS:   Come on down, Shoshanna!  We heard you.  Telepathically we heard you calling, “Pick me!  Pick me!”

Shoshanna:   Yes.  That is correct.  So our Dear Sister, may we ask and share our perspective with you?

Guest:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   Are you wishing to understand if you have unlimited power?

Guest:   No, I understand that we have unlimited power.  But my question is, where we exist, where the whole exists, there is more beyond us, isn’t there?

Shoshanna:   Yes.

Guest:   That’s what I am missing.  Okay.  That’s all I was asking.

Shoshanna:  Yes, there is more than all of us, that the more beyond all of us is part of us.

Guest:   So we are part of even beyond where we exist, we are part of.

Shoshanna:   All creation that exists in this moment we are participating in, but just at our level.

Guest:   Right.  Okay.  Because I just wondering.  Because I thought that all existence was within one orb.  It is always expanding, of course.   But we are within that.  And then I wondered, is there beyond this also?  And I thought for sure there has to be. That’s what I was asking.

Shoshanna:   Yes, you are correct.  What is unfathomable to the human third-dimensional mind that is trying to analyze this question is that there is so much!  There is so much beyond us, before us, after us, above us, below us.  But what is really germain here, if we can use that word, what is really important here is that we understand that we are part of anything and everything, and that we must participate at the level we find ourselves in.

Guest:   Right.  Don’t go beyond.  Okay.  Because I think I was going beyond.  That’s what was happening.  Okay.  I just had that question.  Thank you both, thank you.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Can we throw a monkey wrench into this even further?

Shoshanna:  No, you cannot.

OWS:   We cannot?  We cannot confuse them any further?


Guests:   (Laughter)

Shoshanna:   No, she is settled.

OWS:   Very good.  Then, we be quiet.

Guests:   (Laughter)  So cute.  That doesn’t happen often.

Shoshanna:   If you must, One Who Serves.

OWS:   Yes, we must!

Guests:   (Laughter)

OWS:   Here it is.  Are you ready?

Guests:   Yes!

OWS:   You are everything, and you are nothing.

Guests:   (Laughter)

Shoshanna:   We knew you were going to say that.

Guests:  (Laughter)

OWS:   Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Guests:   (Laughter)

Guest:   I couldn’t understand you.  Because the deeper I go into that, I see myself dissolving into the nothing.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   You are dissolving, My Sister, into the everything.

OWS:   Yes.  Do you know why this is?  This is because in the beginning there was nothing.  Then from the nothing came the everything.  And you are part of that everything, as well as the part of the beginning of nothing.

Or, you can look at it in terms of nonmanifest creation and manifest creation.  You can look at it in terms of the Father nonmanifest creation, and then the Mother manifest creation.

Guest:  Here is the real question:  how is that impacting me by knowing of the everything and nothing.  How is that important in my assistance in expansion?

OWS:   Awareness.  Expansion yes, but awareness.  And awareness leads to expansion.  Awareness leads to growth.

Anything to add, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We would ask why you would ask that?

Guest:   Because I might want you to tell us that (equipment noise).

Shoshanna:   Do not shy.

Guests:   Just do it.

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:  There is no trying.  May we share our perspective, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes, please.

Shoshanna:   You will understand what has been given to you as you progress with the understanding what you need to understand.  So you see, if you do not understand what has been given in this moment, eventually you will.  You must be patient with yourself and allow the puzzle to be placed together, you see?

You must understand that we are shown in this dimensional reality many things that do not make sense immediately.  But we must be patient and wait for the next clue.  And, as we see that, how many of you have looked back and went, “Oh, now I know what that means!”  Because you got the next clue.

So it is important to understand that if you are struggling to understand something, you are not ready to understand it, but you must stay alert, because the next clue is coming.

Guest:   Right.  I think you really answered my question, because that is what I was trying to figure out, what is the purpose of you giving me this information, and what I am to do with what you have given me.  So what I heard you saying to me is that you are directing me to access a bigger understanding that I had no clue.

OWS:   What we are doing here.

Shoshanna:   May we answer?

OWS:  No.  Hold on, please.

Shoshanna:   Okay.

OWS:   We share this, and then you go.

What we are doing here is giving you this process, this understanding, which is beyond three-dimensional consciousness understanding.  Beyond the veil, you might say.  And because you are moving into and moved largely into the higher fourth dimension now, most of you, at most times that is to say, maybe not always the fifth dimension, but we are giving you fifth dimensional understandings here, now.  We are giving you a higher reach than you have been accustomed to.  For you to reach to that higher vibration now, that higher vibration of knowing which is in the fifth dimensional consciousness.  So you see, in a sense, you are graduating.  Yes.

Shoshanna:   Yes.  Thank you.  Our Dear Sister, do you have clarity on what has been given?

Guest:   Now I do.

Shoshanna:   So you do not need any further discourse, is that correct?

Guest:   Unless you want to give me another one.

Shoshanna & Guests:   Laughter.

Shoshanna:   We just want all to understand that when you are learning to add and your are learning to subtract as a child, the next step is multiplication.  But you do not think about that.  You think about you are struggling to learn to add.  And multiplication is not in your consciousness yet.  But as you progress in this dimension at higher levels of understanding, you will receive things that are not at your level of understanding, yet ultimately you will put it together, you see?  And you must just be with it.  Does that make sense, Dear Sister?

Guest:   It does.

OWS:   We give you further analogy with what Shoshanna has given.  Take it another step.  Those of you that learned Algebra.  When you first stepped into that classroom and you began to learn what Algebra was, you were in a quandary.  You had no idea what was coming, what this was all about.  But yet you persevered.  You went more and more to classes and experienced more understanding, and you began to get it.  Most of you, not all of you.  But you began to get it more and more.

This is where you are now.  You are beginning to get it.  But you cannot get it at your three-dimensional illusionary level.  You must move beyond that and allow.  This is why we say over and over, allow for the processes to continue on within you.

Do not try to analyze too much, here.  Because you cannot possibly analyze what we have given you in terms of Universal Mind Consciousness and what it is.  You cannot even begin to grasp it.

Guest:   That’s the point.  You gave us something that we don’t see the purpose in it.

Shoshanna:   Are you speaking for all, or are you speaking for yourself?

Guest:  No, for myself.

Another Guest:   Can I ask something about everything said?

OWS:  If you come up here and share it with those here on the telephone.

Guest:   Okay.  Sitting in that we are everything is an issue because, you know, down certain roads it’s not going to be very helpful in life.  Sitting in that we are nothing is also an issue because it is going to send us down the exact opposite road, and is not very helpful in life.  But to sit in that we are everything and nothing, and it helps that it is actually true, to sit inside of that gives us the balance, and the actual ability to be inside neutrality because we are both sides of the coin, and we can’t make either side right or wrong, we are all.  So that, I think, is what is powerful about everything we are being given.

Shoshanna:   This sister has much clarity on what has been given.

OWS:   Can we recruit you into the One Who Serves right here?

Guests:   (Laughter)  We love that very much.

Shoshanna:   This one has much clarity and much understanding.  We appreciate that.  Thank you, Dear Sister.

Guest:   Thank you for listening, and your feedback.

OWS:   Wonderful.  Are there any further questions, here?

And by the way, we enjoy these types of conversations immensely with the questions that you are asking and the answers that we are able to give you, here.

It is far beyond those of you that began with this group several years ago and the questions that you were asking then, as to what you are coming to understand more and more at this time now.  All that is happening now would never have been possible in those earlier times.  It is all a process of growth, here.  You are all growing immensely.

Would there be any other questions, now?

Guest:   I have a comment.

OWS:   Yes?

Guest:   I like to say that there is only one of us here, because we are all Source, and because there is no time, there is only one moment.

OWS:   Yes.  That is quite deep too, is it not?

Guest:   Yes.

OWS:   Much for you to contemplate as a result of this.

We would suggest to you to either listen to this over and over, these recordings, or if they are able to be transcribed, and we hope that they can be, that you can then read them over and over.  And not only you, those of you that are hear in this NOW with us, but those that would also be able to read and resonate to these words that are out there on your internet.

Because now we are reaching beyond just those of you, and we are reaching out into the thousands, and even the millions of people out there to help in this awakening process.

Are there not many, many more out there that would benefit from knowing some of these things?  For beginning to grasp some of these possibilities and ideas and ideals, here.  You see?

Guests:   Yes.

OWS:   Indeed, yes.

Any further questions now before we release channel?

Guest:   One Who Serves, did you enjoy what I read today?

OWS:   It is funny that you used the term ‘enjoy.’  We are always in joy.

Guests:   (Laughter)

OWS:   You see.  So there is no time where we would not be in joy, so that question that you are asking is not apropos to the situation, here.

Guest:   Do you agree.

OWS:   That is a different concept.  And there is certainly agreement to much of it.

But there is also a quandary here as to some of the ramifications of this one who is changing all of the wording of everything that has been before, coming up with his own understandings to go with this.

Now we understand that that is a process that goes on in your psychology, in your various sciences where you take the same thing and give it many different names over and over and over, you see?  So, that can be helpful for some, but not so helpful for others.  It depends on the perspective that the one who is listening to this or reading this that they are in at that moment as they are reading or listening to it.

Anything you want to add here, Shoshanna?


Shoshanna:   You are so eloquent.  You are so clear about your message.

OWS:   Very good.

Shoshanna:   You are so clear.

We would like to add something that we have been given.  We have been given a message that as you as beings practice accessing the field, practice accessing that which you desire for yourself and for your world and beyond, you must learn to refine your request.  You must learn to have more specific information and refine your request.

As for example, if you say, “I wish to be an instrument of peace, of love, of joy, of harmony, of order, I wish to walk the world with that in mind, may I ask that those qualities into my personality,” the answer is, ‘of course.’  What you may be missing is the refinement of that request, and we are giving you an example on the refinement of that request, that would be, “I wish to ask that the clarity, the strength, the full understanding of my actions and how to be that with full understanding and courage.”

Because, when you request to be something, to have something, it takes great strength and courage to mover forward.  So we would ask, if we are making any sense at all, that as you walk the path of manifestation for yourself, for others, and for the world, you learn refinement.  Does that make sense to you?

Guests:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.  And do not forget your two desires of this evening that were asked here by Sananda, that you would have a simple one that you can test, that would be your testing area, and then the second one, your deeper desire.  So the first one can be manifested rather quickly.  The second one may take a little bit longer, depending on what it is that you have desired, here.  Okay?

Shoshanna:   Maybe we offer a tool?

OWS:   Yes.

Shoshanna:   Maybe there are understandings that those who are listening to these words already understand what has been given.  But what we will tell you is imagine the field as a large beautiful sky filled with clouds, and behind those clouds are your answers.  And that when you make a request, simple or complicated, you can simply reach up and scoop one of those clouds that contains the information and bring it through your Crown Chakra and manifest it in your heart, and you will begin to have that manifestation.

OWS:   Very good.

We would also add here now for your next evening here we are going to bring you to a different level, another level of our chakra system.  You have your seven chakras.  You have those other five that have not yet come online.

Well, it is time now to bring the eighth one online, and that is what we are attempting to do.  That is what we are attempting to do and, by the way, that has not been done with a group of this size before.  So, we will see how this goes, here.  You are the test subjects, or what you call the ‘guiney pigs.’

Guests:   (Laughter)

OWS:   We are going to do this tomorrow evening.  It will assist you greatly in the next levels of manifestation in your life.  That is all we can tell you at this point for tomorrow.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Guests:  Shanti.  Namaste.  Shanti

Channeled by James McConnell

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