Celestical White Beings via Galaxygirl with VIDEO, August 24th, 2019

Celestial White Beings 8/24/2019

We are the Celestial White Beings of Nine. We imbue your field with the white light of peace. We have been watching your kind for eons, assisting, providing light, looking for opportunities to serve. And that is our message today, friends of the light, of the way. We see many opportunities to serve presenting themselves to you. We see your fatigue, your weariness, your extreme exhaustion. You are up for the task. Many suppressed technologies are going to be made available to you in the upcoming “time” as you prepare yet further for your ascension. You will not have to remove mountains of plastic by hand, although, may we gently remind that “many hands make light work”. And many hands upon your beloved planetary mother, Gaia, are open, ready, willing to serve in these most tangible ways. But do not be crushed by the sheer volume of transformation ahead of you. You do not have to do it all alone. That is the old, martyrdom programming that we wish to demolish now, shall we? Visualize the word “martyrdom” and encase it in a bubble of light. Send it love. We will add our own white light of peace, of love to it as well. Watch it dissolve into light. Thank it for its part of the play and watch it be removed from existence.

For all is illusion, really all is energy. But you know this, you see this in your day to day, and yet may we lovingly state, you do not see clearly the power that you have within you to change matter, to change your circumstances. It is time to wake up to the god within you. The god spark is coming online now, dear friends of the light. Do you feel it? All that no longer resonates with this vibration is coming up from the collective depths of darkness to be removed, to be cleared, to be seen. And it is painful. And so, we, the Celestial White Beings of Nine wish to assist with this process, with revamping your vibrational savviness if you will. For you are stronger than you know. Allow our white light of the highest dimensional pathways to Source surround you. Feel it all around you, coating you. Let it descend into you, into your cellular structure and see all within become diamond-like with innermost radiance, of beauty, of peace. Be transformed into peace. This peace is your gift that you give to yourself. It was always within you. For you choose peace in every moment, or you choose chaos. It is that simple. What are you choosing? As these energies scream and stir, may we ask, are you at peace? If not, why not, when it is available, it is here. Acknowledge the fears as they present, but know that you are much bigger than them. Thank them and dismiss them. Claim your light.

We see the goddess energies stretching across your planetary mother as if in a warm hug, a warm embrace, soothing. The amazon burns away as an example to all of what must be removed, for great changes are coming. Be reassured that the animal and plant life there do not suffer. They are able to easily transition into alternative realities and dimensions. They are well provided and protected. The fire cleanses. Send your violet fire of transmutation into the inner most part of Gaia’s heart-space and assist her with her transmutation in that way. Visualize healing waters from the heavens blessing the parched places with rain, with relief. All life is internally reeling, shaking as these tremendous changes shift. You are all shifting. Some towards the light, some towards the dark. All paths have been chosen in this now. And have been for awhile. You will see, and then you will really SEE with your third eye. Many of you are already there.

We are the Celestial White Beings of Nine. We are surrounding you and your planetary mother with brilliant white light of the Christed flame. Allow this white light to burn bright with your heart space and become enlivened by these new energies. This one’s forehead is burning bright. Invite this fire within to burn away all that no longer serves, all that is blocking you from your highest and fullest potential. Many of you have twin flame counterparts eagerly waiting for you, cheering you on. We assure you, you are not alone. See your world through the eyes of the white light and all will be suddenly more clear for you. For all is light. You have been trapped in an illusory
matrix of darkness and trickery that is dissolved / dissolving – before your very eyes. Send the rain. Visualize Christed light drops of thirst-quenching rain over all of Gaia, filled with the energy of peace. Ground the peace. Find the still waters of your soul and see the white light water of the Christ light flowing deep within you. There is your peace, friends of the light. It was within you all along.

We are the Celestial White beings of Nine. Embody peace and you shall bless all whom you surround. We are the Celestial White Beings of Nine. Peace.

~ galaxygirl
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