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Sananda and OWS via James McConnell, May 23, 2021

SANANDA   (Channeled by James McConnell)

I am Sananda.  I come at this time, in these moments.  In these times of higher frequency.  Higher frequency that you are all helping to bring about.  You have been working diligently, sometimes consciously, and other times unconsciously in your dream state in your sleeping state where you’ve been working to bring this Christ Consciousness Grid back together and bring the connection back, bring the light back to the planet.  That is what you came here to do.

That has been your mission:  to reawaken.  Reawaken first yourselves, and then to assist and reawaken all of the planet and the people on the planet.  The collective consciousness of this planet.  Not only humans, but animal, and plant, and mineral as well, all being reawakened, all being brought up higher and higher into those higher vibrations.  Those higher vibrations that this planet once fully involved, once fully held here.

And Gaia, herself, allowed herself to fall down, fall down in vibration, and to allow and open up that process for all of mankind to also be brought down as an experiment, as many of you have heard of this.

But that experiment is over; has been over for some time.  And the perceived illusion that is there, or seemingly there, because it is no longer there, even though Gaia holds a place, holds a space, holds that lower vibration still yet here, it is really not here any longer.  It is only here based on the illusion, based on the perception of that illusion.  And it is all about misdirection by those of the forces of darkness as they attempt to keep you from seeing the reality that is right there in front of everyone.  They keep it hidden from you.  They keep you in a hologram so that you cannot see.  You cannot see that the veil that was there for so long that they created is actually no longer there.

And all of you at any one moment can look through and see into the higher vibrational frequencies.  You can see the higher dimensions.  You may not live there yet, because you have not mastered the ascension process yet.  You have not yet mastered the illusion, or yourself within that illusion, but you are working toward it.  You are all working toward mastering yourselves.  And that was your discussion earlier:  how do you master yourselves within this illusion so that the illusion is no longer there.  For it is, in actuality and in reality, not there any longer.  It is just as in your movie, ”The Matrix.”  There is no spoon.  There is no veil.  There is no illusion.  It is only still within the programming of your chakra centers.

But, as your chakra centers are reconnecting once again to the Christ Consciousness Grid, that is helping to release the programming, as well as with the Violet Flame that Saint Germain has reintroduced into this planet, that all are now being able to find the purging of that programming.

Whatever tool you would use, whatever way that you will find, just continue to know that you are mastering this illusion.  You are the masters.  You are not the ones that are being mastered any longer.  You are not the slaves any longer.  You are the masters.

You are the ones, or the one, that is going ahead of everyone else, or many across the planet.  Not everyone, certainly, but many.  You are the Wayshowers.  The ones that purposefully came here for this mission.  This mission to awaken others.  To help to awaken as many as you can.  And that is what you are here to do now.  That is what you are right on the cusp of doing now.

You have heard many times, I have spoken many times, of the finish line.  And many of you are coming to that finish line.  That finish line that many cannot even see.  Because again, they don’t have eyes to see.  But you, you have eyes to see.

And if you look clearly through your third eye, you will see that finish line.  You will see that it is there, just in front of you.  And you only need to reach out.  The only thing that is keeping you from doing it is your mind.  The programming within your mind.  The programming within your lower chakras.

But again, as your chakras reconnect to the Christ Consciousness Grid, that programming will dissipate.  The memories that have held you down to this illusionary program, all of that will dissipate, and is dissipating.  And it all goes with your DNA processes as well that are reawakening, reconnecting.  Reconnecting back to the original twelve strands of DNA and even beyond that.  Many of you will move even beyond that.

But that is all about vibration and consciousness.  Vibration and consciousness.  And when you fully grasp what that means, vibration and consciousness, all is vibration and consciousness.  When you fully grasp what that means, then you will be able to fully take this, all of this that we have been giving you, all that you have been receiving from your higher selves and many different ways, all of this will come together as one, and you will be the one.

I am Sananda, and I leave you now in peace, and love.  And that all of you will come together and share.  Share what you know.  Share what you have become aware of whenever you are able to.  Share it with your brothers and sisters whenever you are able.  Whenever they ask for it.  Whenever they are looking for something.  Something that reconnects them to their higher selves in their awakening process.



ONE WHO SERVES  (Channeled by James McConnell)

Om, mani, padme, hum;   om, mani, padme, hum; hum, hum.   Greetings to you!  One Who Serves here.  Shoshanna here, and we are ready for your questions if you have them.

And we just want to tell you that we are so proud of all of you.  All of you that continue to come together and work on these processes.  We know it is difficult.

We know it is difficult to be aware of those things that are going on in your world within the illusion and being able to step out of that illusion in many respects at various times.  Not all the time, we know.  But at various times you are able to step out of that illusion and perceive the actual reality that is right there in front of you.

We are ready for your questions now.  You can unmute your phones and ask your question if you have them.  If not, we will move on, then.

Guest:   I have a question.  Can you hear me?

OWS:   Yes, we hear you.

Guest:   Good.  Do you know about a nutritional supplement called ‘NanoSoma?’

OWS:   We certainly do.  And that is something that is going to be introduced, and is being introduced now to the population.  Slowly at first, but it will gain speed.  It will gain speed and in vibration as much as your talk of your med-beds, and these types of things.  The new technologies that are coming forth.

All of this is part of this higher vibration.  For you see, this that you have spoken of is not something that can be worked with in the lower vibrations.  It can only be utilized within the higher vibrations.  So it would not even been introduced until the vibrations had reached a higher enough frequency here you see?  Frequency is rising, so therefore those various medical procedures and those of your health products, and all of these things can be now associated with those higher frequencies, you see?  This is now it works.  Does this answer your question?  And Shoshanna, do you have anything you would add?

Shoshanna:   (JoAnna’s Higher Self, channeled by JoAnna McConnell)

We do not.  We do not add to this.

OWS:   Very good.  Is this helpful for you?  Without telling exactly what it is or what it can be used for.  That is something that you can do some reach now and find out about this specifically.  But we can tell you that more and more people, the awakened ones, are beginning to utilize this, and will find great benefit from this, as well as many other forms of health processes that are coming forward here.  Okay?

Guest:   That’s great.  I heard that it’s supposed to be something that sort of reboots your body.  And I have ordered some and look forward to starting it.

OWS:   And we would ask you, when you start it, and you find the benefits of it, if you would share with those may be interested in hearing about this, okay?


Guest:   Of course.  Yes.

OWS:   You can be the…what is your thing?…the Guiney pig!

Guest:   Yep.

OWS:   Yes.  Are there other questions here?

Guest:   I have heard a number of times from a number of sources that the peace that is coming, or that is here on some level, will last a thousand years.  That doesn’t sound like a lot, so I think it must be more.  What is your perception on that?

OWS:   That is a sense of timing that came long ago in your predictions, and those types of things that was spoken of.  But do not be concerned about the number of years, certainly.  Because, again, it is only about vibrational frequency.  And when you have moved fully out of this illusionary process and found yourself in an ascension state as ascended ones, then you will have no concern about things such as time frames:  whether it is a thousand years, or a million years, or whatever it is matters not, you see?   Shoshanna, do you have anything to share?

Shoshanna:   We will share on this.  May we share Dear One?

Guest:   Yes, please.  Thank you.

Shoshanna:   Dear Sister, this idea of a thousand years of peace is a metaphor, you see.  It is a metaphor for mankind to understand that peace is a creation of the human spirit, of the human mind here on this planet, that it is a creation.

The thousand years that is spoken of is the idea that peace will become engrained in the mentality and understanding of the human race.  And that for a thousand years, no one will question this.  There will be no need for vigilance, no need for understanding.  It will be peace unequivocally among men.

Now, if that vibration is sustained in the hearts of man, then peace will continue.  What is important in this process is that this peace of a thousand years must be engrained in the spirit of mankind, you see.  And if it is disturbed, then the process will need to be worked on again through the vigilance of those that understand this, you see.  So it can be for millions of your years, or not, depending on how mankind can sustain this idea.   Namaste.

OWS:   Yes.  And we will also add here that you are likely looking at this from a perspective of being a human being that continues to reincarnate here for a thousand years, or whatever it might be.  And we would say that it is likely not that you would continue to reincarnate here over and over and over.  For there is an entire galaxy and universe out there to explore.  Boldly go where no one has gone before. 


Guest:   Thank you.  That sounds good.

OWS:   Yes.   Would there be other questions here?

Guest:   I just wanted to ask if you can say anything about my rhodonite crystal.  It fell out of my hands literally right here in my room and disappeared off the face of the earth.  I wondered if maybe it did something like Marilou’s crystals did, or maybe it was visiting Marylou’s crystals (laughs).  Do you have anything to say about that?

OWS:   What we can tell you is to not be concerned.  Not be concerned, because it is just something that is a material possession, you might say.  Although it has a vibration for you as we understand this, it is not something that you have to be concerned about.  And you see, as soon as you are no longer concerned about it, as soon as you have let go of the attachment to it, then it will come back to you, you see?

Guest:   Okay.  Cool.  Thank you.

OWS:   Shoshanna, do you have anything to add?

Shoshanna:   We agree.  We agree with that.

OWS:   Yes, very good.

Guest:   I have a question.

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   I know we are doing a good job at using our discernment.  But I was listening to an interview, a James Gilliland-Gene DeCode interview video.  And Gene DeCode was saying the Ashtar Command betrayed the Alliance and took over a cleaned out DUMB underground and was using it for human trafficking.  Is there a bad group pretending to be the Ashtar Command?  Or is there a small faction of this group that is not benevolent, or could that have been false information?

OWS:   We would say to you that there is a little bit of all of this.  There is certainly those that pretend or attempt to portray various aspects of those that are of the light, where they will pretend that they are of the light, but they are not of the light, you see?

And this happens in many aspects in many ways to those that are unaware of what they are attempting to do.  You see, they can come in in many different ways to deceive those of the light.

But it is not something that you need to be concerned about.  If it is coming out in your various Intel sources, then it is something where you use your discernment.  Does it sound right?  Does it feel right?  Does it make sense to you in terms of your common sense-type of looking at things?  But mostly does it feel right?  Does it resonate within you?  And if it does, then so be it.  If it doesn’t, then so be it as well.  Because it matters not whether they are or they are not.

Ashtar and the Ashtar Command is real and of the light.  So it is not something you in any way have to be concerned about.  Just know that you are protected, okay?  Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We do not add to this.

OWS:   Very good.

Guest:   Thank you.  That’s what I felt.  I know the Ashtar Command is benevolent.  I just thought maybe some were pretending to be of that faction and using that.

OWS:   Yes.  Attempting to bring a bad name to all of this.

Guest:   Yep.  Thank you.

OWS:   Yes.  Would there be any other questions before we move on to your e-mail question?

Guest:   Hello, can you hear me?

OWS:   Yes.

Guest:   I do not have any questions.  I just wanted to say thank you from my heart, and from all of us with the group.  Thank you for your love and your continued guidance and assistance.  Thank you for the love for humanity.  Thank you.

OWS:   You’re very most welcome.

But we would turn that around if we can and say thank you to all that you are all doing.  You see, we have said this in many different ways, but we do not know if it has fully sunk in yet just how important and valuable you all are to this entire process.

Not to put you on a pedestal, or anything of this nature, for we would never do that, but to help you to understand just how powerful you all are.  And when you come together in this way and do these meditations, and even more so when you come together at your various Advances, you are powerful in deed.   Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We will add.  May we add, Dear Sister?

Guest:   Yes please.  Thank you.

Shoshana:   Dear Sister, the vibration of appreciation graces all.   Namaste.

OWS:   That’s very good.   Would there be any other question here?   Then we are ready for your e-mail question.  Do you have it?

Guest:  Yes, thank you, One Who Serves.  This person asks, “Are there still evil aliens on the planet?  Are they turning to the light?  And what might be the stratus of their surrendering?  Thank you.

OWS:   we can tell you that there are certainly those of the dark forces both here on the planet, in the planet, and above the planet, that are working their nefarious ways to attempt to hold ascension back.  To hold onto their control as much s they can.  But they have been given many, many opportunities to turn to the light.  Tio surrender, if you will.  To surrender to the light.  To move into the light.  To be absorbed by the light here once again.  And many have done so.  But many also still hold off and will not capitulate to the light.  They will not give in.  And therefore, they attempt to do even more to wreak havoc on the planet and with the population.  Again, their entire goal is to be in control and to keep you from your awakening process.

We can tell you that many have surrendered already.  Many have given in and surrendered to the light.  Many more yet to come, here.  So it is a process.  And it is a process that those of your alliance, those of your resistance forces of the light are working diligently every single day, every moment even, to bring this full awakening about to this planet and to the population of this planet, okay?   Shoshanna, do you have anything to add here?

Shoshanna:   We will add here.  We will say that those that succumb to the evil agenda do not know their own power.  They do not know who they are.  Those that focus on the evil agenda and are drawn to it, feel weak at heart.  They feel as if they cannot ignite their own power. and their own love. and their own light, you see.

So we would suggest to that one that asks this question to find their own power and live within their own light.   Namaste.

OWS:   Very good.   Then we are done with the questions for this time.   Do you have parting message, Shoshanna?

Shoshanna:   We do not.

OWS:   Very good.   Then we would just simply say, keep your seatbelts fastened.  For the road ahead, yet still rocky, will begin to smooth out.  It is in process now where you will begin to see a number of changes that are coming and will be not only just for those that have eyes to see, those of you, but also will help to open many other eyes as well.

Shanti.  Peace be with you.  Be the one.

Channeled by James McConnell

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