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Sananda and San via Angel, August 29th, 2018

Sananda and San via Angel

August 29th, 2018


Hello beautiful light bearers.

Today I am mixing Sananda and San. Our energies talk to you as one.

We come today to remind you about and encourage you to help each other in the ascension process. Remember that you are many hundred of thousands wise and powerful light bearers on Earth. Stretch yourself not only upwards towards us and down towards mother Earth, but also towards each other and for each other.

Do not forget that you have each other in this intensive work that you have taken on. You all have your unique and fantastic gifts and can help each other in incredibly beneficial ways. Do not forget your mission on Earth and your noble undertaking. It is the most important and major reason that many of you incarnated on Earth during this time.

During earlier life times you have prepared yourselves to assist God – God as a unit, God as you, God as I, God as everything. You have taken on your mission with great freedom, will and courage. You stood in the front and waved your hands and called out high and reported for duty with the greatest joy and enthusiasm.

This is one of your largest undertaking and you were so proud and ready to serve God, to serve unconditional love, unity and All That is. Remember this and help each other. You have so much knowledge, wisdom and abilities. Do not forget your mission on Earth and let go of the material and economic worry. Help each other with your unique, wise and powerful ability and thousand fold more help will come back to you. Be noble and live from the noble heart you so strongly possess.

My beautiful light bearers. I love you. My love for you is so enormous that the three dimensional words are not enough to convey it. I ask you to tune into the energy behind the words and feel my embrace, my support and my unconditional love.

All is well ad I am with you, the whole way home.

Love and Light//Sananda and San



Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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