Sananda and San via Angel Skog, November 20th, 2018

Sananda and San via Angel Skog

November 20th, 2018


Hello beautiful fellow souls and carriers of light on Earth.

It is I San who speak and with Sananda right next to me and we now want to convey this information and message to you blended into on voice.

Today we want to talk about the ego – this word that has caused you so much pain in your lives, but also to remember joy, happiness and love.

Feelings experienced from a three dimensional perspective, just as it has been meant. Even if the experience here on Earth has gone to a larger extreme that was meant at beginning the ego is a gift that God gave himself in order to experience separation and in this way be able to experience himself through himself. Because you are all God, we are God and everything is God, each little flower, ant and tear that is shed from your check is nothing other than God, unity and love.

In the existence there is nothing else besides the existence and in order for this existence to know that it is existence it must experience non-existence. It is for this purpose that the ego has been used here on Earth, as a tool. It is tool that is equally beautiful and fantastic as everything else that you see in you, around you, here on Earth, on all other planets, galaxies, solar systems and The All’s total stillness.

The ugly word EGO – the ego gets you to recoil as frighten kittens. This word that is so ugly and met with distaste is nothing else than a beautiful aspect of yourselves as Earthlings, as three dimensional beings.

The ego is nothing to be afraid of. It has had the highest divine purpose for your soul development. Oh beautiful fellow souls, with tears in my eyes, if you could see how this ego has made you grow to the powerful souls that you are today. Many of you will move on with your wisdom and assist on thousands of other planets as the experience on Earth has made you grow so enormously in power and strength and with the most critical aspect of humility and closeness to truth – the truth about unity and unconditional love.

Is this not fantastic? Beautiful Ego, your beautiful ego, throughout life times it has served you in the most divine manner and given you so much development that it should be celebrated and honored and respected exactly for what it is – A fantastic tool, which through duality, love versus hate, has given you the largest gift God wanted to give, that is the opportunity to experience yourselves through free will, choice and experiences.

Let us together give a bit hurray to the ego.

With all our love and joy.

San and Sananda.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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