Sananda/Christ via Ann Dahlberg, June 4th, 2019


June 4th, 2019

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Christ and I exist within all of you. I am your friend and not your enemy. Enemies do not exist within the heaven that I represent. Here everything is good, loving and eternal. Here there is no death, no malediction, grudges or judgment. Here there is only love and an eternal creation in love.

Is this not want you long for my dear friends on Earth? Does it have to be so hard to see beyond your problems and judgments and see the miracles of love instead?

I have all the miracles in my hand and I am prepared to give them to you, as soon as you are prepared to exchange them for the grudges you carry within you. I am your helper, your companion and I will forever carry miracles of love in my hand. I will forever be prepared to exchange them for the worries that you might want to leave there instead. You just need to lift a bit on the veil and the miracles will reach you. It will start another process in your body – a process of love for yourselves and who you are.

Within you resides a light so “bubbling” and so warm that nothing in the world can compare with it. It is its power and strength that can get you to coil back, but be calm, be still and understand that it is your true self that you encounter – the true Holy Being that God created in order for love to reach out and get ever bigger. I, Christ, can help you to reach your Self. The only thing you need to do is to put all your grudges in my hands and to instead receive the miracles that I give. What can be better than this? Instead of hate you receive love. Instead of sorrow you receive joy. Instead of fear you receive security and peace. It is this true offer that can be given to you, when you willingly receive your gifts in exchange for the darkness you carry inside. This is your salvation – this is how it looks and it will come to each and everyone of you who are willing to receive it. If there still is some resistance it takes a step back and bide its time until the resistance is gone. There is nobody that does not have the salvation within them. It can be there for everybody. Your Father will seek and finally bring you all home to his abode again. Nobody is hidden or forgotten – you all exist in your Father’s heart.

Christ resides within each and every one of you and he will never give up before he has given you all his miracles of light and love. Why not seek a miracle already today? Replace some grudge and see yourself and your brother in a completely different way. Behind your grudge or judgment there is a miracle waiting. Seek the miracle instead of trying to win a fight where you both loose. Either you both win through the miracle or you both loose in the heat of the battle. One thing gives you joy and the other gives you anger or sorrow. How do you want to live your life? Do you want to live in joy or sorrow?

This is what Christ in you always asks – Do you want a miracle or fear? I think everybody would answer miracle, but yet there are many how pull back the hand when the miracle is offered. It is easier to keep the old than to build new. Old grudges and fear are safe feelings, while love, light and joy feels new and unsafe. Yet, this is what you consist of and that can give you the joy that you deep inside long for.

I guide you to seek within yourselves in order to find this inexhaustible source of light and love. You will gently be guided towards your True Self. There you will remember who you are and what grand things you can do together with your Father, your Creator. Alone is a slogan that can be heard in your world, but it only fits in a world where you can stay apart in separation and in fear. In your true self creation is co-creation and a source of joy for all.

It is towards your true Self that you now wander and it is then that you are united with your Father – the Creator of that is.

I walk on the same path as you. I am there where you are in the light your self.

Much love,




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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