Love is our new reality

Sananda via Angel Skog, 17 juni, 2020

Sananda via Angel Skog, 17 juni, 2020


Beloved beautiful children of light.

Sisters, brothers and friends.

Let love lead you carefully along your path

Through all the hard trials that you are subjected to.

And remember that it is for your own good.

For your freedom, healing and development.

The pain you carry within you waits with all the force to be released so you can slowly but surely remember who you are.

OH! So you can see yourself through our eyes, just as I stand here side by side with St Germain and see you through the clearest eyes.

And what a beautiful “view” it is to see your radiant light from our waking perspective, behind your suffering, the pains and challenges flow nothing more than your own spiritual light.

We, like you, have walked countless lives in suffering, pains and trials.

BUT even with love, wisdom and the pursuit of freedom, ascension and happiness.

We know and feel your longing as we occasionally feel your despair, hopelessness and all the feelings and experiences you must face now for your final process.

The cross is set on your back, and you must now carry it, all the way to your own crucifixion, to your own liberation.

The cross is nothing more than the symbol of all your suffering and all its human suffering that you so unconditionally chose to shoulder.

Feel my strength, feel my courage AND feel the LOVE that carried me all the way to my ascension.

Love that is just the same love that you have always carried within yourself.

Let me remind you of it while I caress my hand along your cheek.

Let me remind you that you are loved, for beautiful soul, oh .. how I love you so much.

// Sananda

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