Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, 27 februari


Saturday, February 27, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Sananda and I want to speak a bit of forgiveness today. Forgiveness is the most important tool we have to move on in our lives. If we do not forgive it is like a thorn in our hearts. It creates resistance in the body that can express itself in many ways. Forgiveness is important for our continued development and understanding of ourselves and of others. It opens up for completely new perspectives and gives us the freedom we need to be able to continue to grow. Everybody knows how good it can feel when you have accepted and forgiven. It feels like release and the fact that one now can put one’s energies on other matters that are more important for your self.

We have all gone through things, which we express in different ways. We do not know what others have gone through and why they sometimes behave the way they do. We can only try to put ourselves in the other’s situation, walk in his shoes for a while, then we might be able to understand. This is the first step towards accepting and forgiving. We just need to forgive these acts in order that in this way provide opportunities to change for both them and ourselves.

I had to forgive my enemies in order rise up and go on with my life. A life that got so much richer since it was built on understanding and acceptance. A deeper understanding of self and others give a deeper understanding of life itself. The whole life becomes like a wonder in itself. Every new day becomes as a new adventure. One sees the world from the eyes of a child and rejoices and is in awe of all one sees and experiences. It is in this state you find yourself when you are one with your heart and lives in the now. For short periods of time you have all found yourself there, in meditations or in contemplations with yourself. This is where you are heading now, dear children on Earth. On your way back to the origin, become as a newborn child that only “is” in trust and love.

It is time to be in your heart as much as you can, this is where you find the understanding and the love for all that is. It is easier to understand and forgive when you are in your heart, when the heart has a deeper understanding of what is happening around oneself. A part of one’s own path in life. We cannot see the whole from below, but there is always a meaning with all that is happening in your life. Something that can get you to grow and understand what is right and what is wrong in life, which thoughts and actions that lead you forward to the path that you wish to follow.

Is it the path of the Heart you want to follow? Follow your heart. Help your mind to understand, accept and forgive what has been. Hug yourself and pour love over yourself. Let positive, loving thoughts be your guide and your intention in the steps you take. It is ok to fall, you just pick yourself up and continue with the intention you had before you stumbled. If you focus on the positive and the good in life it will become the reality you soon will see around you. This reality is starting to manifest more and more for many today.

We are grateful for all our battling and striving brothers and sisters and we send You as much love as we can.

We love you so much,

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Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan