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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, April 21st, 2017


Friday, April 21st, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and I have come today to greet and welcome the New Era. Much is happening on our Earth today, for better and worse. However, I see that most is for the better. The large mass of people is on its way to wake up and this puts sticks in the wheels for the dark to exercise their power. You are so many dear children on Earth that hunger after the light. It gives the light the power it needs in order for the dark to pull back. Understand dear children on Earth that it is you that gives the light the power it has today. This power is mighty dear friends and Earth is now breaking new ground. The new gets to replace to old. New patterns are forming and old ones fall apart. There is new thinking on Earth today. It is a thinking that encompasses the unity that we all belong together and that we need each other and our Earth so that everybody will do well. This goes for the animals and the plants as well. There is an understanding that if we do not take care of the whole we do not take care of each other either. It is an understanding that everything belongs together and that we also are a part of this. This understanding is spreading as a wild fire across the Earth and has an impact at a deeper level so that more and more wake up. It is great wave movement that is progressing and at the end of it many wonders and miracles can take place.

It is an incredibly exciting time that you live in my dear children on Earth. There are many that walk with you now from both near and afar. It is like a large undulating mass of colors that now and then send off large cascades of colors. It is an incredible picture that takes the breath out of you – A fantastic sight to behold. We will preserve the memory of it so that you yourself also can enjoy this. It is a sight that one gladly can experience many times. Earth with all their inhabitants will soon be hovering in the fifth dimension. It gives us great pleasure to tell you this, as even if there is some work left the outcome is clear. Earth has chosen, you have chosen. You are all on your way into a lighter dimension. You are leaving the dark behind and the work to manifest the light and beautiful world on your Earth has already started. It is on the go dear children, it is on the go, a large number of people have already started this work. More and more are added all the time. If your news media were to cover this they would have to write volumes. There is now so much happening and emerging from hiding that they would hardly be able to keep up. They have missed all that the alternative media already have written about and that is very much, dear children on Earth.

It concerns different areas in our lives, everything from the economy to research results regarding our health and the wellbeing of Earth. If the technology and all research results that exist on Earth today were to be used by conscious people then the world we live in would change in just a few months to a completely different lighter, more beautiful world. You see, you already have everything. You just need to use it with the conscious and loving thinking that is now spreading around the Earth. Warm and mild winds are now blowing. The door is open and it is time to wake up and enter in. There are many treasures there for you to benefit from. It will make your work easier and more fun. I can already see the eagerness with which you assume this work that will bless so many and so much on Earth.

It is with joy that I write this today. It is with joy that I welcome the New Era. It is with joy that I walk with you now and it is with joy that I share this with you.

I leave you now with much love,






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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