Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, April 7th, 2017


Friday, April 7, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and I rejoice from all that is happening on Earth today. It is beautiful, all that is happening on Earth now. There are many beautiful visions about what our Earth should look like. The most beautiful is when you fill your hearts with love. The love that flows out of your hearts is filling the world with love for each of one to have a share of. It flows into their hearts and gives a response of love back which streams out and fills somebody else’s heart. You are heart-friends dear children on Earth. You have love and compassion in hour hearts. Do not be afraid to open the door fully, as only good things can come out of it. It is your closed hearts that cause problems, not your open hearts. It can be hard to open one’s closed heart, as it might feel vulnerable and sensitive. There are surely many reasons why you closed it. You forgot that the love which is shining deep in there can handle all situations with love and feel safe and loving the whole time. It is when you are in your heart that you meet the world with calm and confidence and maintain your love for yourselves and for everything around you. You have trust in the higher existence and bless everything that is happening and move forward towards the goal you have in life.

You all have a goal, dear children. It might be small or large. It might be for the outer world you live in or the inner world that is within you, but which also impacts the collective field and thus many more people that work with the same things you do. All the time you help each other both in the outer world and inside. Everything is divinely designed and we are all affected by each other in one way or another. Is this not fantastic, so say. Yes, it is a fantastic world we live in, whether it is in physical form or etheric form. We are all a part of the whole and everybody has its influence on what is happening. We are all divine in the sense that we are all God’s children and that we are all a part of Her/Him. There are many names for this, our origin, but no name can do justice to the great love that He/She gives to us all the time. It flows like a river towards us the whole time and it is in all that we walk on and breathe in. We are surrounded by God’s love so open your heart and let in a little of God’s love today. It will be refreshing for you and it will give you your love back, first to yourself and then to others. This is because the love within you grows and becomes so great that you feel you need to share it, it runs out of space in your heart. You understand that to seek love within you, the origin that you are, will give you all you need and then some.

Do you understand now dear children on Earth why we repeat that you should seek love within you. This is the key to all that is happening in your life to all that you wish to and will carry out. Your dreams are there and are waiting to manifest. Nothing but goodness can come from opening one’s heart. Out of all open hearts are flowing wisdom, love and all kinds of dreams. Think how much would happen if all hearts were opened up for one single day. The world would this day change in a fabulous and fantastic way. You would hardly recognize yourselves and hardly understand where you come from, as all you saw was love and all you did was love. Understand what a wonderful world this would be and understand what a wonderful world you right now are on your way into. It is world with open hearts where only love reigns and everybody has everything they need. It is this world that you are building with these loving hearts and we are so happy and grateful for this.

We send you all the love with great anticipation for a meeting in a not too distant future.

Much love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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