Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, April 9th


Saturday, April 9th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Sananda and I am proud of all you earth children today. You have come far on your path and many of you can discern the Light. The second wave has been intensive and given many plenty of opportunities to clear out a lot of baggage that was hidden and stashed away. Once this is done the Light can flow more freely. It gets easier for all to feel the bright times that are on its way.

More and more have now started to see the changes that are on the way in the world. They start to trust in themselves and that which they experience. It is then easier to trust one’s inner voice and take the small steps it suggests. As soon as you have taken the first step, you will feel it is right.

The Lightworkers on Earth are starting to assemble in a collective spirit and Mother Earth is smiling lovingly towards her brave Lightwarriors. You march towards a victory rarely seen. Humanity is rising up and out of its shackles and the hour of freedom is proclaimed. My heart is beating a few extra beats for You now. Your victory is our victory – all this work we have done together. We have suffered all tribulations and also all joy and love. I walk next to you now, dear Earthlings. Every step you take is also mine. I do not shy away an inch from your side. We will cross the finish line together. Then you will be able to recoup and rest and enjoy the moment that is – The moment of joy and happiness that will fill your whole body. All of our bodies will melt together to a happiness that cannot be found anywhere else.

You are so close now, dear Earthlings, that you could stretch out your hand and touch the dimension you are on the way towards. It is right next to you. You just need to stand still and feel it in you. The energy will then flow through you with promises of the love that is there. Go often within and experience the energy you can find there. It will open doors that you did not believe were there – Doors to your true self and the task you took upon yourselves, when you descended to Earth. The task can be small or large measured in earthly terms, but in Heaven it is always large.

You are an angel that walks on Earth and your feet give Earth the energy it needs to ascend further in its transformation. You work side by side with Earth who is your leading part. She supports and sends love to you and you support and send love back to her. It is an exchange and together you rise upwards into a higher dimension where you are all One.

Your understanding will increase as the higher vibrations of energy take over in your bodies. The higher frequencies make it easier to understand all from a higher perspective. The perspective of the Light needs to be the first and dominant in order for all to see the changes that are made and are manifested on our Earth today. It is everywhere, in the large perspective as well as the small. A bird might chirp in your ear and a large population might also get it a lot better.

I am Sananda and send my affection to You today. Walk with joy and love the last steps towards the goal. You will soon be there.




Translation from Swedish: Per Staffan