Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, August 10th, 2018


Friday, August 10, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda writing to you today. I just want to say that the world as it looks today will be shaken to the core of its foundation – the foundation that have been in place for the last thousand years. It is no longer holding together in the development that Earth right now is in. Earth is moving towards a life in unity and love and there is no separation from Source – The source that feeds all live and is simply consisting of abundance in all its forms. It is the abundance that the winds carry to you now – abundance of love and light. Have you ever thought about the fact that after a strong meditation you are never hungry even if you were before the meditation? The presence of yourselves and the light satiated this hunger. You received what you needed as light and love. Of course you need to eat and drink, but this need becomes smaller and smaller, when you return to your light bodies. Everything is already there for you to take advantage of – A power, which is larger and stronger than you ever can invent and see in your lower dimension of being.

It will become a rearrangement my dear friends on Earth – a rearrangement done in consciousness and it is born from your inner loving being. Within you resides the love that you are seeking. Many have looked for it by traveling the world. They have met numerous wise and loving people. In spite of them not being able to lead you to your loving heart, the wisdom you have within you, they have not failed, or maybe the time was not right for you to find your heart. Everything comes together at its own pace – everything grows from the wisdom and the experiences you have encountered. One day you will remember a certain person’s words and get a aha-feeling about what that would mean for you and you can take yet one more step towards your own loving being. We encounter what we should meet in order to grow in spirit to that which we are inside. We have the experiences with us, as they are the ones that have formed and given us the understanding and wisdom that we then can convey to others. Earth and you my dear sisters and brothers have an enormous wisdom stored inside you, which in turn can be shared with others when similar situations occur.

Yes, Earth has now been raised in experience and wisdom. She is enormously revered and loved in the whole of the Universe. You who have followed her have a similar history behind you. It is a great event – this that is now happening with Earth and it will have repercussions all over the Universe. A great joy is now sounding throughout space today. It is a vibration that is so strong and intensive that I cannot replicate it here. It is too strong for you who live here on Earth.

With these words I leave you now and I wish you a wonderful journey into the new time of light and love.






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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