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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, August 15th, 2018


Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and as you know I have walked much among you and still walk am0ng you, not visibly, but I am here all the time. However, that which is happening today also happened two thousand years ago and yet earlier for many others that have walked the same roads that I have walked and exactly as you have walked too. When you came down to Earth you had with you light that you pulled down to Earth just by being born. This light has helped Mother Earth to wake up from her unconsciousness. As Mother Mary said the light connection that you hold between Earth and Heaven is enormously important in this time when everything is going so fast. When the light starts to take hold on Earth everything goes so much faster, since the light is so much faster. I think you understand this. As many others have said it is thus so important to focus yet more on the heart and to hold the light yet more in your bodies so that you can be the leading light beings who came down to Earth to help Mother Earth up in the light again. You are many who came down to help. Many have woken up, but some are still asleep. There are more and more of you who wake up each day. You are not alone – you many here on Earth who help each other now so that Earth and yourselves will ascend into the light again. I am so grateful that you so consciously work to anchor the light on Earth, to so assiduously and with much love continue to fight for our Earth and for your humanity. Together with all your guides and guardian angels and thousands of other beings I thank you and humbly bow to you for your great courage and your wish to continue to fight for the light on Earth. Thank you so much.

I am Sananda


The channeling was given live in Swedish at a lightworker meeting organized in Malmö Sweden on August 15th.


Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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