Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, December 4th, 2018


Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and I look forward to speaking with you today. The timelines on Earth are now starting to merge. Some of you might experience it as everything going very fast one moment and then very slowly the next, depending on which relationship you have to that timeline. Most on Earth experience that they do not have time for themselves. Time seems to run away as you say and yes…. It has advanced a bit if you compare with the previous era. Many older people experience that their childhood had longer days than what today’s children appear to experience. This also depends on which consciousness you are born with. Today’s consciousness has been raised on Earth and children today are generally born with a higher consciousness. This can beat them down a bit depending on what they encounter in life, but the foundation is the same. When they start to go in the right direction again they have everything in their hand. They do not have so much karma with them forcing them to battle with their own karma and the healing of Mother Earth’s karma in order to reach their goals. Many of you older were pioneers that had to cleanse quite a lot of karma before these people with a higher consciousness even could be born here on Earth. This with the exception of a few selected who would manage to conquer this heavy energy of sorrow and fear. You have now received many to help and even if not all are awake they make their mark of light on the Earth.

We can see footprints of light everywhere on Earth today (smile). It is actually very special to see all of these light particles all around our Earth. In some places they have come together and created a dam of light. Other places have a concentration of light particles, while some places only have a few. What is most wonderful is that more are added every day that passes. It is something very big happening on Earth right now – it is bigger than what many of you can imagine and we stand in amazement and see how Earth is transformed day by day to more light and how she sends out her multitude of colors. We can see that these colors are also mirrored in the aura of humans and animals. The colors of nature merge with Mother Earth’s colors. This, your colors are doing as well, even if you also can see them individually.

It is a rare time so take advantage now of the possibility to grow inside. With this I mean that you should let the heart grow in beauty and love. You should try to see life and what you encounter with loving eyes. You should see upon yourselves and what you have experienced with loving eyes. You will understand that everything is love and that life has shaped you to be in love to the life you right now are living. Everything that is you in the body you live in is originally born from love. It is to this origin that you again will remember and be born into. The time is here to become a unit in yourself – a unit that can merge with other units whenever you so wish. This is how life is in the higher dimensions of light – you have only separated yourself from this via your clever mind. However, also this mind will return to its origin as a support to the heart in order to be able to navigate in a both lower and higher dimension.

Yes, there is a higher mind, as there is a higher heart. It is by merging the “higher mind” and the “higher heart” that you are raising your consciousness and it is this that you now are battling with on Earth.

The light has come to help you, dear humans, and you have many guides with you who are in both the spiritual and earthly levels. Yes … some have found their guides reborn on Earth. You have of course guides who only exist in a spiritual level. The Earth has now received much help through the fact that much light has been born on Earth. Do not be discouraged dear folks on Earth – you are on the way towards the light and nothing can any longer prevent it from happening. Earth has already one foot in the light as you sometimes say, and then that is so. We are preparing for your arrival.

With much love,

Jesus Sananda




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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