Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, July 16th, 2018


Monday, July 16th, 2018

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Jesus and I want to thank all my earthly friends for all the work that you have done in order to release Earth from the darkness that so long has covered her. It is a big moment for Our Dear Earth when she now enters into the light again. Love and joy virtually bubbles around her now. In the connection with your Earth you can feel this joy. It is important to have earthly contact now, in other words to ground oneself to the origin that is a part of one self. Use grounding energies in order to gain a balance in your body and your soul. This can be done via movements, meditation, food and water that are suitable for you to be present together with Mother Earth in her and your large transformation to a lighter world than the one you long have walked in. It is the love in your being that helps you with this transformation and it is what you should give as much space as possible. Take a few moments every day to listen to yourselves and to feel the love energy in your body. Feel how it vibrates of love and harmony. Feel how different feelings of both sadness and joy can surface – the sadness of the sorrow of a missed friend, the joy from it finally being here. The feeling can get so strong that it can be hard to contain for a longer period of time. Please go back to it now and so that it becomes incarnated in you, as the part that you long have missed, but which has always been there and waited for you. It is love that makes you whole and which tells you who you really are beyond all illusions that you have built up around yourself. All walls of illusions will now fall down and you will stand naked as the one you really are. In truth, beauty and honesty you will now proceed with your head high and with a straight back. The sword that you hold in your right hand stands for honesty and courage. The cup in your left hand stands for compassion and love. Nothing can anymore stop you from entering into service for the light. You were born in the light and it is in the light that you return. It is in this time that you will search for the truth in yourself and stand up for the truth that is in your heart. You should be honest and upright and not fall for the false tongues that surround you. You must stand in your truth and in your light. “All roads lead to Rome”, somebody said, but now it is “All roads lead to your heart – your heart of truth and love”. All roads to God’s abode go through your heart of light and love. It is by standing for your self as a child of light and love that you enter into the new dimension of love and light. Stand in your truth, be honest, be loving – all three have great importance for how fast you can move forward in the beautiful time that now lies in front of you. We are one with you and we follow in your footsteps now dear humans on Earth. One era has ended and a new one has started. You my dear friends on Earth have a great deal of joy to look forward to. Big things are entering your life – be grateful and rejoice in the changes that result. Without change everything is permanent. It is in the movement and changes that big things can happen and change your existence in just a few moments. From our perspective to see things, developments on Earth are moving forward very fast. This is so for both your own and Earth’s development on an inner as well as outer plane. It might feel as if it stands still, but some sort of calmness is always needed and necessary after a large expansion. It needs to rest in its core of light and truth before it can operate in the same field.

With these words I leave you now to ponder what has been said.

With much love,





Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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