Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, June 14


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and have come to talk with you today about life. The true life. Life is a highlight that you have the privilege to experience. It gives you all the experiences, positive and negative that you now possess. One cannot be without the other for the deeper understanding of what life actually is – The understanding of the different energies that govern our world. The problem is learning to deal with them properly. In order to do this you have to know them. This is done by living with them and to experience the forces of good and evil. Based on that knowledge you should be able to use them properly. You children of the earth have a vast experience in this now. Your experience can now be used and understood by others. You are the bridge between two different worlds or energies. This was your long-term work and that’s why the interest is so great for your ascension.

All look forward to your arrival with joy and love. Your experiences are worth gold. Everyone has received a greater understanding of the energies of cause and effect, thanks to you. Everything is well documented and grounded in the great Akashic library. This is available to anyone who wants to learn and know more about how things work. It is timeless, like everything else that’s up here, so all so-called “time” is there whether it is backward or forward.

Life should be enjoyed, it is often overlooked in the heavy energy available on earth. One should live in the moment and enjoy every second you live. That’s when you live life to its full. See everything with the eyes as if it were the first time you see it. Fill the heart with love and let everything you see and touch be love. How can it be anything else than love in the world? Everything is already love. Everything that exists, everything that grows, all that is, is already love. You do not have to fight to get it, it’s already here. What are you waiting for? Experience and feel, and you already know deep inside that this is all true. This is the truth, the truth which has been forgotten for eons, are already at your feet.

Wake up, open your eyes and see, open your heart and feel. Everything is here – life, experience, joy, everything is already here. All is love, you are love, feel and feel. The love is flowing from you, from the sea, from the air, from nature and all its living beings.

Everything is fine now, dear children. The door is open, breathe in the love that comes from there and understand that you too are a part of it. I have always walked by your side and will continue to do so until all of you have gone through the gate.

I am happy to have been able to talk with you here today. I am your beloved Jesus just as you are my beloved brothers and sisters.

We meet at the gate



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