Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, June 24th


Friday, June 24th, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Sananda and greet you all on Earth today. For many of you it is a flourishing time on Earth now. The sun is shining stronger and the sky is bluer than it has been for a long time. It is not obscured as much by the artificial clouds caused by emissions from airplanes. It cannot do so much harm any more as the power of the emissions has diminished radically. It has been removed by the many allies and many pilots have changed sides and understood what is most suitable and just to do for themselves and humanity. There are many people who have started to open up their hearts and their eyes and they then start to act according to the insights they receive.

To dare to let go and follow your heart may have its price, but you are rewarded tenfold in your heart and in your own development. Everything around you on Earth assists you in many different ways. New solutions will appear for those that strive for a better and lighter world, where we all can live in peace with each other. There are many here on Earth that battle for this cause now, a better world for all and they have also succeeded in achieving much result.

The world is getting lighter for each day and much is happening with your bodies. Darkness is forced up from the depth of your memories to be released from your body. It can be problematic, but see it as an opportunity to become free. Free as a bird that just lifts its wings and flies away. With the feeling of freedom the possibilities multiply and become more expansive. You can start to enjoy the possibilities instead of getting frustrated by the many choices. Trust in your self gives you the best view to choose, that which feels right for you. Your path becomes lighter and straighter, with less conflict to handle. The cog fits in the machinery and you do yourself and the world a favor by finding your own ability or task here on Earth. We are all in service to each other and need to honor and respect each other for this. We are all a part of the divine plan and need each other to fulfill it.

Do not judge lest you want be judged.

Be helpful if you want to get help.

Love if you want to get loved. This can continue side by side since universal law dictates that, what you give out you get back. It means that your thoughts and actions are important and now they are more important than ever, since every thing ricochets back very quickly today. You can change your life here and now, but you must do it consciously. You need to become conscious of your thoughts and find a way to change them if negative dark thoughts come up. Maybe you need to love yourself more and console your inner child in regards to something that has happened during an earlier part of your life, but which has no great importance in the life you live now. Give it love and transform it to light – An experience of light that can help others to transform their negative experiences to that of the light. Forgive and love yourselves and all others that have caused you pain of various kinds. See all experiences as blessed experiences that have helped you on your path, the path the leads back to your heart and the light that you find there.

It has been a long journey, dear children of Earth, but now you have arrived to the gate of your heart. You just need to push down the handle and enter. The light and the love that flows out from there have been worth all the trials you have endured. The Light and love, welcome you back.

My embrace is always open for you.

I love you so much.

Your brother Sananda




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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