Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, June 2nd, 2017


Friday June 2, 2017

Channel: Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and I ask you to have patience, just as love is patient. Love never tires. It is there the whole time with its love and care. It protects, consoles and encourages to new attempts. It never gives up, but waits patiently for new steps to be taken. Under its wings one tries new steps in life. The knowledge that love never abandons you makes you strong and brave – Brave enough to try new paths that nobody has followed before, but which appears to be the best in the current moment. It might happen that one needs to adjust a bit here and there, but the goal is completely clear and is and remains the same.

You have wandered many a roads on Earth. However, you all have had the same dreams and final goals. The collective has grown stronger so that it now has a common end goal. The dream has been woven together and ever more of you are marching towards the common end goal. The common end goal has always been to return home to our dear Mother/Father God. It is back to the light era of peace and love that you long for, and which now directs your steps. You are tired of the heavy energy and look forward to shake off your burdens and with light steps step into the light dimension, which now has started to make its inroads on Earth. Let us, me, your guides, and all the light beings, who exist all around you, help you with this. Let the light into your bodies and let it together with all these light beings liberate you from the heavy burdens you carry and transform them to light energy. Your body becomes that much lighter and more joyful if you open your heart for this light and all the light beings that surround you now.

Earth is prepared for a much higher energy and wants that all these surface beings will take part in this. Be in the energy of yourselves, feel the light that shines in and then out again from you. You are light dear people on Earth. You are light and you have just forgotten it. Inside you exist all the light that can be ignited by the strong light that now has made its entrance on Earth. It spreads over the whole globe and penetrates everywhere where it is welcome. It ignites its own spark and the sparks spread in your own body and then out in the atmosphere and become a part of the higher energy. This in turn comes back to you and then out again to the collective field that you belong to. This collective field has now made it possible for the Kingdom of Heaven to return to Earth. You grow in light, courage and strength, and it is a true joy to be with you on Earth today. All you have wished, longed for and waited for will be given to you.

Live in trust, live in the now, be yourself and trust your heart and the truth that lives there. Feel that you are One with your whole being and understand that this being is loved beyond all measure. Feel the energy, feel the love that resides in your body, feel the love to yourself and understand that the love that vibrates in your body also vibrates out in the Universe and can be shared by many. Everything is tied together, all is One, all we do for ourselves we also do for others if it now is on this planet or any other planet. It is also our privilege that all we do for ourselves we also do for our Father/Mother God. Everything in the Universe is tied together in one way or another and we are a part of this great plan that exists there.

Our beloved Earth is also a part of this great plan and she now returns to the light in all her abundance and splendor. She is now leading this whole solar system towards the light and everything will return to its original form of love and light. Hallelujah, Hallelujah Hallelujah!

Yes, our Earth is an exquisite pearl in the Universe. She has a strong and brave soul that only has grown in strength and dedication. My eyes fill with tears from this divinely strong soul and I send her all my love. There are many who are at her side now and are sending her as much love as they can. The light will forever pour over our Earth now and everything is just love in Heaven now when this favor has been granted them.

Yes, love vibrates my dear, it vibrates for all and my love vibrates right now for Mother Earth and all her surface beings, who now are waking up strongly.

God be with you,






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


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