Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, June 3d, 2018


Lightworker meeting in Sweden Sunday June 3d, 2018

Live channeling via Ann Dahlberg


I am Sananda and I have come today just to thank all of you that are now working on Earth to help her to ascend. The Earth is now very happy and glad when she sees what lies ahead of her. She already has a foot in the other dimension and has the remaining foot here and it is here where you are, where we will help here ascend with the light we have. The light that you now gently will care for and let it shine, preferably nurture it a little extra. It is this light in your heart that now helps Mother Earth to ascend all the way. Your world is washed over of light, both from underneath and from above – also you my dear lightworkers. So, let your light shine as much as you can. All that you do for Mother Earth you also do for yourselves and the humanity that you belong to, as you are all one, you are all brothers and sisters and it is meant that you should take care of each other and continue your journey into a lighter dimension. This is what can be seen, that one can see as a light shining from within. It can be that some will see much darkness, but also see much light. This light is now starting to take over on Earth. It is beautiful to see you when you help and support each other in the world that you now are heading into. You do not know and cannot see that I walk among you: Some can see me, but many cannot. Some can feel me, but many cannot. Nevertheless I walk among you right now. I am with you here right at this moment – and everything is now, everything happens now. I just want to say that us up here, all who work with Earth and its ascension take care of you and love you very much. We do everything so that will know which path to follow, so that you will find your heart, as it is there you find the path. It is there you can see and it is there where you experience. So, the heart my dear children, the heart is the most important of all. It is your treasure – your treasure in the new era that is underway on Earth.

I will now turn it over to Mother Mary and give my thanks.




Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan


The messages posted on can freely be posted by other Lightworkers with the proper recognition of the channel and the translator as well as the website source.