Love is our new reality

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Sananda via Ann Dahlberg, October 14th


Friday, October 14, 2016

Channel: Ann Dahlberg

I am Jesus and I have come today to tell you that we are now closing a époque of Earth’s history. It has been a long époque with much warring, but now the Light of Love has reached Earth with all its force. We thank Heaven for this blessing.

It is love that now starts to direct our brains on Earth. The power of Love is great and can unlock many locked doors. It is important to be allowing now, dear children on Earth, let the light penetrate your heart and clean up the fear that might still be there. Fear and love have two completely different abodes. Where the fear is love cannot be found and vice versa. Love chases away fear and only trust and love is left. Trust, light and love go hand in hand. Be faithful to yourselves and the light and love you have in your hearts. It can overcome all the difficulties you are facing.

You are many now and the light parades on Earth today. Love and empathy with your sisters and brothers on Earth is what will direct your actions today. A new world is built up from love to each other and to life that is all around you. This increases your consciousness of “everything is one”. It makes your actions directed from the “Higher Source” and that the new world is built from love to the benefit of all and everything.

You who have the power to achieve this now, dear children on Earth, bow your head to the “Holy” that exists within and outside of you. Since, it is then that the best results be achieved and your work is blessed. Go out into the world now, dear children of Earth, and start your work to heal this world so that everybody can get to feel blessed. It is then that you work bears fruit and is double blessed by Heaven. Understand that you are in an important time now and that all you do, think, and say can manifest in an instant. The closer you are to your heart, the faster it can manifest in your lives.

It is up to each one of you to choose your path. Earth has chosen its path and is on its way to the light. You can choose to come along or chose another Earth for your continued experiences in a 3D world. Those that come with Mother Earth continue to work with their heart and their light. The path gets ever lighter and brighter for every step you take. You get much help from your guides and leaders now. You will get the help you need on this side or the other side to follow the choice of your heart. The path that you together with your soul and your guides have determined that you should follow, you will follow it, so do not be afraid to get lost. You cannot get lost. You are protected and guided the whole way there. So let go of your fear and open up for love. This is the only way that can give you joy and gratitude.

Be grateful for the life that lets you live here and now in this wondrous, fantastic world of new possibilities that are revealed for you every day. It is now that you should take the opportunity to enjoy every minute and every hour that you breathe in and out in this time of a multitude of possibilities for development and peace in your inner and outer world.

I am with you every step you take on this Earth and your hearts ascension. It is an honor to be with you here today. I send my joy and my love out all over Earth and to all its inhabitants so that they may catch it in their own hearts.

All my love is now flowing from my heart to yours.






Translator from Swedish to English: Per Staffan




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